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11 December 2018

Annual Training Camp, 2-4 November 2018

Hello Guides!

The theme for this year’s Annual Training Camp(ATC) is Empowerment - Power to empower. We hope that through ATC’18, we will be able to empower the trainees to recognise that
they not only have the power and endless potential to develop and grow, but each and every one of them too have the ability to light up other people’s lives and empower one another to work hard together. Power refers to the unique strength of every single one of them, and by working together with their various “powers”, they can empower one another and become a harmonious team that can conquer all obstacles. With the right attitude, they can work together and gain the most out of this camp. Through the activities and experiences they gain during the camp, we hope that the trainees will bond with one another, by encouraging and empowering each other along their journey.

The camp took place over a span of 3 days, from the 1st to the 3rd of November, at Camp Christine. The Year 3 counsellors planned various activities for the sake of training the hard and soft skills of the trainees. These activties include Camp Development(Camp D), Outdoor Cooking(OC), Obstacle Journey(OJ), Inspection etc. We also hoped that this camp would encourage the trainees to step up and out of their comfort zones to work together and make the most out of ATC.

During this camp, 6 patrols were formed, with its members all from different original patrols.The patrols in question are:
P1 Confidence
P2 Voice
P3 Emersyn
P4 Ignite
P5 Inferno
P6 Firefly

0.1 Camp Preparation
Before the camp, however, the trainees had to attend a briefing and were given a few weeks to make preparations, including their proposals. They had to submit their drawings for their patrol logistics, which included their patrol flag, banner, identity and meal bag, before constructing them for use. They also had to submit proposals for Camp Development, Outdoor Cooking and Campfire to facilitate their planning and to ensure that they would be clear on what to do during the actual activity.

Reflection from a Year 1:
Through camp preparation, I learnt the importance of communication and teamwork. We had to decide our patrol name, songs etc. among ourselves, hence good communication and teamwork is crucial. I also learnt how to properly apply some of the skills taught in guides, such as picking kindlings. I feel that my patrol did quite a good job at camp preparation. We were organised and efficient and we managed to complete everything in time. However, we do have room for improvement. We weren't able to agree to one idea and had some minor conflicts in the patrol, and that's something we should work on. Overall, camp preparation was a tiring but enriching experience.

Reflection from a Year 2:
For Camp preparation, we were on a really tight schedule. It was also my first time doing so many proposals at once. Hence, it was quite overwhelming. I also realised that there were many things to take note of in terms of standardisation of the proposals among the patrols.  I learnt that time allocation is very important, and we must stay on track on the camp prep timeline we planned out, or it would lead to us rushing our identities, mealbags etc. for the camp. I also learnt that teamwork was really important. We had to work together in order to finish our work on time. All in all, though it was a rather hectic period of time for us, I believe it’s a good learning experience for us.

0.2 Pre-Camp Inspection
On 26 October, a Pre-Camp Inspection was held to ensure that the trainees have all the logistics needed for ATC, to check that they are ready for the camp and to train their sense of urgency and patrol communication. They were given 9 minutes to mass change into their Guides Uniform and another 11 minutes to collect all their logistics. After that, the patrols were split into 6 different classrooms to lay out their logistics. They would also be tested on their morale, familiarity with the inspection layout, familiarity of their patrol songs and cheers, their ability to adapt and their attire. During the inspection, if they were found lacking in any area, they had to do a forfeit in the form of Physical Training.

Reflection from a Year 1:
I feel that Pre-Camp Inspection is focusing mainly on our memorisation skill and communication skill. Each of our patrol members were assigned to memorise two columns. However, aside from the fact that we only memorized very little, we had difficulty in communicating with each other as some patrol members placed the logistics on the wrong tables. Hence, all the other logistics that were laid out were also on the wrong table and worse, the orientation was wrong. I felt that if each of us memorized the whole inspection layout and worked together, we could have worked much faster than we did before and the time limit given to us by our Year 3s would have been sufficient. I also felt that despite we were in the situation where we had to work fast and lay out the logistics, we should still be alert and not let our things get kapped by our seniors, especially our water bottles. From this Pre-Camp Inspection, I learnt that communication is very crucial in order for us to work efficiently. Furthermore, I have also learnt that we have to be alert and prevent our things from getting kapped, and in the meantime, we can cheer our patrol cheer to boost our patrol morale.

Reflection from a Year 2:
On the day of the inspection, I was really nervous because I wasn’t sure if I could remember everything I had to memorise, or whether I could keep up with everyone else. It turned out not too bad - my patrol cheered and sang our patrol songs with enthusiasm and came in standard attire. I feel that we shouldn’t rely on one person to remember the inspection layout. My patrol memorised, but none of us could remember the layout clearly except for one person. Hence, when it came to testing if we remembered the layout by drawing the items one by one on paper, we didn’t do well and were given forfeits. However, in general, I feel my patrol did quite well, and we were spurred on by the encouragement the seniors gave us in terms of our performance for this pre-camp inspection.

1.0 Day 1
On the first day of ATC, the trainees and counsellors 集合-ed at the school’s foyers with their personal logistics and patrol logistics from 团部. After the administrative matters were settled, the trainees proceeded to load the logistics onto the lorry. After which, the trainees and counsellors boarded the buses and embarked on an hour long journey to Camp Christine. Upon arrival, the logistics were immediately unloaded, and the trainees began their first activity - In-Camp Inspection.

Here is the overall storyline for ATC:
In an alternate universe, the world has ended it’s third world war. The government is in shambles, and it is up to the citizens to decide who to lead them. 6 political parties step up to lead, and are now fighting for dominance over the country. With the goal of empowering themselves with the necessary skills to lead the country, the 6 political parties fight to prove their worth to the citizens of Motse in hopes of being given the opportunity to lead their country to rise up above the rest. However, the third world war destroyed everything. With no buildings for the citizens to live in, no defence to protect the country and no peace even within the community, they must think and act fast to save their country, learn to leave their differences behind and work together for the betterment of Motse.

1.1 In-Camp Inspection
The first activity was the inspection of personal logistics. The trainees were given  minutes to retrieve their personal logistics. After which, they were given only minutes to lay out their belongings, according to the proposal they submitted prior to the start of ATC. After the logistics were laid out, the trainees had to 集合 to their patrol counsellors, before being graded on attire, patrol morale, completeness, neatness and standardisation of the layout. Next, they were given  minutes to pack up their personal logistics, before being given a new layout, with 2 trainees - assigned by the Inspection ICs - leading all the trainees to lay out their logistics with the new layout. They would then have to pack everything up again. Similarly, another new layout was given to them again, with another 2 trainees leading everyone. A maximum time extension of minutes would be granted to the trainees for all layouts. After inspection, the trainees were given  minutes to mass change into their PE attire and return all their personal logistics. They would now have to proceed to their next activity.

1.2 Camp Development Parts 1 and 2
For Camp D, here is the list of items that the trainees were required to build:

1.Camp Christine Tent
3.Gadget to hold banner
4.Shoe rack
5.Emergency shelter
6.Kitchen Shelter (to be shared among 2 patrols)
7.Fire altar and dustbin
8.Creative gadget
9.Meaningful improvement to campsite
The trainees had to build everything listed above during Camp Development Parts 1 and 2. Additionally, the counsellors had to build another 2 dome tents for themselves and the company flagpole.

