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16 February 2008

its my first time blogging for the guides blog, so forgive me if i sound a little weird:/

Anyway, last friday was the combined UG campfire for our new lovely sec 1s from St john's, NPCC, Girl Guides & Scouts!

It was a really great night, thanks to our dearest I/Cs for planning this for the past weeks. The whole thing was pretty large scale, with the Guides in charge of decoration,while the rest prepared the campfire pit, the gateway, backdrop and the stage. Everyone was pretty busy putting up the deco, the banners and preparing for the performance. Though the progress was slow initially, we managed to finish everything as the arrival of the sec ones drew closer. The overall appearance was impressive.

The sec ones soon arrived, settling down for dinner at the grandstand under the big blue sky. As the sun began to set, the campfire kicked off with the much anticipated lion dance performance by the scouts to welcome our Guest of Honor,Mdm Chia.

The sec ones soon began to get high under the enthusiasm of the 4 UGs and our dearest emcees, Hannah from Guides( woohooo!!!) , Karmen from NPCC, Jason from SJAB and Weihong from Scouts. Not to mention our song leaders who trained really hard and sang really loud as well!
There was an interesting display of mascot costumes and we sent out our really cute mascot, Michelle, who twirled & skipped around the staged in her costume.

We sang songs like Campfire's Burning(which was sang in 2 versions)burn burn burn!! and other traditional guides songs. The campfire soon reached the climax with the WONDERFUL MASS DANCE!!!! All of us got really high and did the mass dance for 3 times! The dancers on stage showed us how to boogie woogie along with the music.~~We also did the popular maboleh and Chekchekgolek, sending the sec ones into barrels of laughter:D

The skit was really funny and lame! Our very own Goldilocks, Ovidia, demonstrated our guides spirit of sharing and caring for each other by using her hair as amo! hahaha! dont try it at home!

The campfire soon came to an end...much to our disappointment,with really slow songs like:by the blazing campfire etc...leaving the sec ones in lullabye mode.

Overall, the campfire was a great sucess! all thanks to all of you guys who put in the effort for making all these possible! Thanks alot to our dearest YALs for coming back to help too! It was a memorable night which the sec ones will never forget(:


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