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8 September 2017

Company Games, 18th August

Hello Guides!

This 集合 was less gruelling compared to our usual ones as we had station games and a 团 game!

Here is the storyline of the overall activity:

It is the year 2030, aliens invaded the premises of Dunman High, in search for the most standard 团 on the entire Earth. They have come to us, their oversized heads filled with contempt and salt, over the overwhelmingly high standards of our company. They wanted to be the best, in the entire universe, but it was hard to acknowledge that we were much better than them. Therefore, they resorted to evil means to claim the title of "Best 团" from us.

They aimed to steal our most prized possession, our one of a kind Brasso, which our ancestors had discovered in 1917. Passed down for generations, the Brasso was unknown to many. However, due to our superbly polished enrolment badges, the aliens took notice of our 团 and knew that we had something they did not have. Thus, they came in search for it, to claim the bottle as theirs, and to snatch away our title of being the best 团 in the whole galaxy. Lucky for us, they've dropped and lost the bottle of Brasso in their haste to hurry back, and it's now up to us, humanity's last hope to find the bottle before the aliens do.

The ancestors of WAGGGS have selected two elite groups, the Year 1 and 2s of our company, and entrusted you with the task of finding the bottle. You are to go to 3 stations in your respective batches. Station 1 is at GSL level 1, Station 2 at GSL Level 2 and Station 3 at elevated platform. Year 1s to go in the order 1,3, 2 and Year 2s: 3, 1, 2. Be back here in an hour. Put in your best effort and fight for your 团’s title.

Part 1: Station Games

Station 1:

Each batch will be given a list of things that they have to complete within a time limit of 15 minutes. Manpower and time spent at each activity will all be allocated amongst themselves; the SMs (Station Masters) will not interfere even if they are spending too long at an activity or having too many people doing one activity. Communication plays a part in this activity as the juniors will have to ensure they communicate with each other on what activities are done and what are not. If they repeat an activity, it will be their loss.

The batches were given a list of 15 activities that were seemingly impossible to complete within the time limit of 15 minutes if they did not split up the work. This pushed them to think out of the box to find solutions that enabled them to complete the entire list.

Activities will be read out (maximum of 3 times) for the entire batch to remember. Should at any point in time in the game that juniors forget the list, 3 people will be exchanged in return of SMs re-reading the list.

For the charades game and guessing game (Activities 1, 6), the SMs were to tell the juniors for one person to come up to the SMs in the middle of the game to ask for what she has to act out.

The list:

1. Play a game of charades (Act out the words “Screeching Cats”)
2. Do 1 min plank
3. Do 10 Up- to-down plank
4. Build a quadpod
5. Share at least 5 of your ambitions to your batchmate(s) and elaborate on them for 3 min.
6. Play “Guess the Emotion” (Use only facial expressions to act “melancholy”. Emotions cannot be simple ones like “happy”, and “sad” is not equivalent to “melancholy”. The correct word has to be used)
7. Eat 5 bananas (can be split, e.g. 1 person can eat 1 banana)
8. Play the whisper challenge (The sentence will be “I stepped on a Cornflake, now I am a Cereal killer.”)
9. Sing the chorus of “Despacito” with at least 5 people
10. Draw a city containing Niagara Falls, the Eiffel Tower, the Merlion, the Taj Mahal and Stonehenge
11. Do 20 leg raises. Legs to be straightened, lifted up, and then down. This is 1 leg raise.
12. Act out the “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé Music Video (at least 30 sec)
13. Create 10 new patrol names with the theme of Everglow. [Juniors to explain rationale of patrol names, and what Everglow means to them. Juniors to come up with a collective idea on what this word means to them, meaning that it is entirely up to them to decide its meaning. One person to explain to SMs, along with the patrol names].
14. For Year 1s, name all the Year 3 Guides. For Year 2s, name all the Year 4 Guides
15. Draw a batch pet (any animal) and name it

* PT activities cannot be spread out (e.g. 5 people do 20 leg raises, then 1 person does 4.)

If 10 activities or above are completed, an additional clue will be given.

Reflection from a Year 2:

When I heard that we had to complete 15 things in 15 minutes, I felt excited as I thought that it would be fun. When the SM was reading out the activities we had to complete, the first person from the first patrol would remember the first thing and it would continue until the 15th activity. Most of the activities were fun to do such as singing Despacito and playing the emoji game. A lot of us took the initiative to start doing the activities as many of us were eager to complete everything in 15 minutes. Although the situation was quite messy, we managed to get most of the activities completed in 10 minutes. However, we took quite a long time to make sure that we had completed all 15 things as nobody took down all the 15 items and we could only depend on the person who remembered the certain activity. Not everyone was there to say that they have or have not completed the activity so we had to keep re-counting and this took up a lot of time. Overall, I enjoyed this station because it was very fun and it gave me a chance to bond with my batchmates and it also tested our teamwork.