Reflection from a Year 2:
For Camp D part 1, we built the Camp Christine tent. We watched the helpful uncle demonstrate to us so we would be clear on how to build it properly. We had all been unsure on how to build the tents and we benefitted a lot from his demonstration. It can help us as we would be able to build it next year with ease due to him teaching us. I feel grateful for him spending his time on helping us. For part 2, we built the last and set up our patrol banners and flagpole as well as finished up our camp Christine tents if necessary. I think that we managed to spilt our manpower quite well and we proceeded to help other patrols. It had tested us on our manpower management skills as well as our communication skills so we were sure on what we were doing. However, we were quite careless overall as our items managed to get kapped so we need to work on taking care of our things.

1.3 Physical Training(PT)
After Camp Development, the trainees had Physical Training (PT), which aimed to provide opportunities for the trainees to train their physical standards, to stretch and push themselves to their best of their abilities, and to provide opportunities for them to step out of their comfort zones and try their best. First, the trainees had to go through a series of warm-ups so that they would not strain their muscles. Afterwards, the PT I/Cs would play a series of videos, with different PT items, for the trainees to follow. Between each video, they would be given a water break to rest and hydrate themselves.

Reflection from a Year 1:
Before ATC, I thought PT included strenuous exercise such as 2 minutes of planking and so on. That made me dread PT session a lot. However, during the 1st PT session, it was exciting as we ended up having mass PT as a 团. We had to follow the exercises shown in the video. There was 2 videos and we did each video twice.  There were also 2 mins water breaks between each video. We also cheered a lot and it made our PT session more exciting. The cheers came up by the Year 2s were also very funny and allowed us to enjoy PT and at the same time, boosted our morale which I think is very good. We were also trained to standardise our PT, which made things less messy.

Reflection from a Year 2:
For the PT, we had followed fitness videos with a bit of change. I feel that it was a quite pleasant experience overall as the actions were not too difficult or strenuous but was still more enjoyable and as satisfying as normal PT. I feel that it was a very creative idea as I had not used fitness videos before and it was quite interesting to me. It had helped train our physical strength. This experience also helped us bond as a batch as we had gone through it together and also encouraged by cheering loudly and cared for each other.

1.4 Night Games Part 1
After the trainees had dinner, Night Games commenced. Night Games are a series of games planned by the counsellors and differs from what we do during normal 集合s. Night Games aimed to instil bravery in the trainees, allow them to think out of the box to resolve situations in the form of riddles and other challenges, improve their communication and cooperation amongst patrols, and trust in oneself and fellow patrol and batch members. The trainees 集合ed and had to remain quiet. After that, a scene was acted out by some counsellors. The trainees were then told to leave quickly. Overall, there would be 3 stations and a mass station at the end, after the Trefoil Guild Campfire.

Here is the overall storyline for Night Games:
War. It never ends well. It is inevitable. The people had anticipated it. Humans have evolved too much. A war of diseases, now incurable. A child’s worst nightmare. Humans have been driven towards cannibalism by insanity, becoming mindless zombies can crave and feast on nothing but the flesh and blood of their own kind. The trainees encounter someone who instructs them to find 6 clues needed for the antidote. Unless they find the antidote, the disease will spread to other parts of the world and humanity will fall. Will the trainees be able to overcome the challenges and save humanity?

Station 1
Act 1.1
/Black Market Trader holds along full bamboo and stands at the side of the entrance. /

/Hostage sits at the other side of the room while Casualty sits next to Hostage. /

/Black Market Trader bangs the long full bamboo on the floor and swings the door open./

[Black Market Trader]

/Patrol members to enter the room and huddle in the centre of the room./

[Injured Person]

[Black Market Trader]
SILENCE! One more sound from you and I will slice your neck! It’s the middle of the apocalypse and you dare step in here? Do you know who I am? DO YOU?

/Black Market Trader bangs the long full bamboo and starts trailing the bamboo on the doors/

[Black Market Trader]
I am the Black Demon! All of the underworld fears me! I have killed, and will not hesitate to do so again. So one false move will be your downfall. SPEAK! What is your purpose in my territory?

/Trainees are to ask politely for the antidote./

[Black Market Trader]
The antidote? Who are you to ask of that from me? That forbidden object is found only when asked for at the right place and the right time. Pass my test, and I will grant you your freedom and your antidote. Treat the casualty and make it through the Minesweeper. When you are done, take the antidote and LEAVE! Work fast, work smart, and DON’T leave anybody behind. Your time starts now.

Injuries of casualty:
(Close fracture on right shoulder)
1. Deformity, swelling, bruising
2. Pain and difficulty in moving the area
3. Shortening, bending and twisting of limb
4. A wound
1. Advise casualty to keep still. Support injured part with your hands, or ask a helper to do this until it is immobilized.
2. For firmer support, bandage the injured part to an unaffected part of the body. Make sure bandage is tied on the uninjured side. Otherwise bandage the injured part to a stiff, straight object.
(Laceration on the left cheek, right arm and left hand)
1. Blood on the lacerations
1. Wash the wound and clean away any dirt/foreign objects
2.  Apply pressure to stop the bleeding
3. Apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent any infection
4.  Cover the wound with gauze
5.  Bandage around the gauze


Act 1.2
At 2 minutes interval:
[Black Market Trader]
I used to be an infamous leader. The underworld feared me. My underlings respected me. I was known for my malice and merciless personality. But with the spread of this disease, I have lost everyone.
/grabs a trainee/
Would you like to help me get back my prestige?
/evil laughter/

At 4 minutes interval:
[Black Market Trader]
/slams long full bamboo multiple times/
It’s slipping away! I admired your bravery when you entered my terrain. Now I question my choices.
/Hostage struggles and wriggles on the floor/

[Black Market Trader]
/Black Market Trader jabs Hostage with long full bamboo/
/Black Market Trader jabs Casualty/

[Black Market Trader]
Let’s see how much these saviours treasure your life.
/Casualty whimpers loudly/
/Black Market Trader grabs one of the trainees’ shoulder/

[Black Market Trader]
You’re a pretty one… Join me?
/grabs trainee/

At 6 minutes interval:
/Black Market Trader slaps long full bamboo on the ground/

[Black Market Trader]
SHUT! If they see no need in your life, neither will I.

At 8 minutes interval:
[Black Market Trader]
/grabs trainees/
Time is running out! Time is running out! Time is running out!

Help! Save us!

Quick save us!

Act 1.3 (if they succeed and request to get their counsellor back)
[Black Market Trader]
I am surprised… You passed my test… No one has done that before. I am a woman of my word. I trust my eyes and now I trust you. Take the clue, move forward. Save humanity. You have my respect. My vote is yours. NOW SCRAM!!

Act 1.3 (if they succeed but don’t request to get their counsellor back)
[Black Market Trader]
/evil laugh/
Why am I not surprised… I DESPISE ALL OF YOU. I thought you had hope. You survived the Minesweeper, but WHERE IS YOUR COUNSELLOR??
/Black Market Trader whips out paper knife and lifts hostage up/

[Black Market Trader]
You caused her death, and now she will pay for your mistake.

