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10 February 2017

Skills Training and CNY Celebrations, 3rd February

Hi Guides! Last Friday, we had an Alumni Training where some Year 6 guides came back to train the 团. Most of our activities were carried out in our respective batches. Here are some reflections from Year 2s, Year 3s, and Year 4s.

Reflections from a Year 2…

Firstly, we had inspection with the Year 3s, where half of us did Physical Training (PT) while the other half did inspection. One special feature of this activity is that no time limit was given—each group would feel compelled to work as fast as possible so that the other group would not have  to carry out PT for too long. After one round of inspection, both groups swapped roles. However, this time it was harder as the current group doing inspection had to lay out a flipped version of the layout done by the group before them. I was part of the 2nd group, and this activity taught me how important communication was between the 2 groups as we had to work together to finish the task. After inspection, the Year 2s and the Year 3s split into our various batches. 

We (the Year 2s) had to mass change into guides uniform within 5 minutes. However we 过时-ed as not all patrols had one representative who was ready in time to ask for time extension. Next, we did PT again by running as many rounds as we could around the Media Resource Library (MRL) for ten minutes. Although we were reminded by the seniors many times to 等人 several times, we often forgot and from this, I feel that we should improve by looking out for our batch mates more. After we finished running, we were told that if we had ran more rounds, we would have a higher chance of choosing an easier PT from a box (resembling a lucky draw). As we ran 9 rounds in total, we managed to draw 2 relatively simple PT from the box. We did burpees on the 3rd floor, planking on the 4th floor and 站马 on the 5th floor. The challenge on the 6th floor was the most fun as we were split into three groups, namely P1 and P3, P2 and P4, and P5 and P6. We went into different classrooms and had to figure out what we had to do through deciphering the guides code. For P1 and P3, we had to build a baggage rack. One thing that can be improved would be to have a better time management, as we had ended up having to require assistance from other patrols. After this activity, we had to mass change again, 拆掉 the structures, and bring the logistics back to 团部 within 10 minutes. This time, we were more organised as we agreed for each patrol to split themselves into two groups. One group would mass change first, while the other would help to 拆掉 the structures first. Afterwards, we would swap roles, and one group would bring the logistics back while the other would mass change. This system also ensured that we had a representative from each patrol to be able to ask for time extension if needed. In the end, with a time extension, we managed to finish everything and everyone was back by around 11 minutes. However, one thing which could be improved would be to 照顾好东西 as many of our water bottles were kupped throughout the activity. At the end of the activity, we had a feedback session from both us and the alumni. After that, we got to eat 团圆饭, which was really enjoyable. Overall, it was quite a fun but tiring experience because even though the PT was really tiring, it was enjoyable to do it and cheer together as a batch.

Reflections from a Year 3…

Alumni Training for the Year 3s mainly comprised of Inspection, Physical Training (PT), Pioneering and Tent-Pitching. 

For Inspection, the Year 2s and Year 3s had to split into 2 groups where one group would do the inspection first with no specific layout while the other group would do PT. Once the first group was done with their inspection, the two groups would reverse roles. However, the 2nd group would have to use the flipped inspection layout from the first group. This proved as a challenge for the second group as we did not observe the layout of the first group and were very confused. However, after some prompting, we realised that we could consult the other group who were doing PT for the inspection layout. 

After the inspection, the Year 3 batch was split into two groups. One group would do Barang PT with our school bags first while the other group would build a Kitchen Table and an 8-man tent on the floor. Personally, I felt that the PT was quite challenging as it was the first time I did Barang PT with my heavy books and school supplies, but this session had also helped to toughen me up and get a glimpse of what Know Your Body (KYB) would be like in the upcoming Patrol Leader's Training Camp (PLTC) in May. After that, the two groups reversed roles and I was in the group building the 8-man tent. I felt quite confused at first as I was not familiar of how to build an 8-man tent on the concrete floor. This helped me to learn more about more structures and think of different ways of how to pitch a tent without having to 打进.

Overall, although I felt that this 集合 was tougher and more mentally challenging than usual 集合s, it helped my batch to realise that we had to step up our physical fitness and start preparing for PLTC and thus inspired us to arrange for batch PT once a week! All in all, we are thankful for the  Alumni for coming back and teaching us many new things. :)

Reflections from a Year 4...

Last Friday, we had a training session with the alumni. Our task was to build a tower and a bridge which we had to alter whenever we got an update. Having not tied lashes for quite a long time, I could feel that my lashing speed had decreased tremendously and i felt that my skills had dropped. Nevertheless, it felt great to be down and carrying out activities. A pivotal point in our training session was when we had to change our entire structure as it did not fit the criteria for an update. We only had 30 minutes left, including our time extension,  and we had to redo an entire structure. At that point,  I really could feel myself work so much faster and the overall sense of urgency amongst my batch mates was incredibly high. I’m proud to say that we had completed our structure in time even though it had seemed almost impossible. Sometimes, it's a sudden situation which inspires us to push ourselves beyond our limits and be our best selves. Perhaps this could be a way to instil a better sense of urgency in our juniors instead of the constant reminders which may be futile.

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Chen Wei
48th Batch Secretary

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