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28 January 2016

Patrol Activity 25 January 2016

Hello Guides! (:

This is the first Patrol Activity (PA) of the year! Here are the accounts from the respective Year 3s from the different patrols!

P1 Bougainvillea:
On Monday, our PA activity was very unexpected as no one knew that it would be tough. We
集合-ed for a combined patrol activity with P5, and was a little short on manpower as many people did not come. We were given a time limit of around 2 minutes to discuss about our Creative gadget, that had to hold the properties of a shoe rack, a clothes line, a dish rack, and a baggage rack. We wasted a lot of time trying to think of a feasible structure but after much contemplation, we decided on two tripods connected together by 2 长木,and 2 顶角s made more stable with 2 diagonal lashes. We had to do PT circuits while each member took turns to run up to 团部 and retrieve 1 logistic each (required for the structure). At the point, we were all very exhausted as we had ran up many times and almost had no energy to start our building. However, through the patrol cheers and high morale maintained, we managed to pia through the PT. We were given a time limit of around 25 minutes to build our gadget, and although it was not very stable, we were still proud that we managed to complete our task within the given time. Finally, our last activity was to take one 青木 each from backstore and run while carrying it for one round around the track. We had to finish running in 2 minutes, but  under that immense pressure and exhaustion from the previous activities, some of us 过时-ed but the PL asked for a time extension in advance. Overall, it was one of the most physically and mentally tiring PAs, and I learnt how to have a better sense of urgency and how to put in my best for every guides activity I attend

P2 Ixora:

This 集合 we had combined mini OJ with P3 and P6. This OJ had three stations. Our first station, we had to build a Roman chariot. As it had been a long time since any of us had to build Roman chariot, we forgot what the structure looked like. At first we made the trapezium with two 红木and two 青木, as well as two diagonals. Our lashes were also loose as after we finished we had to 重打 all the lashes. Next time we build a Roman chariot need to make sure the lashes are tight and we use 青木 for the trapezium and one 红木 for the diagonal. Our 配备 was also kupped without us noticing. We need to take better notice of our surroundings and look after our logistics.

For the second station we had to build a structure that could elevate our logistics and half of our patrol mates under 15 minutes. One patrol mate was blind while the other could not use one arm. At first we wanted to build a quad pod with
红木, but we realised that we can just make a platform out of 4 红木 and place it between the curb and the stairs to elevate it. We managed to fit all our patrol mates and our 配备 onto the structure.

For the third and last station the year 2s had to build a tripod with two stable
定脚s each while the year 3s had to build a  tripod with three stable 定脚s each. We had to run on round around the sixth floor to get a 白绳. The time was very limited and we could not complete the tripod as we ran out of 白绳. We need to make sure we pack sufficient 白绳 (more than one ziplock bag) for the next OJ.

We also had combined PT. For the first segment of PT, we had to run all the way to the sixth floor, and run around each level before proceeding to the next level. We then ran all the way down before repeating the process. I think this was the most tiring segment of PT as we were not used to so much running. We had to make sure to
等人 but not run so slowly that we were walking. Overall, I think it was good training for future 集合s. We also did 20 pumping, 15 burpees and 20 jumping jacks.

On the whole, I think this PA was a good platform to test our basic skills and improve our physical fitness so that we can leave a good impression when the year 1s come in.

P3 Jasmine:

On Monday, we had a surprise mini OJ. At first I was shocked as our patrol had only 4 members and I was not confident of completing it due to lack of manpower. Nonetheless, we had to try our best and were given 5 minutes to pack our OJ
配备. Next, we went to our first station at the area near backstore. It requires us to elevate 2 of our patrol members and 配备. We were given 15 minutes hence we thought of a tripod and two 顶脚s to elevate. However we did not manage to complete it. As I was the PS for that station, I have learnt how to communicate with that PL better as time was ticking and we had to think of an idea as soon as possible. After that we went up to block G level 6, this station was more of individual work as y2s had to tie a stable tripod with 2 顶脚 while y3s had to tie that but with 3 顶脚s instead within 15 minutes. To increase the difficulty level, for every 白绳we needed, we have to run one round around the level. For this station although all of us finished the task in completing the structure, our lashes were far from being tight and our报时was very inconsistent. Hence I feel that even though I am occupied with stuff I will make the consistent effort to 报时and cheer. Lastly, we went to MRL for the last station. We were given 5 minutes to tie a roman chariot. At first I thought that it was a mission impossible and indeed we failed the first time. Subsequently, we learnt to tie the lashes tighter and work together as a team. Initially, we were uncertain about how a roman chariot looks like but under the guidance of our seniors, we managed to complete it. Moving on, we had physical training with patrol 2 and 6. Although it was exhausting, I felt motivated to complete the run as we cheered. Overall, 集合 on Monday was a different experience for me as seniors are training us to acquire a better sense of urgency by letting us learn in the hard way.

