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17 April 2008


It's initiatives day tomorrow and please refer to learn@dhs for more details! and please do remember to jihe at least 5 minutes before jihe time so that things can run smoothly! Hope we have a great initiatives day!(:

Sec3s, it will be your PLTC pre camp on saturday!! (looking forward to it?:) You'll get to know your patrol allocations as well as your venture and senior guide councillors! You will also go through a series of lectures by experienced scout masters/guiders/ventures/YALs.

Pay great attention because they have taken time off their schedule to conduct the lectures. I'm sure you'll learn useful things which you will be able to apply to your life, both personal life and your guiding days. Even if you're feeling a little sleepy, try your best to stay awake because it will be the one and only time you will be able to attend such a meaningful session.

And not to forget, this also marks the beginning of you PLTC journey! Though its tough juggling studies and all the preparation, remember that all your seniors did it and just 拼了okay! Though you have year 5 or 6 ventures or senior guides as your councillors, do remember you still have your sec4s and feel free to approach us kay!

PLTC is really once in a lifetime. Pia hard, and you will never, ever, ever regret. 加油!加油!加油!(:

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