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19 July 2011

That week, it was our first 集合 ever since the passing down last month. All of us were looking forward to it and as well as the reaction of the juniors. Below are two posts that the Year 2s have written.

From patrol 3:
For this Friday’s jihe, we had patrol corner first. The year 3s timed our square lashes. Our lashes were not very tight and we had to retie until it was up to standard. The year 3s also revised the lashes with the year 1s as they were rather unsure. Then, the year 3s taught us the new way of tying diagonal lash, and we practised many times until we were confident of tying it quickly.

After that, we put our skills to the test with the creative gadgets. The year 2s rotated between PL and PS and we had to lead the rest to build the gadget. I felt that we could have improved in terms of speed. Also, we could have cheered more throughout the activity. We were not able to complete in time, so our structure was very unsteady and was not very nice looking. Then, we had our debrief where the year 3s pointed out our mistakes for us to learn from. Through this activity, we learnt how to lead the rest of the patrol and made sure that everyone was doing something.

Then, we had PT. Our patrol had PT with P6, so my patrol year 2s took turns to be PL and PS. Our first station was at the Year 1 year2 Block 3rd floor, where we had caterpillar walk. It was very fun as we had to do caterpillar walk and snatch P6’s papers which were attached to their shoulders, while protecting our own ones. Our second station was at the third floor Year 3 and 4 block lift landing. There, we had to crabwalk. Year ones crabwalk one section of the corridor and year twos crabwalk two corridors, then run back and to hold girl’s style pumping position. Then, we had to play catching. First, P3 was the catcher, and we had to crabwalk to catch P6. After they were caught, they had to do boy’s style pumping position while we stayed in crabwalk position. Then we switched over. After that, we went to our third station outside LT 3 and 4. There we had musical chairs, where we sang Guide songs and ran around the chairs. When the seniors told us to stop, we had to hold twinkle position behind a chair for 45 seconds then continue. After that, we had to hold twinkles position against the wall. After that, we went to the second storey above the general science labs where we did leg raise and passed a ball around. Then was the final station at Block F fourth floor where we did wheelbarrow and tried to find slips of paper. Overall, PT was tiring as it has been a while since we had PT, and some of the activities were new. But it was very fun and we liked it.

From patrol 4:
For this week’s集合, we started off having patrol corner. During patrol corner, we were timed and had to tie lashes: square lash, diagonal lash and tripod lash. We revised our lashes and the seniors corrected our mistakes and we retied until we were very sure of our lashes. Through patrol corner, we learnt to tie standard and tight lashes quickly and this is very important.

Next was creative gadget. The year 2s were given the roles PL and PS and given the chance to lead and give instructions to the rest of the patrol. At first, my patrol was very unsure of what to do and we spent quite long thinking of what gadget to build. We were also rather slow in our actions and there were times when some of us had nothing to do. However, we improved a little later and were able to finish tying the gadget in the amount of time given. After that, we had debrief for our gadget. For my patrol, our gadget was rather shaky and the gadget poles could be easily turned. Also, some of the lashes we tied were wrong. Through this creative gadgets session, we year 2s had a better idea of how to lead a patrol and that as PL, we have to give loud and clear instructions so that everyone would know what to do and not feel lost. We also learnt that all the lashes we tied have to be very tight, or else the entire structure may just collapse. Besides, if you have nothing to do, you can just cheer to boost the patrol spirit, take care of the logistics or help to tuck in the ends of the cotton twine to make the lashes look neater. If everyone in the patrol helps and cooperates with one another, everything can be done faster and better.

Lastly, it was PT. I felt that the PT was very interesting since the seniors incorporated games into it, hence making it seem less tough for us. We moved around with two patrols at one station at a time. For my patrol, the first station was doing crabwalk. We were given 6 minutes to crabwalk along the corridor and then, we had a game where 2 patrols competed against one another and tried to catch one another while doing crabwalk. We were not very fast in our actions and all of us in my patrol got caught by the other patrol in the end. The second station was "musical chairs". We had to sing guides songs while running around the chairs and we had to get into twinkles position when we heard “Stop!” We were very slow in starting a song and the volume kept getting softer. That station ended with 2 minutes of twinkles. Third station was leg raise. We had to do leg raise for 6 minutes in a circle while passing a ball around with our legs. We dropped the ball a few times and had to do forfeit then. Fourth station was doing wheelbarrow. We had to go around the corridors in wheelbarrow position to look for 11 pieces of paper. Our actions were rather slow and quite a few people fell out. In the end, we managed to find 10 but failed to decipher the Guide code. Out last station was caterpillar walk. We had to move around the empty space doing caterpillar walk and when we met the other patrol we had to start snatching one another’s paper which was pasted on our shirts before we started.

I felt that this集合was very meaningful and interesting and although we made quite a number of mistakes, we can learn from them and do better in the following集合s!

some photos!

P2! :D
P4! :)

P6! :D

Patrol 8! :)
P9! :)
Patrol 10! :)

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