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20 January 2015

CCA Orientation'15, 17th Jan

Hi Guides!

On 17th January 2015, the CCA Orientation for the Year 1s took place. This was a time for the Guides, as well as all the other various CCAs, to showcase various aspects of their CCAs. As for the Guides, many weeks of preparation had finally paid off, as various structures stood around the area outside the Media Resource Library (MRL), and many exciting performances were about to be presented to the Year 1s. The MRL was filled with all the Uniform Groups (UGs), namely Girl Guides, Scouts, St. John's Ambulance Brigade and National Police Cadet Corps, which highlighted the Uniform Groups spirit in Dunman High. 

Firstly, the Guides had to 集合 in their Guides Uniforms outside the MRL at 7.15am. After some administrative work and an attire check, the Guides 集合-ed with the Scouts in their respective committees. Next, the Guides and Scouts were broken off to touch up on their structures. 

After some time, the Guides and Scouts lined up along the road to welcome the Year 1s as they stepped through the gateway. All the UGs did the Adigi Cheer together which definitely livened up the atmosphere and created a sense of unity amongst the different UGs,

The emcees from the different UGs welcomed the Year 1s once again and introduced the different performances. First up, was the Scouts' Lion Dance, which enthralled many of the Year 1s who tried to touch the lions as they approached the audience.

After that, it was time for the 绳桥 performance by our very own Guides. They moved swiftly and with agility, with every one of them successfully crossing the "acid river". :) All those practices had proved to be fruitful!

Next, the Scouts had their performance known as 挂领. The aim was to climb up a spar to hang a scarf around the top. It looked so tough, yet the Scouts were all able to reach the top, showing and strength and determination. The Year 1s were fascinated and wowed by their performance. 

Last but not least, was the Fireman's Ladder Performance by the Guides and Scouts. The Guides and Scouts were graceful and able to flip over the ladder with ease, which is not an easy feat. The performance section of the CCA Orientation finished with performances by SJAB and NPCC.

After the series of wonderful performances, it was time for the Year 1s to visit the various UG exhibits. The ushers brought them around to try out the structures and food cooked by the Outdoor Cooking Committee.

The gateway was a majestic structure, which allowed the Year 1s to climb across and have a panoramic view from above. There was a flagpole on top too, so that the Guides' and Scouts' flags could be raised and lowered. The entire structure was sturdy and safe, which really reflected the skills of the Guides and Scouts. The ribbons hung along the railings of the Gateway brought a burst of colour and served to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the gateway. Moreover, a very special guest, our very own principal, Dr Foo, climbed across the gateway! :)

Gateway Committee

Mini Games
Mini Games showcased the fun side of Guides and Scouts, as there was an obstacle course, Gladiator, archery and catapult! The Year 1s had the chance to battle against each other, test their agility and their aim. These mini games proved to be very engaging as many Year 1s wanted to try out all the different structures and games.


Mini Games Committee

Kitchen Shelter
The Kitchen Shelter this year was three storeys high! The Year 1s could view the decorations on the first floor, then make their way up to the second storey via a ladder, where they could slide down on a slide. They could even choose to go up to the third storey where there was an amazing view of the other structures scattered around the MRL. The Year 1s were all excited as the prospect of being in a Kitchen Shelter with three storeys, and many were enjoying themselves as they slid down the slide. There was even a swing at the side of the Kitchen Shelter, which was sturdy and added an element of fun, along with the slide! :)

For gadgets this year, the committee built a revolving door, a kitchen table, kitchen dresser, a clothes rack and even weaved a dream catcher! The revolving door was quite popular because of how well it worked, which surprised the Year 1s. The Year 1s were also amazed at how some gadget poles and spars could be turned into such useful structures.

Outdoor Cooking 
The menu for this year included marshmallows, macncheese, bacon and chicken. The committee members went around serving food to the Year 1s. Some Year 1s even tried roasting their own marshmallows, which proved to be a crowd favourite!

The decorations committee helped to beautify many of the structures, but besides that, they had their own booth too. They showcased some of our proudest moments and achievements, as they displayed some of the many trophies and plagues Guides have attained over the years. They also displayed some old photos which showcased the rich history of DHSGG!

Reflections from a Year 2...
This was the first Orientation Preparation for me, and I found it quite interesting and cool. A year before, I was amongst the audience, marveling at the people doing 绳桥 but this year, I actually got to witness all the work behind the scenes. I was in the gadgets committee, and to me, orientation preparation was an amazing experience as there were many ‘first times’ here. For example, I got to work with the scouts, and also build the most number of gadgets I have ever done in my Girl Guides journey so far. There were definitely tough times when we had to rush to complete things within the schedule like on Friday, there were also fun times, especially when you know that you are all in it together with your committee members. This orientation preparation also really trained my lashing skills and my sense of urgency, and it was also a time for me to revise my skills and also to learn how to tie certain structures. I am now more familiar with how to tie a kitchen table, tool rack, etc. I feel really blessed to be in my committee, and above all I was elated that all our hard work paid off.

Reflections from a Year 3...
Being an usher, I had to bring the Year 1s around the different structures we built for them to take a look. The first station I brought them to was the gateway. The gateway was really majestic and the Year 1s were all very amazed by it. They climbed up the gateway and when they came down, they all had smiles on their faces! It is really nice seeing people enjoy climbing the structures we built. Next station was the mini games. The Year 1s had to go through a small obstacle course which includes climbing the ladder, the electric fence and the swing. After that they went to try the gladiator. I saw them having a lot of fun as they got to compete with their friends to see who stayed on the structure longer. We also brought them to try out archery and the catapult, which they said were very interesting as the structures were all made up of gadget poles. After that, I brought them to the decoration booth to view our trophies and photos. They were very interested in the photos as they could see photos dated back to a long time ago! The kitchen shelter was another fun station for them as they got to climb up to the 2nd storey and slide down. While waiting, I let them take a look at the photos hanging around the structure and answered their questions about the CCA. The Year 1s were very happy and thought that the slide was very fun! Next station was the gadgets, where they got to see the different gadgets we built. It was an eye opener as a lot of them did not know that they could do such stuff with only basic lashes. The revolving door was one of the structures they were amazed at. Last but not least, I brought them to the outdoor cooking station. I explained to them how we started the fire ourselves from scratch while they tried to roast marshmallows. They also tried the food the people from the Outdoor Cooking committee gave to them. Overall, OP was very fun for me and I felt a sense of satisfaction after seeing the Year 1s enjoying themselves. I am very proud of Guides and Scouts upon seeing that all our hard work and efforts paid off! :)

Reflections from a Year 3...
During this OP, I certainly learnt a lot. As a whole, my lashes have become tighter, I now have a better sense of urgency than before and my stamina has also improved. I really enjoyed this OP although it wasn't an easy journey but it all paid off in the end. I have gotten closer to the members in my committee and I now appreciate the bond between the Guides and Scouts family. It was memorable being in this committee with all the hard work and sweat put into building the gateway. I believe that this experience is only unique to Guiding and Scouting alike.

Reflections from a Year 4...
This was my last CCA Orientation as a Guide but it definitely was the best Orientation I had experienced so far. All of us were willing to work hard together so as to showcase our best to the Year 1s. Seeing all the Year 1s smiling as they viewed and tried out the structures was truly a heartwarming sight, because it showed that all of our efforts had not gone to waste. Hopefully, our efforts would attract many Year 1s to join the CCA, and enter the Guides family! :)

Hope that everyone had a good rest after orientation! :)

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