/Hostage struggles./

/Black Market Trader holds knife to Hostage’s neck./
/Hostage whimpers/

[Black Market Trader]
You want the clue so badly? Then take it. I’ll have some fun before doomsday. LEAVE! BEFORE I TAKE YOU TOO!

Act 1.3 (if they don’t succeed but get their counsellor back)
[Black Market Trader]
You failed the Minesweeper… Haha… ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!! You’d rather SAVE HER rather than GET the ANTIDOTE?? Are you FOOLISH??
/grabs trainees/

[Black Market Trader]
Foolish people… I respect you, but you are not worthy of saving the world.  LEAVE! TAKE HER AND LEAVE! Or stay if you want… but stay forever. LEAVE! BEFORE I GET NASTY!
/evil laugh/

Act 1.3 (if they don’t succeed and don’t get their counsellor back)
You failed the Minesweeper… Haha… You say you want to save the world, don’t you?
/Black Market Trader brings hostage to them/

[Black Market Trader]
CHOOSE! THE ANTIDOTE OR YOUR COUNSELLOR? CHOOSE! You can only have one! QUICK! Before the TIME runs out.

(if they choose counsellor)
[Black Market Trader]
You’d rather SAVE HER rather than GET the ANTIDOTE?? Are you FOOLISH??
/evil laugh/
/Black Market Trader drags Hostage to trainees/
[Black Market Trader]
Fools… I like you fools… There was only one reason why I commanded respect. I don’t trade lives. And it seems neither do you. Take her. You have my respect. Take the clue. The world depends on you. LEAVE! GET OUT NOW BEFORE I TAKE BACK MY WORDS!!

(if they choose antidote)
[Black Market Trader]
Why am I not surprised… I DESPISE ALL OF YOU. I thought you had hope. Although you failed the Minesweeper, but you CHOSE THE ANTIDOTE OVER HER LIFE??
/Black Market Trader whips out paper knife/

[Black Market Trader]
You caused her death, and now she will pay for your mistake.
/Hostage struggles./

/Black Market Trader holds knife to Hostage’s neck./
/Hostage whimpers/

[Black Market Trader]
You want the clue so badly? You can’t have it. You chose an item over a life, you have NO RIGHTS to be the saviour of this world.  I’ll have some fun before doomsday. LEAVE! BEFORE I TAKE YOU TOO!

Station 2
Act 2.1
/A girl sits on the floor with blood stains all over her shirt and is tied up./

(as patrol enters the room)
Help… is anyone there?

/Patrol to go closer to the girl. /

The is a terrible place. I left them. I captured them. I brought them here to find shelter... Please, help me right my wrongs. Find my friends. They lie in the forest. They’re waiting for me… But don’t get too cocky like I did. In the forest, she lies waiting to… Now go! Hurry! You have 5 minutes!

/A dragging of footsteps and a metal object being scraped against the ground can be heard from outside (the trainees are unable to see who it is)/

/Trainees are to find fake graves and taped to them will be  puzzle pieces./

ACT 2.2 (if patrol manages to piece the puzzle successfully):
/The kidnapper wearing a poncho with the hood on and holding onto a metal mallet /

Well, well. What do we have here? More travellers?
/evil laugh/
I’m sure you’ve come to find the ingredient. Alas...I can’t let that happen. I’m having so much fun now. No one would even question when one person goes missing. Now, who should I take next? /takes a step closer to the patrol/

No, please. Spare them. Take me instead.

Very well, since you asked so nicely.
/grabs counsellor and brings her outside/

It’s my fault… I’m sorry. Did you find my friends?

/Patrol is to pass the pieced-up puzzle to the girl. /

/gazes at picture and sits up/
Thank you travellers, you’ve proven yourselves trustworthy. I saw her bury the ingredient at the beach.  Quickly, before she returns again. You only have 7 minutes before she finds you!

/Patrol is to run off and find a bucket filled with sand. Inside, there is a box with a combination lock./

ACT 2.25 (if patrol does not manage to piece the puzzle together):

/The kidnapper wearing a poncho with the hood on and holding onto a metal mallet /

Well, well. What do we have here? More travellers?
/evil laugh/
I’m sure you’ve come to find the ingredient. Alas...I can’t let that happen. I’m having so much fun now. No one would even question when one person goes missing. Now, who should I take next? /takes a step closer to the patrol/

No, please. Spare them. Take me instead.

Very well, since you asked so nicely.
/grabs counsellor and brings her outside/

/towards girl/
I’m going to teach you a lesson

/drops a piece of paper/

/Patrol is to solve the riddle on the paper to know where the box is hidden./
Contents of paper:
What can make one man blind and another man see, makes one building strong and tears another one down? This is where the antidote lies.  You have 7 minutes before your demise.
Answer: Sand  (The patrol is to take the hint that the box is buried under a pile of sand)

ACT 2.3 (If patrol manages to unlock the box):

/frantically runs in/
I managed to escape, for now. You have part of the antidote. You can save us. Now go.

/Kidnapper is to re-enter and chase after the patrol. Counsellor to return to patrol once patrol exits the station./

ACT 2.35 (if patrol does not manage to open the box):

/Kidnapper re-enters./

You foolish travellers. Look what you've done. The world is now doomed. I shall take your lives too!!

/Kidnapper chases after patrol/
/ Counsellor to return to patrol once patrol exits station/

Station 3
Act 3.1
Oh? Visitors?
/circles around patrol/
It’s been so long since I’ve had visitors. I’m afraid that many do not like to come to this place. I’ve been so, so lonely, for such a long, long time.
/stops moving/
I would ask you to stay, but that wouldn’t do, would it? We’re only strangers after all. Still, I desire for some company, so let’s make a deal, shall we? I know what you are here for. The ingredient to the antidote to save your people. I know where it is, and I can give it to you, but only if you do something for me first. Finish it, and the ingredient is yours. If you don’t, well…
/grabs onto a trainee/
I suppose staying here with me forever would be a good trade-off, don’t you think?
/lets go of trainee/

A long time ago, I lost something of great importance to me. There are clues as to what happened to it scattered all around, but I haven’t found and solved them yet. Be a dear and solve them for me, will you? But, I’m not a very patient person, so you only have 6 minutes. Oh, and I’ll only allow for one of your lights. It irritates me, you see.

If patrol does not start looking for the clues
What are you waiting for? Hurry up and find what happened! Unless you want to stay with me forever?

Post-it notes with riddles on them will be pasted around the area. They will all be of the same colour.
Air is my life and water is my bane. Eat and I will live, drink and I will die.
I’ll choke your lungs, I’ll damage the atmosphere. I’m everywhere in war and when mountains erupt, but bring the wind and I’ll disappear.
I make things melt, I make rooms stifling. You can’t get rid of me, I am even around your body.
Give me carbon, and I’ll buy you a dress. Give me bromine, I’ll be loud and bold. Give me hydrogen, I’ll make a mess. Leave me be, I’ll be nothing but a powder.
Ash (This is a reference to the periodic table. Carbon is C, C+ash is cash. Bromine is Br, Br+ash is brash. Hydrogen is H, H+ash is hash, which is a synonym for mess)

Trainees are to make the connection between the clues and answer that the item was lost when it burned.
Post-it notes with other riddles to stall the trainees will also be pasted. They will be of a different colour than the correct post-it notes.

