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29 September 2011

East Division Day

Hi Guides!

Last Saturday was East Division Day and we all went to Bedok South Secondary School to celebrate with the rest of the east division! Though we have busy schedules, but we still committed our best efforts in all the competitions and there were wonderful results! We clinched 1st and 2nd in the patchwork competition, 1st and 2nd in the gadgets competition, 1st in fashion show competition and 2nd in the cheer-leading competition. In addition, we also participated in the shoe design competition, the healthy snack making competition and the recycled craft competition too! Also, there was a funfair, and we took part and set up our own booth.

The theme of this year's EDD is "Green with Pride", where we strife to live life to the fullest and be environmentally friendly. The individual competitions have their own sub themes too. A picture speaks a thousand words, so below are some of the images captured on this day!

Gadgets Competition: "Garden Makeover"

Fashion Show Competition

Cheerleading Competition: "Cheer for Life"

Healthy Snack Making Competition: "Garden Party"

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