P4 Orchid:

For Monday Patrol activities this week, Patrol 4 had physical training. The first part of physical training required mass change and we managed that rather well as we were able to change from our PT kit to PE attire and then from PE attire back to PT kit both under 3 minutes. After mass change, our Patrol Leader asked for our preference is physical training attire to which we agreed upon PE attire. Our first PT station was on the 6th level where we were required to do a circuit of physical trainings for 23 minutes. Having not been exercising for a while since school had begun, we found the routine exhausting. The circuit was 45 seconds of planking, 3 minutes of 站马, 20 sit ups , 25 burpees and 35 pumpings.  After the first circuit, we were already very exhausted and one of our y3s was feeling nausea. Seeing our discomfort and pain, our patrol leader allowed us to slow down. We managed to complete 2 circuits by the time the 23 minutes were up. Our next station was on the 2nd level where the Y3s had to build a roman chariot in 4 minutes and the Y2s were trained on their communication skills via gadgetting with the appointed in-charge having to be across the block. For the Y3s, we had built our roman chariot wrong and our seniors explained to us how it actually was supposed to be. Our third PT task was to run around the block once before climbing to the above level and doing the same for the consecutive levels. During this physical training activity, one of our Y3s fell out having almost puked. The rest of the Y3s continued on with the PT activity before being given a short break. The 4th physical training activity was lunging whilst carrying a 黑木 which is the heaviest spar of all. It was pretty tough due to height imbalances and the constant someone-getting-hit-by-spar but we pulled through. The 5th physical training activity planned was leg raise whereby the entire patrol was to support a bucket in the middle of us. I felt that it was the most fun as we were able to really connect as a patrol through the laughing about how it could possibly fall and splash all of us. The last physical activity was 5 minutes of kallang wave pumping of which we aimed to complete 250 pumping. Eventually we did better than we'd expected with about 315 pumpings. We ended patrol activity with patrol corner and discussion of future roles. Through this patrol activity, I've realised that fitness needs to be trained and that our physical fitness needs to improve dramatically if we were to survive the subsequent patrol activities. Also we need to work on our skills as we may have forgotten how to build certain structures over the holidays.


P5 Sunflower:

Today, we 集合-ed at the GSL at 3.30pm for a combined Patrol Activity with Patrol1.
Firstly, we were given 2 minutes and 20 seconds to discuss a structure which consisted of a baggage rack, a clothes line, a shoe rack and a dishrack. After a long discussion, we finally came up with a structure of 2 tripods connected together by
長木, and on each of the tripod 定腳, we would tie one parallel above it to act as the shoe rack. We would also have diagonal 定腳 to stabalize the structure. Next, both patrols did PT circuits while 1 member ran up to the 3rd storey to retrieve logistics for the building of our structure. At any one point in time, we were only allowed to take 1 logistic (e.g. 1 at a time), and this went on for 15 minutes. Finally, we were given 25 minutes to build the structure and we managed to finish building the gadget successfully within the time limit even though some nettings were not properly ended.

After the activity ended, we ran to the backstore and each person took 1
青木. Then, we had to run once around the track in 2 minutes carrying our 青木. By the time all of us returned, we were exhausted and tired, but we felt accomplished too.

At the end of the Patrol Activity, we have learnt to be perseverant, honest (running up to take logistics even though no one is watching) and more efficient.

P6 Morning Glory:

PA was a mini OJ, with three patrols combined: P2, P3 and P6. There were three stations, and even though we had our belongings taken from us in all three stations, we were able to cheer constantly which was good and kept up the patrol morale and in the future we should take better care of our belongings, work faster and have a better sense of urgency.


Hope everyone learned something during this PA!

47th Batch Secretary

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