Other riddles
I let things grow, bring life to all, but I can also destroy, and drag my victims into the abyss. I come in many forms, but the wettest is what you seek.
Without me, there is no sound. Without me, many will suffocate. What am I?
I am the source of all energy, the brightest of all. Look at me for too long and lose your sight, but if I disappear than none will live.
The Sun
As smooth as an undisturbed lake, as clear as a diamond. Handle me carefully, or I will break, but keep me for too long, and I’ll disappear.

Act 3.2
At 2 minutes mark:
What’s taking so long? Hurry up!

At 3 minutes mark:
What happened? I need to know! Solve the clues! Solve them!

At 4 minutes mark:
Have you found the answer yet? Have you?
Have you?

At 5 minutes mark:
Time’s almost up. Do you know the answer? You do know what will happen if you don’t, right?

Act 3.3
/if patrol gives the correct answer/

Ah, you’ve figured it out. Now I remember what happened to it. The flames of the war consumed it.
I had hoped that you would stay here with me. But, a deal is a deal, and I must give you the ingredient. one said anything about giving it to you immediately, right?
I’ll only give it to you if you can all escape this place, through the maze right there. To make this more interesting, only one person can pass through at a time. I wonder if you can all get through in 6 minutes?

Act 3.4
/If patrol does not give the correct answer/

Well, I guess I was wrong to rely on you for that. What a pity. Looks like that ingredient of yours is forfeit. You will leave without the prize you sought. However, leaving this place is not going to be easy. Only through the maze shall you escape. If all of you succeed, I shall let you go, but otherwise...
You still remember the other end of the deal, don’t you? One person at a time, and 6 minutes. Do not test me.

Act 3.5
/if the patrol gave the correct answer before the maze/
Looks like you have succeeded in your task. As promised, here is your prize. A shame, I would have liked you to stay… What are you still here for? Are you taking pity on me? Leave!
/tries to grab trainess/

Act 3.6
/if the patrol did not give the correct answer before the maze/
Looks like you have gotten past the maze. A shame, after your failure, I figured being trapped here with me would be a good trade-off. As promised, I shall permit you to leave… Why are you still here? Have you changed your mind to stay here with me? I won’t argue!
/tries to grab trainees/

After the 3 stations, the trainees held off Night Games temporarily to join the Trefoil Guild during their campfire.

1.5 Trefoil Guild Campfire
After the three Night Games stations, the trainees and counsellors gathered at the BP pit to join in the Trefoil Guild Campfire. Not only did they join in the songs and dances, but learnt a few new ones as well!

Reflection from a Year 1:
The Trefoil Guild Campfire was a very heartwarming event. It was really touching to see Guides from many different generations come together and sing, dance and bond. Everyone was very happy. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I am glad to be able to be part of it. Through the Trefoil Guild Campfire, I learnt more about Guides and what it was like back then, such as the campfire songs. I also learnt the importance of continuing the guides traditions and making sure it will not be lost. Overall, the Trefoil Guild Campfire was a very fruitful experience and something to always remember.

Reflection from a Year 2:
The Trefoil Guild Campfire took place on the first night during our ATC and we were invited to take part in it. At the start of the campfire most of the trainees were quite tired and lethargic after the day's activities so participation was relatively low. However, as the campfire went on, we saw many of the old guides in the Trefoil Guild singing and dancing enthusiastically. This hyped up our mood as we could all see that despite their old age, many of them still had a burning love and passion for guides that for me personally was very heartwarming. This campfire was a chance for the different generations of guides to interact and strengthen bonds.

1.6 Night Games Part 2 (Mass Station)
After the Trefoil Guild Campfire, the trainees resumed Night Games. This time, they had to work together to complete the mass station, aided by the clues that they would have received for completing the previous three stations.

The trainees will have to find an antidote mentioned at the start of Night Games. They are to collate the clues they have received from completing the different stations to find out which counsellor has the antidote with them. Each clue will have an ingredient written on it and an underlined letter. Trainees are to piece the different letters together to find out the counsellor, which in this case is Valene. After figuring which counsellor has the antidote, the trainees will have to search for her across a few areas in Camp Christine.


Station 1
Station 2
Station 3
  1. An eagle’s feather
  2. A pinch of sand
3. The vine of a tree
4. One rose petal
5. One drop of frankincense
6. One pure diamond crystal

That marks the end of Night Games!

Reflection from a Year 1:
Night Games was a very fun and exciting experience. At first, I thought it was going to be very scary and I wasn't very excited for it. We went to stations and did activities. I was on tenterhooks as I kept thinking about when the "bad guys" was going to catch me. But in the end it was okay as I realised that I just needed to hold onto my patrol mates and I wouldn't get caught. Of course, I also had to 照顾好 my patrol mates. It strengthened our patrol bond and allow us to learn how to 照顾好人 better. Thus, I will also be excited and anticipative for next year's Night Games.

Reflection from a Year 2:
On the first night of ATC, there was Night Games. As this was my first time playing Night Games as I was sick and missed ATC last year, I had no idea what to expect initially as some said it was scary while others said it was fun. Personally, I felt that the seniors acted very well thus during the game, I was quite afraid of the unknown yet excited at the same time. While playing, my patrol combined with P2, and we were required to link arms to ensure none of us will be kupped. I feel that through this common experience, I was given the opportunity to bond with my patrol mates as we had to rely on one another to get through each station and for comfort and assurance. It connected us emotionally and I felt that after the games, the last remaining awkwardness between my patrol mates and me were gone. The night games was a memorable experience for me and despite being scared, I had a lot of fun.

2.0 Day 2
The trainees had Morning PT in the morning, which was followed by breakfast. Afterwards, it was time for 升旗.

2.1 Morning PT
Morning PT aimed to train the endurance and physical stamina of the trainees, as well as to place emphasis on the importance of teamwork. The trainees were required to first do some warm-up exercises. Afterwards they engaged in a game called ‘Chicken Fight’.

In an area demarcated by masking tape, patrols engage in friendly competition. Trainees will have to lift up one leg, emulating a chicken leg, and move around by hopping. The goal is to either push trainees from other patrols out of the playing area and make them touch the ground with both legs. The last trainee standing wins the game for their patrol.

After a few rounds, the trainees began the next part of Morning PT. The trainees had to complete some circuit PT, while sending one representative out. The representatives will have to pick a piece of paper with different PT on it from the I/Cs and complete the PT before returning to their patrols. Then, another representative will be sent out.

Reflection by a Year 2:
During morning PT, we went through a relay race, where we need to all do either a 站马 or leg raise at the back of Olave Hall. Meanwhile, each patrol would send out one member each to get a random PT from the ICs, then which they would complete the PT and run one round outside before coming back and another member of the patrol would take their turn. We were to complete as many rounds as possible in the given time limit, one round being a whole patrol completing a turn each. I think that this relay race gave us a chance to exercise without losing morale, as it promoted teamwork and appealed to our competitive side. By doing this, it allowed us to carry out the physical activities enthusiastically and determinedly.

