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5 June 2013

31st May Initiatives!

Hi Guides!:D

On 31st May, we had Initiatives for our last Friday activity of Term 2!:D For this Initiatives, Coy 1 made natural deodorant while Coy 2 made a flower headband:)

For Coy 1, they made deodorant by mixing coconut oil, citrus lemon, baking soda, and corn starch!:D Instead of the spray type deodorant, they learnt how to make the applied type:] They learnt many tips from their ICs as well~

For Coy 2, they made flower headbands from wires, flowers, and yarn! Firstly, bend the wire into a shape that fits your head, then wrap it in yarn:) After that, coil the flowers around the wire to get a flower headband!:D

We hope everyone enjoyed the initiatives:) Happy June holidays!