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16 March 2015

Patrol Activity, 9th March

Hi Guides! 

On Monday, we had Patrol Activity! The different patrols split off to carry out various activities. Prior to this, the Year 3s were told to 集合, sine they would be carrying out an activity as a batch.

Year 3s
Thoughts from a Year 3...
PA was special as the year threes did not do patrol activity with the rest of the patrol but did something different. Jodie, Carmen and Jacqueline test our different lashes and trained us which was overall I think good session to better improve. As a batch we went to take 10 红木, 10 黄木 and 10 青木. We then split among the patrols and were first tasked to tie a square lash within 3 mins. The seniors then went round inspecting our lashes and telling us our areas of improvement which we gained much from. We then tied diagonal lash and tripod lash with respective standard timings. we clarified our doubts with the seniors and tjey demonstrated the other lashes example rafting, butterfly lash, etc. I think this PA has helped us learn more of our mistakes and better improve the next time, to better prepare for PLTC as well! :) I think it has been good to work as a batch as well.

Thoughts from a Year 3...
This 集合 was kind of special since we 集合-ed separately from the rest of the 团.The 中三s were told to assemble at the MRL to revise the lashes and knots while the rest of the patrols carried on with their respective PAs. We started off by practicing square lash,diagonal lash and tripod lash. After which they would give us comments on how to improve the quality of our lashes. This 集合 was a recap for me which is probably what I need at this point when I have lost touch with some lashes. After all the lash tying, the 中四s got us to reflect on our 3 years guiding journey. It was really a moment for me to relive my memories which started the day I stepped into guides CCA orientation as a 中一. It's pretty clear that 47th届 is going to be the leading batch soon and we have yet to wake up and give our best for the 团.

Thoughts from a Year 3...
This week's PA was very useful and enriching as I learned new lashes such as the sheer lash, the butterfly lash and the pulley knot. I also got to clarify for lashes I was unsure of such as the Scout's rafting. We also got a chance to revise some of our lashes such as our square lash, diagonal lash, tripod lash and Guides rafting to check for any tiny mistakes we may have been making unknowingly. I think that many of us have learnt how to 抽 better while tying our lashes, and also how to tie a lash without going against the clove hitch, thus loosening it and inadvertently the whole lash as well. Overall, it was very useful and I think I learned a lot from this PA.

Here are some of the activities carried out by the different patrols!

"For this PA, we had to build emergency shelters, a flagpole and a shoe rack. Initially, we weren't very sure of how to build an emergency shelter. The Year 4s taught us the proper way to build an emergency shelter, and afterwards, we tried to build it on our own. In the end, our emergency shelters were not very taut, which can be improved on in the future. For the flagpole, we were generally clear of the steps and did quite well because the guylines were taut. We were also taught how to 绕 the flag around the flagpole. For the shoe rack, we were also clear of the steps and completed it quite fast! Since we had some time left, we played some games. :) Overall, PA was fruitful and fun!"

For this PA, the Year 3s worked on a separate activity and did not join us.
First, we started off with teaching the juniors how to tie a square lash, diagonal lash, A架 lash, tripod lash, 活结 as well as netting. During this timing, we allowed the y2s to practice any lashes own time our target.
After which, we played a round a catching at the long stretch of road near PLTC'09 Campsite. The game ended real quickly at half time where many were forced to a corner of the boundary and deemed as caught.
Proceeding catching was our lash challenge. Different levels were tasked to tie different structure each within 16 minutes.
Y1s - A架 with 定脚s
Y2s - Tripod with 定脚s
Y4s - Tripod with 定脚s and netting
Before tying every lash, we had to run a round.
It was actually a managable time limit with some buffer, however, none of us was able to complete it (though we all were quite close to complete it). Nonetheless, it was really exciting and heartening to see every member pushing themselves to run the rounds and tie the lash. I greatly enjoyed myself and hope the Year 1s and Year 2s did too! After that, it was 解散.

"On that particular patrol activity, my patrol did outdoor cooking. We were assigned to pick kindlings beforehand, however, we did not manage to finish picking everything and thus came back somewhat empty handed during PA. All of us felt pretty scared when we went for PA that day. Firstly, my patrol leader let us practice our lashes. The Y3s were gone so the rest of us were scrambling to take all the correct mu. We had to re-take the mu a few times and had to go back to tuanbu, but in the end, we still managed to bring all the mu down. Afterwards, after practicing my lashes, I realised that they were actually very loose. However, I have learnt from this that I should practice lashing more in my free time in order to buck up on my lashes and also teach the Y1s. Next, we had outdoor cooking. We spent 30min trying to light the fire, but it was still unsuccessful. Feeling a bit demoralized, I went to take the yuan zi lu and yuan zi la to light the fire. Luckily, we were able to start the fire this time. We cooked milo, and roasted marshmallows and chocolates in an ice cream cone :) It served its job well as eye candy :p Overall, this PA was a different experience what with stepping up with the absence of the Y3s and also getting to taste a new kind of “ice cream”."