2.2 升旗
The trainees changed into their Guides Uniform during breakfast. After which, they 集合ed in front of the company flagpole, at Brown Sea. After break off, the Guides marched around the field and proceeded to 排马蹄. They stood at attention while the company flag was raised. After that, they 集合ed again, and were broken off to form a horseshoe formation around their individual patrol flagpoles. The individual patrol flags were raised after that as well. They then 集合ed again, and the trainees mass changed into their PE attire for Outdoor Cooking

2.3 Outdoor Cooking
Before ATC began, the trainees were required to come up with a main dish which includes meat, an appetiser, a vegetable dish and a dessert, all linked to the theme of empowerment. The trainees were provided with some basic ingredients, like rice, oyster sauce, soya sauce, salt, oil, pepper and the like. While they were allowed to purchase and bring additional ingredients, they were restricted to a budget of $3 per patrol member. The additional ingredients must also be halal. They were then required to submit proposals for these dishes to ensure that they were feasible and completable within the time allocated, along with rationales supporting each dish.

During ATC, the trainees were given 2 hours and 20 minutes to follow the recipes they had come up with during Camp Preparation. They were allowed to set up as many fires as they needed, but all fires had to be started with the kindlings they picked beforehand only. This aimed to give the trainees an opportunity to cook outdoors with few and natural resources, and to test their fire-lighting skills. After they had finished cooking all their 4 dishes, every patrol had to send a few representatives to present their dishes to the judges with a short rationale of their dish. They would then have these dishes for their lunch.

Reflection from a Year 2:
During OC, we used the kindlings we picked to light a fire and sustain it on the fire altar we had built. My patrol decided to prepare the ingredients and start the fire first and complete cooked dishes such as chicken first. I think being organised is important during OC, as we had to prepare 4 dishes within the given time. I think something useful I had learnt was to allocate manpower properly when sustaining the fire and cooking. 2 people stayed at the fire altar to start and sustain the fire while others prepared ingredients and eventually rotated positions as sustaining the fire can be difficult at times, as well as to allow the Year 1s to learn and be familiar with the process to sustain the fire. I think OC was very enjoyable, and my patrol mates and I had a lot of fun preparing the dishes that we had planned out.

2.4 Obstacle Journey
After lunch, it was time for Obstacle Journey(OJ). This OJ aimed to provide a platform for the Year 2s to train and utilize their soft skills (eg. adaptability, leadership), to provide a platform for the Year 1s to train and improve their hard skills (eg. lash-tying), and to allow an opportunity for patrol bonding by facing adversities together.

Here is the overall storyline for OJ:
Although the war has ended, the world is still in a mess. Before trying to win the support of the citizens, you must first conduct a search-and-rescue operation to gather the prisoners-of-war from the enemy’s base. Despite the intel provided by the government, the base is far from empty and remaining enemy soldiers lie in wait for the search-and-rescue team to walk straight into their trap. They plan to use this team as leverage so as to be able to escape the consequences they would face for starting this deadly war.  Only by sticking together and using your skills and knowledge can you outsmart the enemy and avoid falling into their trap. Good luck, and may the best party win.

The trainees were given 15 minutes to mass change into their OJ kit and to retrieve their logistics. First, they had inspection to ensure that they had everything needed for OJ.  Afterwards, a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes were given for them to complete all 6 OJ stations. The trainees were also given a grid map for them to figure out the location of the stations, testing their orientation skills.
Grid map:

Station 1: Survival Skills 1
Part 1: Despite searching for hours on end, your team has still been unable to find the prisoners-of-war. Suddenly, one of your teammates seems to have found some clues which may possibly lead to them -- but it is written in some sort of old language, similar to hieroglyphics. Decode these clues, but do be wary, for the enemy team is well-known for setting up traps.
Part 2: Oh no, your team has walked straight into the enemy’s trap! Fortunately, they have left behind some hints as to where your survival pack may be. However, all your team has now is a bucket of dirty water, and one of the team member is at risk of severe dehydration, and with the enemy team being hot on your trail, you must be prepared to retaliate in the case of an attack. There is one more obstacle standing in your way -- every 3 minutes, someone has to come out to answer a question. Good luck, and you must come out alive, for the sake of the future of Motse.

Questions and answers
What do you do in the situation that there is no food?
If water is plentiful, drink more than you need.
- This will reduce your need for food, due to hunger
If water is scarce, avoid dehydration from the sun, wind through sweating.
List 2 basic rules when in need of food
  • Take stock of your food and water available and estimate the number of days when you
             are expected to be on your own. Ration
  • Do not nibble your food throughout the day.  Gather your edibles and prepare them to be
              eaten in one go.
  • When food is scarce, conserve energy. Do only what is necessary and keep yourself warm. (Shivering will use up calories)
  • Avoid starchy food if the water is scarce.
State two edible plants and one reason why for each
a) Tubers (found at end of root)
i. Often eaten raw (important, especially in overseas)
b) Roots/root stalks
i. Edible and starchy (thus filling)
c) Leaf stocks (fleshy stems attaching leaves to plants)
i. Easy to harvest and usually not bad tasting
d) Shoots
i. Generally moist and palatable
State one purpose of lighting a fire
Why light a fire:
a) Cook food
b) Produce heat
c) Scare away dangerous animals
d) Used to heat metals (to make tools and weapons, sharpen sticks, bake pots)
e) Purify water
f) Sterilize surgical instruments
g) Provide comfort and boost morale
h) Signal for help
Name one condition to start a fire
Always ensure that you have air, heat, and fuel
a) Ensure that adequate ventilation is available
i. To keep air and fuel continuously reacting
b) Always prepare the fuel in advance
c) The fireplace should be sheltered from high winds
d) Avoid the base of trees and stumps for a fireplace
e) The fireplace should not be covered of all leaves, twigs, moss and dry grass. Scrape
everything until you have a surface of the earth.
i. Form a circle of at least 2 meters across
ii. Keeps the fire from spreading uncontrollably when unattended to.

Suggested solution
Structure to retaliate enemy’s attack
Simple water filter

Trekking signs

Trekking sign
Arrow pointing up
3 arrows surrounding a circle
Arrow pointing towards the left at a circle
3 circles with 2 on the left and 1 on the right
Turn right
Arrow pointing left under a circle
Go back

Station 2: FA 1
To get to the enemy’s base, your search-and-rescue team will have to trek through mountains and rivers and walk through rocky roads and narrow paths.  Be careful and take good care of your team members and logistics as there are monkeys and unknown spirits in this mountain who love people. Good luck and be quick.

Part 1: While your team was trekking through a narrow path up the hill, someone had fallen off the narrow path and injured her head. When another member went to help her up, she slipped and fell on the wet moss, and injured her finger.

Part 2: In the distance, 2 huge brown bears are spotted charging towards your team.

Part 3: After the bears had left, one member was so scared that she began having breathing issues. However, she is unsure what she is suffering from, and it is up to your team to diagnose her and give her the proper treatment.