Station 2:
Here is the overall storyline for this station:
The aliens have placed obstacles in your path, trying to stop you from obtaining the Brasso. Only by cheering loudly and by completing tasks will you be able to deactivate their traps and proceed onwards. Time is of essence, you must work fast and together with your batch mates to overcome the challenges posed to you.

This will be a relay race. You are to assign a number of people to each checkpoint where you will have to perform a certain task before running to the next checkpoint and passing the baton (短木 ). While waiting for your batchmates to come, you are to 站马 and to cheer, and to continue doing so at the checkpoint you end at once you have ran your turn and passed the baton.


1. Race begins: 3 legged race to next checkpoint
2. 20 jumping jacks, then run to next checkpoint
3. Hold a pail while doing leg raise in a circle for 2.5 minutes, then run to next checkpoint
4. Lunge to finish line

Bonus Clue:

Key to unlock locked station in Part 2

Reflection from a Year 2:

For Station 2 of the station games, we did a relay race which integrated different forms of PT. I found this station particularly useful as it not only trained us to be better at PT, but also boosted the unity between the Year 2s by encouraging us to cheer together and finish our PT tasks as quickly as possible to pass the baton on to the next group. The trick question at the end of the relay race also reinforced the idea of staying together as one 团, which I feel greatly bolsters the sense of unity and staying together as one batch despite the bait of getting additional clues. All in all, this station was creative in its implementation as it allowed us to kill two birds with one stone—training our standard for PT and encouraging unity among our batch.

Station 3:
Here is the introduction to this station:
Clare: Hello Guides! The aliens haven’t found the clues leading to the can of Brasso yet, so we need to find them while we still can! Get it, find them while we CAN? Haha I’m hilarious. Anyway, we have very little time left before they get here so hurry! You have to find items that will help you locate the can and
Amber: Oh my gosh! Bad news! The aliens have released 892 cows and they are on a stampede! What’s worse, they’re headed in our direction!
Clare: Finding the items will have to wait. Firstly, you have a come up with a structure to avoid getting crushed by the cows! The structure has to protect a minimum of 2 people.
Amber: You also have to construct a scaled down version of a cow pen (which is an enclosed area to hold the cows for those who do not know what it is) to hold all the cows before the angry farmers come to collect their cows. You will gain an additional clue if you can incorporate a working door into your structure.
Clare: And beware! There may be some cows who are faster than others, and may have reached here before the rest have. These cows might poop on your logistics, rendering them useless.
Amber: The cows also like to chew on people’s clothes (for some reason), so take care of your batchmates before they get dragged away by those pesky cows!
Clare: And most importantly, don’t forget to find the items you may need to help you in your journey later on!

At the 3 minute mark, Y1/Y2s will be informed that they are not allowed to use tripods.

At the 8 minute mark, the rubber mallets will be taken away.
At the 12 minute mark, the unused PVC pipes will be taken away.

Bonus Clue:

Location of one of the penalty post-its in Part 2

Suggested solutions:

Reflection from a Year 2:
To me, Station 3 was a station that was very creatively planned out, with a very interesting storyline. Apart from that, the station also tested our teamwork as a batch, as well as our communication. We had to split into two different groups to build the two structures within the time limit, and communication was very important as it helped to keep track of our overall progress and better allocate our manpower within the time given. The station was not exhaustive, but it still gave us an opportunity to practise our lashes and improve our coordination and teamwork throughout the batch. I felt satisfied that we did not 过时 and managed to complete the structures on time. This station also tested our creativity and although our structures might not have been feasible in the situation given, I'm glad that we had this opportunity to work together as a batch, since we have to work together more often in the future.

Part 2: 团 Games

Here is the storyline for this activity:

With the clues you’ve obtained, you are required to find the Brasso. During this treacherous quest to find the bottle, you will face Aliens who will try to eliminate you, so you would have lesser people to help find the bottle. Avoid these aliens at all cost, but look out for special clues stuck on wall! We have heard news that bottle is within this block, Block F. However the staircases to level 4 and up have collapsed, and they are inaccessible. There will be more obstacles that hinder your journey of claiming the bottle, so we suggest that you split up, to cover more area, before time runs out and we lose our title! You will be given masking tape name tags. Once your name tag is ripped off, proceed to complete 5 jumping jacks to get your name tag back. Remember to 照顾人! There are safe zones where your name tag cannot be ripped if you are in the zone. However, only a maximum of 5 people can be in the safe zone at any one time. You have 45 minutes.


