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31 July 2009

Hey guides,

Today would be the last jihe for Sec4s as it is the day when all of us pass down. All of the Sec4s would like to thank everyone for today especially the year3s who had put in lots of effort in planning this year's passing down. Here are some last reminders for all of the juniors:

To the year1s, although it has only been 6 months since we met and some of you might not have the chance to know all of the Sec4s but we are glad to have you guys in this family and for staying on. There is still much to learn and experience for you. Your first ATC will be coming soon so take this time before ATC to learn your skills, train your physical to help your year2s who will be leading you throughout this camp. Listen to your seniors and learn from them.

To the year2s, besides the year3s, you guys play an important role in the company too. Your batch would be connector between the year3s and year1s to make the whole company even more bonded and in charge of guiding the year1s. Learn to speak up with confidence and shine during this year ATC.

To the year3s, after today the Sec4s won't be by your side to always lookout for you, tell you mistakes you made or guide you along. Remember what we have said and
bring our company to greater heights. Don't ever give up no matter how tough times can be.

Sec4s <3 DHS Guides

25 July 2009

Hello Guides :)

Since the start of this new term, we were not able to have any activities due to the recent Influenza virus however CCA has finally resumed. Yesterday, we had jihe for passing down preparation and for the year1s to 3s to complete their badges.

After the prep and badges, all the patrols had patrol corner. It has been a long time since the whole patrol gathered together to just bond with one another again however the year4s were not able to join us as they had an early dismissal.

Passing down will be on next Friday and our school will be organising this year's East Division Day in August.

Love Guides.

1 July 2009

Hello Guides

There will be no activity on this coming friday due to H1N1. Also, please take good care of your body during this period of time.

Love Guides