Part 4: The member who had previously injured her head is beginning to feel dizzy. What is your team going to do?

Part 5: Despite your efforts, she had fainted, but your team cannot afford to waste more time to wait for her to regain consciousness. Describe all the ways your team can carry her along for the rest of the journey.

Suggested Solution

Head injury
  • Bandaging around head should be nearer to the top of the head to give more support
  • There should be a bandage in front of one ear and another behind
  • Should give support and immobilize the injured part
Injured finger
  • Elevation sling
  • The knot should be tied at the tip of the triangle, positioned at the elbow and tucked in
  • The right side of bandage goes behind the casualty, left side goes around the arm
Bear attack
  • Lie down as flat and as swiftly as possible
  • Be kind and reaffirming, but firm when speaking to casualty
  • Lead casualty to a quiet place where she may be able to regain control of her breathing more easily and quickly if possible, or ask bystanders to leave
  • Help casualty regain control of her breathing by:
    • Breathing slowly, approximately 1 breath every 5 seconds
    • Breathing through pursed lips, similar to blowing out a candle
    • Cover the mouth and one nostril, and breathe only through the other nostril
    • Massage her hands and gradually get her to unclench them (if clenching fists)
  • Treat any possible cause of shock detectable
  • Lay casualty down on a blanket
  • Raise and support her legs
  • Loosen tight clothing at the neck, chest, and waist
  • Keep casualty warm by covering her body or legs with coats/blankets
  • Monitor and record vital signs
Transportation of casualties
  • Body support
    • Stand on side of the victim to provide support
  • Piggyback
  • Drag method
    • Pull the casualty by the underarms across the ground
    • Grab wrists for more secure transportation
  • Double-cradle carry
    • One first aider on each side lifting one leg while supporting the casualty’s back
  • Cross-handed seat carry
    • First aiders to hold onto each other’s wrists to form a seat
  • Fore-and-aft
    • One first aider to carry the body and another to carry the legs

Station 3: Pioneering
Hello! Welcome to Station 3. While escaping from the enemy’s base, the rescue team met another crisis! Apparently, there was a lava ground and the rescue team had to do something in order to get to the enemy’s base. Only one tripod can be built and note that the logistics would melt once it touches the hot lava. Also, there is a spy from the enemy’s base who would attempt to steal your logistics and in order to prevent the spy from doing so, please watch out! Good luck for this station and make sure no one falls into the lava ground!

Suggested Solution
Structure to get across lava ground
Station 4: FA 2
You are nearing the enemy base, and in order to infiltrate it, you need to disguise yourself as the enemy soldier to avoid detection. In order to obtain the enemy soldiers uniforms and disguise yourself, you have to build a gadget to trick the enemy soldiers into hanging their uniforms at for you to steal their uniforms easily. However, some of your patrol members have been injured as a result of the dangerous journey here, and there are also traps that the enemy soldiers have set up around the base to injure and then capture your patrol members. You have only 15 minutes before you will be discovered by patrolling enemy soldiers. Every 3 minutes, one patrol member has to step out to look out for enemy soldiers. Work fast to build your gadget and go undercover before you are discovered.

Injuries to be treated:
Time Given
During briefing
  • Fractured collarbone
  • Dislocated knee
  • Elevation Sling
  • The knot should be tied at the tip of the triangle, positioned at the elbow and tucked in
  • The right side of bandage goes behind casualty left side goes across the arm
  • Immobilize with padding, bandages, and slings. For firm support, bandage injured part to an unaffected part of the body.
3 min mark
  • Sprained ankle
  • The bandage should be tightest closest to the toes and get progressively looser from there
  • Allows for blood circulation
6 min mark
  • Broken Arm
  • Arm sling
  • The knot should be tied at the tip of the triangle, positioned at the elbow and tucked in
  • The right side of bandage goes between the arm and body, left goes over the arm
  • can be further immobilized with a broad bandage around the arms
9 min mark
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • The knot should be tied at the tip of the triangle, positioned at the elbow and tucked in
  • The right side of bandage goes behind casualty left side goes across the arm
  • can be further immobilized with the broad bandage around the arms
12 min mark
  • Head wound
  • bandaging around the head should be nearer to top of head to give more support

Questions to obtain the location of casualty:
How do you treat Hypothermia?
  • Remove wet clothing and replace with warm, dry garments
  • Casualty can be re-warmed by bathing if the casualty is young, fit and able to climb into the bath unaided. Water should be warm but not too hot
  • Put casualty in bed and ensure that she is well-covered. Give casualty warm foods and high-energy foods like chocolate to help re-warm her
  • Monitor and record vital signs regularly.
What are some symptoms of heat exhaustion?
  • Headache, dizziness, confusion
  • Loss of appetite, nausea
  • Sweating with pale, cold clammy skin
  • Cramps in the arms, legs or abdomen
  • Rapid, weakening pulse and breathing
How to treat Lacerations?
  • Wash the wound and clean away any dirt/foreign objects
  • Apply pressure to stop the bleeding
  • Apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent any infection
  • Cover the wound with gauze
  • Bandage around the gauze
Describe symptoms of an infected wound
  • Increasing pain and soreness at the site of the wound
  • Swelling, redness, and feeling of heat at the wound
  • Pus
  • Swelling and tenderness
How to treat shock?
  • Treat any possible causes of shock that you can detect (severe bleeding, serious burns, heavy loss of bodily fluids)
  • Lay the casualty down on a blanket to insulate her from the cold ground. Constantly reassure her
  • Raise and support her legs to improve the blood supply to vital organs. Take care if there is suspected fracture
  • Loosen tight clothing at the neck, chest, and waist to reduce constriction in these areas
  • Keep casualty warm by covering her body and legs with coats or blankets. Dial 999
  • Monitor and record vital signs (level of response, pulse, and breathing) If casualty loses consciousness, prepare to give rescue breaths and chest compressions

Suggested Solution
Gadget to hang clothes.
Station 5: Patrol Bonding
You have fallen into one of the enemy’s traps and you have to escape before they arrive. You only have 18 minutes to escape before they find you. You have to find the clues and complete the missions to obtain hints that will help you piece together your password to escape the room. After you have solved your first clue or completed your first mission, you will be given your first special mission. Another special mission will be given to you at the 12th minute. You can either choose to accept or reject or give up during the special missions, but remember every decision comes with a consequence. Your 18 minutes starts now, good luck!

