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8 September 2010

sept hike10

Dear guides, here's a blogpost by a year 1 on our annual hike!

It’s Saturday, 4 September! Excited and geared up, we went to school on a happy note. All the year1s were really excited about the hike despite the uncertainty as this is our first hike.

For rural hike along the southern ridges, we had to grin broadly for one minute, I thought we looked kind of foolish as a patrol grinning so widely together, but it was fun as I felt the patrol togetherness through this activityJ

Then, we had to compete with another patrol for dog and bone. We were supposed to answer different questions, and the first person from each patrol who managed to finish 10 jumping jacks would be able to grab attractive prizes. It was a joy to see everybody trying their best to complete the jumping jacks as soon as possible to get prizes for the patrol!

Then, it was time for patrol scrapbook!

We then quickly kept everything and moved on to the next station when time was up. As it was quite a long distance, we completed different mobile tasks on our way to the next station. We were exposed to Nature too- we even spotted a hummingbird!

On our way there, there were times where we got lost and forgot how to head to the next station. We gathered together as a patrol and tried to find out what was the correct route to the next station. WE cheered along the way and kept our patrol spirit high.

Finally, we figured our way to the 2nd station! It was the maze and we have to solve it. After we solved it, we had to climb up using the way that we drew on the paper while the rest of the patrol mates had to remain downstairs to answer different questions. I was the one that was “kidnapped” with my year two senior and so we ran up and remained in girl style pumping position. Even though there were only two of us, we continued to cheer. Cheers do boost our spirit, we pushed ourselves all the way till our patrol mates “came to our rescue”

We headed off to the 3rd station, not forgetting to complete our mobile tasks along the way!

The 3rd station was something like putting balls of crushed papers in between your shoulders and moved forward and backward together as a patrol to prevent the papers balls from dropping. We had to answer questions regarding waters correctly to take a step front. It was a test about our unity as a patrol and also our common knowledge. We successfully completed the task! It was indeed an achievement because there were difficulties but we overcame them as a patrol.

The 4th station was to squeeze together and stand on a piece of newspapers and answer questions about lands. It was quite fun, to squeeze with your patrol and answer questions. Some of the questions were really foreign to me. I guessed there is a need for me to brush up my knowledge of Singapore!

The last station was to sing a song loudly to grab the attention of a station master. We had to answer questions about photography while the rest of patrol mates had to find plastic bags and take a picture of 10 different things. In the meantime, we collected some objects from nature that can be used for our scrapbook, for example, fallen flowers.

Finally, we headed off to Vivocity! We had our lunch and worked on the scrapbook. It turned out to be really pretty! After that, it was urban hike. We had to play taboo in our first station. I found some difficulty trying to disseminate information to my patrol members because there were some things that I could not say. This is a good way to train your communication skills

Next station is about architecture. We had to go around to take photos of different types of buildings. As vivocity is known to have unique structures around the mall, it was definitely an eye opener. Through this activity, I learnt to appreciate beautiful architecture. They are all around us, just that I did not pay much attention to them. We had to devise a proposal that is similar one of the building that we took picture of. I thought that we managed to think of different things that were very cool and unique, yet useful at the same time. Some could even be implemented in our Guides’ gadgets! Overall, I thought that that was a very wonderful experience.

We then completed our urban mobile tasks and it was time for Company Games!

Everybody was excited about going into water. We splashed water at each other and laughed. We attracted much attention, especially visitors, and most of them took photos of us having fun. I thought that we left an impression on the visitors that we, indeed, knew how to have times at sometimes and were not as restricted as we seemed. Overall, I thought that the Company Games were a very good chance for us to bond as a company, to get to know each other well through fun experiences. I believed this is a good experience that I would ever have.

With this, we ended our hike. Although some patrols did not emerge in the top 3 patrols, we definitely think that the most important thing was the lessons learnt from the hike. We bonded, overcame difficulties together and became closer as a patrol. Even though it was an inter patrol competition, we never failed to help one another when they needed help. We appreciated nature and arts that were around us. Lastly, we persevered through the hike, not only as a patrol, but as one company, because we were all in this together.

This hike is definitely a fruitful experience for each and every one!

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