The Year 3s had a separate activity, so we had this chance to practise our lashes! We practised square lash, tripod lash, quadpod lash, diagonal lash, and the Year 1s were taught how to construct a tripod. It was an enriching PA! :)

On Monday, the Year 4s made the Year 2s practise square lash, diagonal lash, A- 架 lash, tripod lash and quadpod lash within standard timings. Meanwhile, the Year 1s learnt the tripod lash. The was a good opportunity for the Year 2s to improve on their lashes! 
Then the Year 4s showed the juniors firelighting with kindling and with solid fuel and let them practise. Overall, the Year 1s learnt quite a lot from this PA and the it was a good revision for the Year 2s.

"On Monday, we had patrol activity with the Year 4s and the Year 1s while the Year 3s had their own activity. We taught the Year 1s lashes like square lash and diagonal lash. We also practice our lashes and time ourselves to challenge ourselves to tie a standard lash as far below the standard timing as possible. I realized that teaching the lashes were not as easy as I expected as it was not easy to describe the steps clearly to the Year 1s. However, it was still enriching as I get to touch up on my lashing."

"For this PA, we did a couple of things. Firstly, we built a fireman's ladder. Since our lashes were slightly loose, we had to 重抽 a few times. Afterwards, when the fireman's ladder was stable enough, we had to change into our slacks to try it out. It was quite scary but also fun at the same time! :) Thereafter, we did some First Aid, which was new to the Year 1s. Lastly, we proceeded to do Outdoor Cooking! It was really fun and interesting!"

"For Monday’s Patrol Activity, as the Year 3s 集合-ed as a batch separated, we Year 2s were expected to guide and lead our fellow Year 1s. We were firstly tasked to bring down 2 长木s, 6 中长木s, 6 中木s, 2 中短木s, 白绳 and all the logistic required for outdoor cooking, in the time limit of 5 minutes. As it was the first time taking logistics from the 团部without the help of the Year 3s, I felt quite nervous at first. We brought down the logistics, however we 过时-ed by 2 minutes. We spent the next 10 minutes practicing our square and diagonal lashes under time limits set by the Year 4s. Our lashes were then reviewed by our Year 4s. The comments given by the Year 4s allowed me to identify how my lashes were lacking and what I could do to improve on them. 

Following that, we were tasked to build a fire alter in 20 minutes. We quickly began tying two tripods lashes, however as the 中长木s were too short, our tripods were very short and low. We tasked a Year 1 to measure the length of the sides of the equilateral triangle; however they kept moving thus making the equilateral triangle less-proportionate. At around 15 minutes, we were still tying the 顶脚s and so we asked for time extension. However, it was not granted and we were told to finish up what we could finish in the remaining time. In the end, we were unable to finish the fire alter, and that made me very disappointed. The comments we received from the Year 4s were that we could give clearer instructions to the Year 1s, and also that our 顶脚s for the tripods could be tied lower, to ensure better stability. 

Next, we boiled water using the 原子炉s and the 原子蜡s to make milo. This was to expose the Year 1s to fire-making. After many tries, we finally light up the fire and were able to boil the water. We then poured the milo powder and waited for it to cool down slightly before we drank them. 

Our last activity was a game named ‘Married Couple’. It is to foster better bonds within the patrol so as to make it less awkward for the Year 1s to interact us as well as the seniors. Following that, we were then dismissed."

"For the first part of PA we practiced lashes with the Year 1s to allow them to familiarize with the different lashes and also to prepare them for the next activity which was building of a baggage rack. As there were no Year 3s there and no PL was assigned, Year 2s had to take charge and lead the patrol. This was to see who had more initiative and could step up and direct the patrol as to what they are suppose to do. Thereafter we taught the Year 1s the different PTs we do in guides such as burpees, lunges and caterpillar crawl. We ended PA on a happy note while having patrol corner :)"

"During this PA, we revised our lashes, because the Year 1s were still relatively unfamiliar with the lashes and it was a good opportunity for us (the Year 2s) to improve on our skills. We also did creative gadgeting in accordance with the theme of carnival/ theme park. In the end, we decided to build a catapult! Afterwards, before PA ended, the Year 4s gave us feedback on how to improve."

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