What is more useful when it’s broken?
An egg
Mission: Charades. A trainee is to step forward and act out the words given by the station master. Station master and counsellors are to try to distract the trainees by making weird noises, etc. Trainees will be given 2 minutes to guess the word. Trainees will get the letters one letter per word guessed. (max two words and two letters)
Outdoor Cooking
Hemp rope
Many have heard me, but no one has seen me, and will not speak until I am spoken to. What am I?
An echo
I am full of holes but I can still hold water. What am I?
A sponge
What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

The first letter of the word
Special Mission #1:
Name all 6 patrols in order (original)
Bougainvillea, Ixora, Jasmine, Orchid, Sunflower and Morning Glory
The position of any two letters OR reveal four letters

*If trainees did not give up, they will be given two letters
Special Mission #2:
Telepathy Game. A trainee will come forward and get a sheet of paper with all the answers to the questions. The rest of the patrol will receive another sheet of paper with the questions provided. They will then leave the room and discuss which question they would like to ask and tell the station master. The station master then goes back into the room and asks the trainee what answer she chose. If the question and answer matched, the patrol will get their clues.
Question #1: Who is P4 Orchid’s patrol leader?
Answer #2: Shuyi
Question #2: How many months are there in a year?
Answer #2: 12
Question #3: What is the name of the flower that represents P1?
Answer #3: Bougainvillea
Question #4: Which is batch do the current year 3s belong to?
Answer #4: 50th batch
Question #5: What is this year’s ATC theme?
Answer #5: {inserts this year’s theme}
Question #6: What belongs to you, but people use it more often than you?
Answer #6: Your name

Station 6: Survival Skills 2
As night falls, your rescue team decided to camp in the nearby forest. However, your resources are getting low and you desperately need more to continue. With the limited amount of supply left, you have to try to survive the night and find aid for more resources to carry on. You have 8 minutes in total to prepare what you need for the night. Look around for clues and keep in mind the three essentials to survive - be sure to prioritize wisely. Every 3 minutes, 1 person is to come out to answer a question. Time is ticking, act quickly before it is too late.

Clues on Post-its
Clue for
What will be written on the post it
Signal fire
Your food supply is depleting rapidly and you would require more aid.
Before it is too late and night comes, you have to secure a place to protect yourselves against strong winds and imminent rain.
Filtering water using solar still
You’re thirsty and worn out, but you should not take the risk to drink contaminated. The sun is still shining, what should you be doing?

5 min mark
One trainee is not able to move from where she is standing
10 min mark
One trainee cannot use her right hand
15 min mark
PL is not able to speak
What is the importance of a shelter?
a) Protection from natural elements
b) Protection from wild animals
c) Personal privacy
How to select a suitable site for building a shelter? (Mention any 4 points)
a) Medium ground
b) Reasonably flat and free of rocks
c) Away from swampy areas
d) A thick cover of concealment
e) Close to food and water supply
f) Look for bees’ or hornets’ nest
g) Avoid setting up shelters below dead trees in the woods
h) Avoid solitary trees
Describe the sequence in which filter materials are placed in bamboo filter columns
(fill from bottom to top)
- Charcoal
- Fine sand
- Fine gravel
- Coarse sand
- Pebbles
Name 3 sources of water that are drinkable
From (any 3):
- Vines
- Bamboo
- Coconut
- Nipah plant
- Banana plant
- Dew/ rain
- Shrubs
Describe the edibility test, given an unidentified plant
a) Take a small portion of the plant, squeeze and rub it on the inner part of your upper arm. If nothing abnormal happens after 10 minutes (eg. irritation, burning sensation, swelling, numbness, rashes, redness etc), proceed with the next step.
b) Take a sawed portion and apply it to your lips. If nothing abnormal happens after 10 minutes, take a small portion and chew it, then spit it out.
c) If all is well after 10 minutes, take a spoonful of the same plant and swallow. If feeling normal after 8 hours, consume a handful of plant and wait another 8 hours more. The plant is safe to consume if no abnormal things have happened.
What is the difference between tinder and kindlings? Name two examples for each
Tinder: used as starting material for fire, any material that requires minimum heat to ignite
-          Examples: dried grasses, fine wood shavings, lallang, cotton fluff, fried fungi, insides of birds’ nest and termites’ nest material, casuarina leaves
Kindling: used once tinder starts burning
-          Examples: use small dry twigs first, then small dried sticks/ thick twigs

Suggested solution:

(in order of priority, can allocate manpower to multitask)
Signal fire
1. Light up 3 fires using 3 solid fuel stoves
2. Ensure kindlings are slightly wet so the fire is smoky
3. Arrange solid fuel stoves as follows:
1. Using groundsheet and green spars the patrol already has, build a shelter using the staircase railing, as follow:
(Set up a makeshift solar still using materials provided - show the concept)
1. Place clean cup cup in the center of a short pail of “dirty water”
2. Stretch cling wrap over the opening of the pail
3. Place rocks at the center of cling wrap, directly above cup so that an indentation is formed, and water can be collected in the cup

Reflection from a Year 1:
It was our first time having OJ and we did not know what to expect. I felt stressful especially because it was during ATC. However, during OJ, it did not seemed as bad as it seemed to be from my perspective. The station masters were also very patient with us. I have learnt the importance of understanding our trekking signs and OJhas indeed helped me revise my survival skills and first-aid. I also learnt the importance of needing to 照顾好东西和别人 through the OJ stations. I felt that it also allowed us to revise our lashes as the last time we practised our lashes was before our EOYs. Furthermore, I have also learnt that it is crucial for us to read and know our Guides notes well.

Reflection from a Year 2:
During OJ, we had to quickly mass change into the OJ kit and bring our logistics such as 配备 and 木 with us. We tried to keep patrol morale high as this would allow us to be more motivated when attempting tasks at the stations. I think being well prepared for OJ is very important as we were required to remember trekking signs and first aid skills from the guides notes. We had split the notes into parts that each person would have to remember well. As the Y2s had attended a first aid course before the camp, we were more familiar with it, which helped us with a few of the stations. Having the right logistics is also crucial during OJ as we needed different logistics from the 配备 to complete the stations, for example building a signal fire. I think my patrol communicated our ideas to each other well, and tried our best despite sometimes facing difficulties such as 过时, and I am proud that we were able to complete OJ as a patrol during ATC.

2.5 Campfire
When night fell, it was finally time for the long-awaited campfire to commence! Unfortunately, due to the rain, we had to hold the campfire indoors, with a faux fire. After the Guides and Guiders took their seats, the song leaders were introduced and they started off with “Campfire’s Burning”. Afterwards, they sung a few more songs, handed the stage over to 2 patrols to perform, then repeating the process. Each patrol would perform a skit, along with a song or dance, related to the theme of ‘Empowerment’. After every patrol had finished their performance and the campfire drew to a close, one of the Young Adults(YAs) helping out at ATC, Maisy, was invited to share this year’s campfire yarn.

Reflection from a Year 1:
I felt that Campfire was actually the best part of ATC. It was fun and interesting to watch other patrols perform their skit and to sing Guides songs as a 团. However, I felt very proud of my patrol as there were fewer people performing the skit when there should originally be six. However, due to the fact that some of our patrol members fell out, we had to make use of our manpower and improvise. Even though we were not the best, I was proud of our patrol, especially our Y2s, who have helped us throughout ATC. Furthermore, I also thought that the cheer combined with Buddha claps was interesting as it taught us stuff such as not to put our Guides uniform on the floor and not to 过时.From not only the Campfire, but also throughout the whole camp, I learnt that we should always be there for each other as a 团, and help each other out when facing challenges.

