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29 April 2010

Hello year 3s!

Jiayou for PLTC tomorrow! Give your best, don't give up and pia till the end :)
Always remember all for one and one for all! As strong as you think you are in your individual patrols, it only matters if ALL of you work together as one batch.


- Year 4s 2010

25 April 2010

Hello guides! :)

For friday's jihe, we had skills training and PT.

Firstly, we jihe-ed at 2.45pm at the science labs area. Latecomers were reminded to be punctual for the next jihe. We then jihe-ed according to our levels for skills training. As most of the Y2s went for speech day rehearsal, we jihe-ed with the Y1s.

Next, we went to get baishengs and mus from tuanbu to teach the Y1s how to tie square lash and diagonal lash. As no specific time was given, we took our time and walked slowly after getting the items. Also, we only took our mus individually and did not care about the others. As a result, we were punished by the Y4s who told us about basic guides rules (one for all and all for one, guides 不是跑就是飞) that we should uphold. Furthermore, our attire was not standard and many of us still wore sports shoes to jihe. We should keep all these in mind and not repeat our mistakes.

Then, we combined with another patrol and taught the Y1s how to tie square lash and diagonal lash. However, due to the time constraint, we did not manage to finish teaching them. We jihe-ed back and were instructed to retrieve 2 duanmus, 2 zhongduanmus and 6 zhongmus from tuanbu in 4 mins, to build a fire altar as a combined patrol. As there were no zhongduan mus, we had to ask for a time extension and jihe-ed back late. We had until 4.10pm to complete our fire altars. As Y2s, we had to guide the Y1s, who did not know how to build a fire altar. Although we made many mistakes in the process, such as tying the square lashes from the wrong direction (down to up/up to down) and tying the mus in the wrong place, our patrol managed to build a fire altar successfully. Our seniors then pointed out our mistakes and told us how we could improve further.

After that we had PT. We ran to the sixth floor and did leg raise while 4 of us took turns to wheelbarrow to the other end of the pathway. After wheelbarrowing, we had to ding boys style for 4mins before changing to girls style position. Also, we did commando crawl and 15 pumpings after a water break.

During PT, we should ask the people running in front to slow down if we cannot catch up and constantly cheer to boost our morale. We should try to pia to the end and make sure everyone's alright too. Then, the Y1s attended a lecture by the Y5s after getting their writing materials from tuanbu, and the Y2s gathered at the science labs area. We learnt some songs from the Y4s and they also quizzed us about information found in the guides notes. I realized that we were unclear about some guides stuff and should probably study the guides notes soon.

Lastly, we jihe-ed with everyone and had 15mins of patrol corner before breaking off.

Love guides! :)

24 April 2010

Hello guides here are the photos from UG DAY + Overnight camp from last week :)

Hoped that yall had fun :D

Year 3s jiayou with prep work next week! We have faith in all of you :D Remember when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going!

Love guides~

18 April 2010

Hi Guides (:

Friday was UG day and we had combined activities with all the rest of the UGs.

We jihe-ed outside LT 3 and 4 after school to have lunch with our patrol. After that, we proceeded to the parade square to join the rest of the UGs and split into the groups we were assigned to. After a speech by Dr Foo, we had mass dance. We were all very high after dancing for the second time and started on the games. We went to the track but as soon as we started the relay race, it started raining. So, we went back to the classroom and did a self-introduction. Later, we went out to find the items for treasure hunt. Even though we did not manage to answer all the questions and find all the items, it was fun trying to find the items around the school. The whole activity ended with a prize presentation.

Leisure camp started with dinner with our overnight camp patrols. We were then given time to bathe and bond more with our patrol mates before watching the horror movie in the auditorium. We watched The Frighteners, which was considered as a horror comedy as some found it funny. After the horror movie, we had a night walk around the school with the scouts.

The first station my group went was the corridor that linked Block E and Block F. We played Murderer at the corridor and if the detective could not catch the murderer or the murderer was caught, they had to go to Wen Xin. When I went up, I was given a torchlight and told to go to one of the pictures drawn by the AEP students and count the number of girls with 2 complete sets of teeth. It was quite scary as the face was rather freaky and it was very dark.

After that, we went to the walless classroom. We found a piece of paper along with an envelope under one of the tables and were given 2 minutes to memorize the sequence of the scary pictures. However, we only managed to get the first two rows correct. Next, we were blindfolded and had to put our hands on the person standing in front's shoulders. The whole journey was rather scary.

