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12 April 2010

Hello Guides!

For Friday's activity, first we had patrol corner. It was the first time the year 3s were doing a skills patrol corner. Some patrols went through notes, some did gadget tying and some practised lashes. We hope that everyone has learnt something new from this patrol corner and also, year 3s to gain experience about planning activities for the patrol.

Next, the year 1s and 3s had their PT separately. The year 2s went for contigent practise. The year 3s were introduced to some new things, in preparation for PLTC, like doing a reversed boy's style pumping position and 5 people wheelbarrowing with legs on a heimu which 2 people carried.

This PT was tougher, but definitely a good training for the year 3s. No matter how tough the going gets, all for one and one for all, we must stand strong and stay united, don't leave anyone behind and improve together as a batch. Year 3s, jiayou for PLTC.
Good job to the year 1s too, for completing yet another PT. Hope that you all will put in your very best for the next PT and not fall out so easily.


Love guides <3

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