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25 January 2014

Leadership Training by the YAs, 24th Jan

Hi Guides!

Yesterday, the Young Adult (YA) branch - Guides in the Senior High section - conducted a leadership training for us. At 1430, we 集合-ed at the GSL area. After marking attendance and attire check, we had Patrol Corner to set ground rules and patrol goals for the year ahead. Around 1500, the YAs arrived.

We were then given 15 minutes to mass change into our OJ kit, pack our 配背 and lay out our logistics on the road outside the GSL area. Afterwards, we had 10 minutes to go up to the 6th floor of Block F (the block we were in) and come back down while running one round on each storey as we went up. Afterwards, we were briefed on the stations we were supposed to go to and with which patrol(s) before setting out.

The first station was directly outside the GSL area. In this station, each patrol had to build 3 bashas and 1 shoerack in 15 minutes. However, everyone except the PL was to be blindfolded. This was to test the PL's communication and manpower allocation skills.

Station 2 was on the second storey of Block F. Each patrol was given 14 minutes to tie 2 tripods. At any given point in time, only 3 patrol members could come up, and they could only stay there for a certain amount of time before they had to return to their patrol. For people tying a tripod lash, they had 3 minutes, while people tying square lashes only had 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Meanwhile, the rest of the patrol had to 顶 in boy's style pumping position. After a quick debrief, the YAs would give each patrol the respective forfeits they had to do, such as wheelbarrow, crabwalk, star jumps and planking.

In Station 3, which was at the PLTC'09 campsite, each patrol was given 15 minutes to build a structure that would get a netball up onto the second storey. No one was allowed to go up to the second storey. We exercised our creativity and tried to get the ball up, though only a few patrols managed to complete the task. The suggested answer was to tie a pulley knot on a black spar and tie the ball to the other end of the 麻绳. This method would only take less than 5 minutes to accomplish the task, and it is relatively easy as well:O

The last station was at the 6th floor of Block G. Unlike in the other stations where everyone in the patrol worked together, the Year 4s were separated from the Year 2s and 3s in this station. At the Year 2s and 3s' side, they were supposed to build a Roman Chariot within 5 minutes. As there was insufficient spars, they had to learn how to adapt to the changing surroundings and find the hidden spars to build their structure. In addition, there was also a First Aid component, where they had to treat a sprained wrist. Meanwhile, at the Year 4s were given a proposal of a drawbridge which they had to replicate using gadget poles. After 3 minutes of discussion, they were then given 15 minutes to build their structure. Halfway, the YAs gave us another task: separate 3 different types of beans by colour in 2 minutes. This side task was meant as a distraction from our main task, which tested our leadership skills.

When all of us 集合-ed back at the GSL area, the Station Masters debriefed us again before we were dismissed. Here are some reflections:
A Year 4 - This 集合 was different in the sense that we were doing the activity with our juniors instead of planning them. It was great to be able to be able to join my patrol for such activities again, and from this I was able to find out if my skills have improved or simply stagnated. While my hard skills remain up to standard, I still cannot communicate effectively, and this can be a very costly mistake as I would have to waste time explaining myself to others, reducing the amount of time we have to complete the task. Through this OJ, I realised that there are still some basic mistakes that I tend to make, thus I have to pay more attention to them in future to avoid making them again so that I can set a good example for my juniors and maintain the high standard that our Company upholds. 

A Year 3 - It was a fun experience which trained our leadership skills and physical fitness. Although the Year 4s led the patrol all the way through, there was a station where the Year 3s had to lead the Year 2s. This OJ also reminded us to be prepared and to be familiar with the Guides notes. Throughout OJ, the morale was kept high which is really good. Overall, this OJ was really fun and a good reintroduction into having Guides every Friday.

A Year 2 - I personally feel that my performance was not good enough as I should have been more prepared. However, I am quite satisfied that I persevered throughout the various stations without falling out, which is a great achievement to me. It was definitely heart-warming to see patrol mates cheering together during PT which was probably what gave me the strength to continue. I also think that I would have done much better if I had taken more initiative in helping my patrol mates and lead cheers constantly, which is always something that slips off my mind. Physical stamina is also a thing that I should work on as through this 集合, it is evident that my physical stamina is still lacking. On a whole, I suppose that I should work harder as there is lots of room for improvement.

Rest well Guides, and enjoy your weekend!:)

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