Reflection from a Year 2:
Due to unforeseen weather circumstances on the second night, the ATC campfire was held in the Olave Hall. Although the campfire was held indoors, I felt that that contributed to a more intense atmosphere and vibe due to being in an enclosed space. I really enjoyed the performances from the different patrols and everyone had put in a lot of effort despite having many other things on their minds. As everyone sang, danced and laughed, I could feel the bonds strengthening between us. When our YA Maisy gave her campfire yarn, she mentioned the sisterhood within all of the Guides. This made me remember how all my friends and batchmates had always stood by me during tough times and I realised that we had truly grown together as a family and as a sisterhood.

3.0 Day 3
It was the last day of camp! First, the trainees had Morning Evacuation, before proceeding with Strike Camp.

3.1 Strike Camp
For Strike Camp, the trainees had to 拆掉 the structures and bring the logistics over to Olave Hall, where there would be an inspection.

3.2 Inspection
For this inspection, the trainees had to lay out their patrol logistics, which included all of the gadget poles and 木 they used, along with the other logistics they had brought along. This was to ensure that they did not leave anything behind in Camp Christine after ATC.

Reflection from a Year 1:
In-camp Inspection was very stressful and scary for me. Inspection is something tiring to me as I have to 照顾好东西, 照顾好人 and layout my items quickly. When we pack our logistics we also have to be really fast and it is a problem for me too as I need to take very long to fit my logistics into the bag or box. The fact that it is ATC's last day inspection makes me even more stressed as I keep thinking that it is important for me to perform well. Seeing how others are always very efficient, I feel an urge to do better. Also, since the personal logistics inspection was early in the morning and I have just woke up, I was quite confused and couldn't do it well. I also found out that a bag of my logistics got lost and it made me quite frustrated at how I lose my logistics so easily. Without that bag of logistics, I also couldn't layout my logistics properly and it was quite a mess for me and everyone else too. For patrol logistics, I mainly just 照顾好东西 and 照顾好人. To me, patrol logistics inspection wasn't that hectic as the other patrols 对 to our patrol and we could layout any way we liked. However, it was still quite badly done as we kind of 慢慢来 and didn't do things efficiently. We also had forfeits for not being able to 照顾好人 and 照顾好东西 properly, as well as allowing our flagpole to 动地. I think there is still a lot of room for improvement for us, especially Year 1s and I would try my best to do better next time.

Reflection from a Year 2:
We had in-camp inspection on the third day and in my opinion, I felt that we could have a greater sense of urgency and worked much faster. During inspection, we 过时 many times and always ask for time extension after time is up. As Guides, we should understand that time is precious and that being too slow could have negative impact as it would lead to other activites being removed or shortened. In addition, we should have 照顾好东西和人 better as they are our responsibilities. We cannot have camp without our logistics and as a patrol, we are like a family during ATC, hence we should look out for each other. Personally, I felt that I had under performed during this inspection as I was unsure what to do amidst the time constraints and confusions and I hope in the next inspection, I would learn to work more efficiently, learn to step up more, be more confident in my abilities and give clearer instructions to my juniors.

3.3 Mystery Games
After inspection, Mystery Games then commenced. As its name suggests, Mystery Games was kept a “mystery” to all the trainees and counsellors and was planned by the Young Adult Leaders (YALs). This is what happened.

Reflection from a Year 1:
This year, for the Y1 mystery games, our batch were firstly split into 2 separate groups and we were given 1 minute for both groups to analyse and remember the structures. We were then separated to 2 different buildings and were given 15 minutes to create our 2 different structures. I felt confident that we could complete the structure. As I was standing at the front, and had took a pretty good look at the structure, me and some others helped guide our fellow batchmates with the building of the structure. The two of our groups worked closely together though we were at different buildings and shared our logistics together. There was definitely a great sense of teamwork between both groups. We did make a mistake while we were building it and immediately undid and redid the structure again. We continued cheering and did not give up. Unfortunately, our group ran out of time and we rushed to the other group and asked them if they needed a time extension, which they did, so together, we did the forfeit to get a 5 min time extension. To our dismay, we were still unable to complete the structures with 2 diagonal lashes left. Though it was incomplete, but we managed to tie really tight lashes and was definitely proud of the teamwork and perseverance both our teams portrayed. I definitely had fun with the mystery games and I did learn a lot. I learnt lots of leadership skills and that teamwork and communication is key. Having determination and a positive mindset is extremely important too.

Reflection from a Year 2:
For the Year 2s, we were supposed to draw out an activity that our juniors could do, then carry out the activity ourselves. In the end, we decided to tie a tripod using spars within a certain time limit, and we place a limit on the amount of people allowed to tie the tripod as well. Some of the people who was tying the tripod were also given limits, such as only being allowed to use one hand. Meanwhile, the others had to do PT. After 2 minutes, we would swap the people tying the tripod with those doing PT. After we completed the exercise, we were asked to write a reflection about it. This activity allowed us to grow as seniors and leaders, and also gave us a taste about how leadership would be like when we took over tuan roles. This activity made us realize that, being a senior did not only mean looking out for our juniors’ wellbeing. Being a senior also meant that we were responsible for nurturing our juniors and making sure that they reached their fullest potential. In order to do that, we had to make sure that the activities we planned benefited them and would help to improve what they were weak in.

Reflection from a Year 3:
For Mystery Games, we were split into 4 groups. Each group had to build a structure, which they would be informed of via a post-it, with the logistics provided. However, while 3 groups would all build the same structure, one group, the ‘spy’, would be the exception, building a different structure. The goal was to complete the structure, but also figure out which group was the odd one out. This was made more difficult by the fact that we were all building next to each other and could see what the other groups were doing, so the ‘spy’ could see that what they were building was different and adapt, hiding the fact that they got the different structure. When a group thinks that they have found the ‘spy’, they can try to confirm it with the YA, but if they got it wrong they had to run around the building and remove a few lashes from their structure. It was an enjoyable experience to be able to build a structure together with my batchmates, like we did before, and it also served as a reminder that even though we are the 领导层, we should still maintain our skills. It also helped us to learn to be more preceptive of our surroundings, as we had to find out who the ‘spy’ was whilst completing oure own structure. Moreover, we had to constantly cheer and 报时, which kept our morale high and allowed us keep track of the time left. I’m glad that we got to do this activity, as not only was it fun, we also did it as a batch, which is not a chance we get often after we became the 领导层.

3.4 Ending
After Mystery Games were over, we proceeded to have lunch. Afterwards, we watched a photo montage prepared by a few counsellors, followed by a prize presentation. Congratulations to all the patrols!

1st place - P5 Inferno
2nd place - P3 Emersyn
3rd place - P4 Ignite

After which, we loaded the logistics onto the lorry and bid Camp Christine goodbye, before returning back to school. Upon arrival, we unloaded the logistics and returned them to 团部 and backstore. Lastly, it was time for break camp.

These 3 days and 2 nights may have been tiring, but we hope that all the trainees have grown and learnt something new in the process. For the Year 1s, we hope that you have had the opportunity to practise your hard skills and we hope that you will apply what you have learnt in ATC to future 集合s. As for the Year 2s, we hope that ATC had provided a platform for you to work on your leadership skills and be more prepared for PLTC. This has been a fruitful journey for us Year 3s too, and we have learnt many new things from this fulfilling ATC as well. Take care!

Published by:
Yu Ning
50th Batch Secretary