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24 February 2008


On Friday, all the guides from sec 2s to sec 4s were clad in our guides uniform to commemorate Thinking Day 2008, except for the new batch of sec 1s who wore their school uniform. We formed our squad and stood there for quite a while as our school were also welcoming our friends from Thailand. Everything went smoothly for flag raising. For the entire Friday, we jing li to our seniors, guiders and scouters as a mark of respect, while the sec 1s did the left hand shake.

After school, everyone jihe-d at 1.45pm at the parade square to observe the flag-lowering ceremony. Then, we had our outreach briefing held by Li Hui, Jennifer and Kimberley. (outreach will be held this coming saturday, 1/3/08)

On Saturday, most of the patrols went to the KFC and Macdonalds situated near our old school campus for patrol lunch before heading to Kallang Indoor Stadium to celebrate World Thinking Day. Beside guides and brownies from Singapore, there were also a group of guides from other countries who were present in the stadium.

The first 1.5 hours was mainly a sing-a-long session, followed by the arrival of Mrs S R Nathan, Patron of Girl Guides Singapore. After the delivering of the Thinking Day Message and renewal our promise, we proceeded to the presentation of the Puan Noor Aishah Award. Our Company received a total if 1 bronze and 1 gold award!! (: This shows that our hard work has paid off and we must thank everyone for their effort, especially our sec 4s who spent so much time planning all the programmes for us.

As the word "Thinking Day" suggests, we should take this opportunity to think of our sister Guides around the world and to celebrate our international friendship links. As we renew our Promise and give thanks, let us commit ourselves to continue to develop and empower girls and young women to be the best they can be and to be the leaders of the future, dedicated to building a better world for all. Discover you potential- Every Guide a Leader

Let the guiding light continue to shine in DHS company!

(Oh yah! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Jia Wen and Teo Ee and Michelle!!! =D)

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