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9 March 2018

Patrol Activity, 5th March

Hi Guides!

We had PA on Monday and here are some reflections from the Year 3s!

Reflection from a Year 3 of Patrol 1:
For PA, our patrol decided on what our patrol animal would be and we were expected to build it as a creative gadget. The Year 1s were given opportunities to tie the lashes and we also managed to give them some comments on their performance. I felt that our animal was a success as our seniors managed to tell what it was supposed to be, despite them not knowing the identity of the animal beforehand. The 4 of us Year 3s also had a mini inspection to train our speed and communication, which we managed to complete within the time limit, and I felt that doing inspection with at least 2 other patrols would make it much more challenging, as there would be more people to communicate with. We were also tested on our knowledge on the Guides code, which I felt could be improved on. We also had our World Thinking Day gift exchange during PA and I felt that after this PA, I was finally able to get to know the Year 1s better, as the Year 3s were always separated from the Year 1s and 2s for the past few 集合s.

Reflection from a Year 3 of Patrol 2:
For PA, the Year 3s were separated from the Year 1s and 2s. The Year 3s then had to come up with a creative gadget and draw out a brief sketch of the gadget. We also had to include a timeline, for which we had to allocate the procedure we would follow and the manpower needed to build the gadget. Meanwhile, the Year 2s taught the Year 1s to tie the basic lashes and after 20 minutes, we 集合-ed back. The Year 3s had to use the gadget poles, which the Year 1s and 2s had taken from 团部, and build the creative gadget. The Year 3s were not allowed to tie anything onto the structure and only the Year 1s and Year 2s were allowed to do so. All in all, I felt this PA was a good test of the Year 1 and 2s’ hard skills and also provided the Year 3s with an opportunity to lead. Although it was rather stressful and many of the lashes came undone as the Year 1s were still unfamiliar with the lashes, it was a good estimate of how good their hard skills were. This PA was really meaningful and I hope that future PAs will also provide opportunities like this.

Reflection from a Year 3 of Patrol 3:
For Patrol Activity today, the Year 3s were separated from the Year 1s and 2s. We did inspection approximately four times. I think we did relatively well as we managed to lay out the logistics within the time limit and we had a sense of urgency. However, I feel that there was still room for improvement as for the first few times, our layout was messy and we always 过时-ed for the packing up of our 配备. After inspection, we were supposed to build a creative gadget to represent our journey in Guides from Year 1 to Year 3 thus far. We decided to build a cube again, as our patrol likes to build cubes. We designed a tunnel to represent our journey from Year 1 to Year 3, and it had a roof on top and two doors. Although we did not complete it in time, we were only left with the netting of the roof. I was quite proud of our creative gadget as our cube was very stable and the seniors said that most of our lashes were pretty tight. Overall, I think PA was quite fulfilling today as I learnt new things and we managed to build a stable structure.

Reflection from a Year 3 of Patrol 4:
During the Patrol Activity on the 5th of March, the patrol first collected the necessary logistics before splitting into two groups, with the Year 1s and 2s in one group and the Year 3s in the other. The former had the Year 2s teach the Year 1s the various lashes commonly used to build structures, while the latter had the Year 3s repeatedly lay out the contents of the 配备 with gadget poles, each time with the conditions that one person could not touch the logistics and another person could not talk. The time limit to complete the layout was reduced each time and during the last two layouts, we had to flip the layout we used during the previous layouts. Fortunately, we managed to lay out all the logistics in time for each round, although during one round we were not paying enough attention and our 白绳 was taken away. However, the same fortune with the time could not be said for the packing of logistics as we often went over the time limit while packing the various logistics into the 配备. I feel that even if we managed to lay out all the logistics in time, we should still have done our best to avoid 过时-ing from the start as this was not just a measure of our speed, but also our sense of urgency and ability to manage our time wisely. Such a situation could have been avoided if we had 报时-ed more so as to keep track of time and estimate how long it would take to pack the remaining logistics and to know when to ask for time extensions. After the two groups had finished their activities, both groups combined together for the last activity, which was building a creative structure. This time, the patrol split into two groups again to build separate parts of the structure, with all three batches split among the groups. During the building of the structure, we were to give the Year 1s more chances to tie the lashes so as to allow them to familiarise with the task. After building the separate parts of the structure, we were combined together to finish the whole creative structure, which was a swing. Afterwards, we had to check each of the lashes for tightness and 重抽 them if they were too loose. While we managed to finish the structure in time, a few undesirable factors during the building of it was that too many of the lashes were loose, there was no constant 报时 and there was also no constant cheering. All of these could have been detrimental to our task, as the first might result in the structure’s collapse, the second could have caused us to 过时 and the third would not raise our morale but instead cause it to remain stagnant or deteriorate. As such, I think that it is important for the patrol to learn to tie lashes much more tightly and increase the frequency at which we 报时-ed and cheered.

Reflection from a Year 3 of Patrol 5:
For Patrol Activity, the Year 1s were split from the Year 2s and 3s. We had to build a dome tent, flag pole, 2 emergency shelters and a shoe rack in 45 minutes. One person had to come out every 4 minutes to answer a question. We split our manpower and some people went to set up the dome tent whilst some people built the emergency shelters. We were working at a slow pace so our time was reduced to 30 minutes, halfway through. This made us more anxious so we started building more quickly. After building the emergency shelters, we realised that we did not have enough gadget poles to tie the shoe rack that we had in mind, so we had to change our shoe rack design. In the end, we had to build our shoe rack in a rush, with given time extensions. After the building of the structures, we had inspection.There were 7 of us and we were split into 3 groups. Each group had to lay out one 配备 in 2 minutes and standardise the layout among all the groups. We managed to complete it within the given time frame but the layout was not very neat. In addition, we were very slow in packing the items into the 配备 and we did not ask for any time extensions, so that was something to take note of for future 集合s. After this, we played games such as Duck Duck Goose, with the Year 1s to enable us to be more familiar with one another. We ended PA off with the exchange of presents for World Thinking Day.

Reflection from a Year 3 of Patrol 6:
Patrol Activity on Monday was quite different as we had an inspection with only two people. Even though laying out the items seemed to be much easier than normal, we still failed to take note of certain details. The making of such mistakes was very disappointing, especially for the fact that we did not lay out our 麻绳 properly. This is because the point of having an inspection is to check the number of logistics we have in our 配备 and if we do not lay out our 麻绳 properly, we would not know how many 麻绳s we would be left with. As we had some time left, we could also have neatened our groundsheet and ensured that all our labels were facing upwards. These details may seem very unimportant but without taking note of these details, our layout would look very messy and unorganised. Additionally, it was also rather upsetting as my group did not communicate well with the other group. As a result, this led to certain confusion and the other group started working much slower. Hence, I hope that by Patrol Leaders’ Training Camp (PLTC), we can improve and be much better and not disappoint our seniors any further. In addition, it was our very first PA with the Year 1s and to be honest, most of us did not really know what to expect. To my joy, our first PA with the Year 1s was quite enjoyable and all of them were very cute and bubbly as well! I also felt rather glad to see them trying to do their best while tying their lashes and cheering together :-)

This marked our last PA for the term and hope that everyone enjoyed it!

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