Next, we proceeded to the area outside the female gym toilet. We were given a puzzle of a scary face and one person had to go into the toilet. I went into the toilet and I was quite scared as my torchlight was faulty and it was very dark inside.

We then went to the staircase and had to spot the differences between two pictures while two people went up the stairs to memorize a tongue twister. We managed to spot all the differences and got all the tongue twisters correct. Well done!

Lastly, we went to the auditorium. We had to go into the auditorium alone to find satay sticks. The rest of the group were to spread out and lie on the floor outside the auditorium. I did not go in as it was 1.30am already and we had to jihe.

I enjoyed the night games a lot. It was really fun and spooky.

In the morning, we had company games and it was very fun. We played the blanket game and got to know more people in Guides after doing the friendship dance. The last game, the relay race, was very fun. First, we had to hop to the plate of flour our seniors were holding and find the gummy bears hidden inside. Then, we had to keep the tissue in the air for 20 seconds. It was quite difficult at first but we managed to do it with a very creative way. Lastly, we had to hold a banana in between our legs and walk. Although many groups' bananas were squeezed, my group's banana was still in its original shape and we ate it up.

The leisure camp was very fun and we had definitely bonded more, not only with our patrol but as a whole coy, through this. It was very well-planned and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves very much. Thank you 中四s for planning such a great camp!

Love Guides (:

Hello Guides :)

The whole week has been UG week and UG day on Friday ended and it was really fun. In my opinion, UG day is a great way to let us know people from other UGs and make friends with them. After all, as a UG family, we should be bonded as one instead of as 4 distinct groups.

After lunch, we did the mass dance we had been practicing for. After doing it twice, everyone was really high and enthusiastic. Even though it rained and we didn’t get to play the outdoor activities the seniors planned, I still enjoyed myself very much. In the end, we played games like whacko in the classrooms, and then completed the treasure hunt.

The day ended with prize giving and the leisure camp started. After dinner, we were given time to bathe and bond with our patrol mates. Then, the leisure camp started with nightgames!

Nightgames began with a horror movie, The Frighteners. Some found it funny but others found it terrifying. When the movie ended, we started the night walk together with the scouts.

The first station was in the music atrium toilet. We were really scared to go in. The seniors acted so well and it was very spooky. I nearly screamed when I saw the Barbie doll’s hand under the sink. We were very relieved when we could leave the station.

Next, we proceeded to the staircase opposite the Waterside. There, we had to spot the differences between two pictures of a haunted house, while two people went up the stairs. The third station was at LT3, where we had to send in one person at a time to find satay sticks.

The forth station was at the link between the senior and junior high blocks. This station was the second scariest. There, we played murderer and the loser had to answer a question about the paintings on the wall. It was very creepy as some of the paintings were very disturbing, like the one with the skeleton of the girls teeth.

The final station was at the walless classroom, where we had to put a series of scary looking pictures in order. We did not get to complete the second part of this station as it was 1.30am and we had to jihe.

In all, the night games were really well planned and fun.

The next morning, we played some company games like the blanket name game and dead end. The last game was very funny! First, we had to hop to the plate of flour and find gummy bears. After that, we had to try to keep a tissue paper for 20 seconds in the air by blowing it. This proved to be difficult so we were used our hands and feet instead. After we completed that task, we had to place a banana between our legs and walk. After my group was done, all that was left was a bit of the banana skin.

The games ended off a great leisure camp. I feel that we have bonded as a company and that we should have more of such activities. Thank you 中四s for planning this camp!

Love guides :D

12 April 2010

Hello Guides!

For Friday's activity, first we had patrol corner. It was the first time the year 3s were doing a skills patrol corner. Some patrols went through notes, some did gadget tying and some practised lashes. We hope that everyone has learnt something new from this patrol corner and also, year 3s to gain experience about planning activities for the patrol.

Next, the year 1s and 3s had their PT separately. The year 2s went for contigent practise. The year 3s were introduced to some new things, in preparation for PLTC, like doing a reversed boy's style pumping position and 5 people wheelbarrowing with legs on a heimu which 2 people carried.

This PT was tougher, but definitely a good training for the year 3s. No matter how tough the going gets, all for one and one for all, we must stand strong and stay united, don't leave anyone behind and improve together as a batch. Year 3s, jiayou for PLTC.
Good job to the year 1s too, for completing yet another PT. Hope that you all will put in your very best for the next PT and not fall out so easily.


Love guides <3