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3 April 2011

Hey guides! here's a blog post regarding heritage trail :)

On Saturday, we had a heritage trail and visited the Peranakan museum, Katong Park, Singapore River, Arab Street and fort canning park. We had to complete tasks stated on the booklet. At various locations, we rushed to complete the tasks as limited time were given and we had to allocate our time effectively in order to be able to visit all 5 places. On top of compulsory tasks, there were bonus tasks available for us to gain more points to attain the “Smartest Patrol Award”. Another award is the “Fastest Patrol Award”.
Not only did we learn more about Singapore’s culture and history through this trail, going out of the school for this trail allowed us to be more conscious of the image we are portraying to the public. For example, when asking for a favour, we should be polite and cautious of our words. This trail also proved to us the importance of navigational skills, as we had to navigate by ourselves from place to place. We should always take note of where we are going and make sure it is the right track. Another practical navigational skill is to take the train when in doubt.
Patrol members encouraged one another consistently thorughout the trail and we got to see a different side of our patrol mates. Through this interaction, our patrol grew closer through and we are thankful for this opportunity to learn☺

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