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22 September 2007

Dear guides, here's the quote of the week(:
"Champions are not those who never fail, but those who never quit."
Jiayou! You can do it for the upcoming major exams. Love DHS guides!

14 September 2007

Here's the quote of the week for all guides:
"Fear cripples but faith empowers"
All the best for everyone's exam preparation. Get started and build your confidence! Pia your very best! 加油! All the way!

1 September 2007


campfire's burning!



Our mascot- U San!

Today, 33 guides representing DHS Guides attended the Victoria School Arrow Scout group 85th Anniversary and 69th Campfire. Everyone was in a very happy and "high" mood as we cheered and sang traditional Scouting and Guiding songs at the top of our voices.

However, I observed that some of us did not have the basic respect for VS, the host school.

Here's what I've learnt from Mr. Teo, a scout master in a combined guides scouts lecture.

A campfire follows a certain sequence- peaceful->"high"->peaceful.
There are times when we can join in the fun, but there are times when we should quieten down and reflect. Only by participating actively and showing the correct attitude can we truely feel the togetherness and enjoy the campfire.

Most of us are attending a large-scale campfire for the first time and therefore it is understandable that we are not aware of these appropriate behaviours. I hope all guides take note of this and have basic etiquette when we go for campfires in future!