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18 January 2012


Hey Guides,
All of you girls may be busy preparing for the Chinese New Year or getting used to your new curriculum, but do take some time to appreciate all your friends and family and thank them for all that they have done for you.
It is 2012 now and many of us would be taking on new roles in guides this year. This is a good chance for us to reflect on 2011, think of the mistakes that we made and the dreams that we have achieved. We should learn from them and improve ourselves mentally and physically. Do set some goals for 2012 and work hard to achieve them!

To the year 2s, this year you girls will be receiving the year 1s and you will have to teach them many guiding skills and introduce them to guides. You girls will be their direct batch of seniors and set a good example for them to follow. We trust that you girls have the potential to develop them well and unleash their potential. Furthermore, take this chance to lead your juniors too and improve your guiding skills. And don't worry, your seniors will always be there to guide you! :)

To the year 3s, year 3 life in guides is one of the most exciting year and you will experience many things that you might not have before. This is a year for you girls to step up and take the initiative to lead your juniors. There will be many chances for you girls to shine during this year and take the opportunity to develop your potential. Guide your juniors throughout their guiding life too and we are sure that you girls will not let us down! All the best in everything! :)

To the year 4s, Girl Guides has definitely been a great and enriching experience for all of us and we are going to look back and smile at the memories. This year is going to be hectic but we will go through it as a batch! Jiayou year 4s! :)

“Other people may be there to help us, teach us, guide us along our path, but the lesson to be learned is always ours.”


 Love guides <3

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