Clues (written in guides code on a post it)
Location/Safe Zone
Year 3s guarding the post it
Not on the level our second home is
(Not Level 2)
Safe zone
站马 while singing “She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain”
Level 1, Lift area
Everyone who visits the area are to accomplish the task.
A witch’s favorite.
Locked station
Win the game of Speed Quiz when competing against the guarding Year 3s
Level 2, beside the library
Yun Xuan
Only one to play against one of the Year 3s, and game goes like this: One person will ask a question, and the other will have to answer something completely different and unrelated three times in a row to win.
The ability to fly
Safe zone
Make the Year 3s laugh without any physical contact
Level 3, area outside 3A and 3B
Shing Yu, Natasha
As level 4 is previously inaccessible from the collapsed staircase, guides are now able to access level 4 and up (Year 3s to notice how they pass the message to others)
A place we must visit everyday
Safe zone
Reenact a scene from “Frozen” , must include singing and dancing
Level 4, at the grass patch beside 3J
Clara , Jillian
To be done with a minimum of two people, Year 3s to stand at a visible area
On one of the levels with lots of greens
(On Level 4 or Level 5)
5 people to get through successfully consecutively, Year 3 to play against them
Level 5, outside lecture theatre
Five to play against one of the Year 3. Game goes like this: Year 3 to point in a direction, and the other is to look anywhere but that direction (only restricted to left, right, up, down).
A place to store things
Level 4 , area outside lift
Location of Brasso: Block F, Level 5, in the broom closet of the toilet.
Penalty Post its:
Words written on post it (in Guides Code)
Y3s guarding the post it
Jokes on you!
Create a rap on their thoughts on Guides
Level 5, Staircase near ‘09 campsite
Year 3 to film a video
I’ve got no clue too! (pun)
Play the game of Wrong Times Table with the Y3
Level 2, bench area above GSL
Year 3 will give the Year 1s/2s each a equation, for example “6 x 4” and the Year 1s/2s are supposed to give only the wrong answers, to be played with everyone that approaches
You have been fooled!
Create a music video for the song “Titanic”
Level 3, in alley near 3D
Year 3 to film a video and to stand in a visible area

The Year 3s were also able to leave their post and rip off name tags of any nearby junior, but not when they are attempting the task, or simply approaching the station.

Each post it will be guarded by a Year 3, and once they pick the post it up, the Year 3 will give them a task to do, and after successfully completing the task, they will obtain the post it and will have to decode it to get the clue. Once they hear of the task, they must do it or the Year 3 will not let them go.

Reflection from a Year 2:

We had a treasure hunt for our 团 games on Friday. The theme went along with the storyline and the treasure we had to find was a bottle of Brasso. I think that this game was pretty interesting and fun. It was slightly difficult to piece together the clues and even though we shared our clues with one another, we were unable to get the answer. I think this was because we did not share our clues in an organized manner which resulted in some of us lacking certain clues, hence we were unable to find our treasure. Even with fun and games, I think that we all could learn about teamwork in this game as, when we were running with our groups we had to 照顾好人 to prevent each other's sticker from being torn off by the seniors. We also had to come together to organize our clues and not do everything by ourselves as the most important thing was to work together as a 团 to be able to obtain the bottle of Brasso. I think a lot of the clues were quite creative as it really made us think deeper and overall, the game was really fun and engaging. It also allowed us to bond as when one of our batch mate's sticker got torn off we would do the penalty of 5 jumping jacks together. Overall, I really enjoyed the 团 game and I hope we would have more of such games in future :)  

Lastly, here is the ending storyline for the overall activity:
Hello trainees, welcome back. Congratulations on completing all the stations and living up to the title of “Best 团”. We see you have brought back the Brasso.

Now, was finding this bottle truly the most important? When you were faced with the situation of choosing your batch mates, or the given clues, what went through your minds? We wanted you guys to learn to not overlook the crucial factors of teamwork and effective communication in the process of these activities.

We hope you have learnt something, as well as had fun during today’s 集合.  Let’s continue to keep up the name of Guides and do our best!

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49th Batch Secretary