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31 August 2012

24th August Guides Activity

Hi Guides!(:

On 24th August, we had an Obstacle Journey (OJ)! (: This was to expose our Year 1s and Year 2s to a standard OJ as well as to test their knowledge:) Also, this was the last 集合before the September holidays.

All of the stations' locations were given in Guides code. There were a total of 5 stations, and two patrols travelled together at each time to attempt all 5 of them. After they reached the station, they would then break up into their respective patrols to attempt the station as individual stations(:

Station 1
Station 1 was the Fire-lighting and Distress Signals station(: The Year 1s and Year 2s had to start a signal fire (see below) and complete Emergency Shelters within 7 minutes.
Afterwards, they had to boil one messtin full of water within 5 minutes(: After boiling the water, the patrols had to lay out distress signals for food, medical supplies and 'safe to land' within 5 minutes as well!(:

Station 2
Station 2 was the 夜里行军 and Edibility Test station. 夜里行军 is a standard OJ station in which the patrol has to navigate through a classroom (with the tables and chairs arranged in a path) within a certain limit of time. The entire patrol except for the Patrol Leader will be blindfolded(: This is to test the ability of the PL to give clear instructions and the communication within the patrol!(:

For this Station, when the patrols were doing 夜里行军, they also had to collect slips of paper with the Edibility Test steps written on them. They were given 13 minutes to finish the course, after which they had 3 minutes to arrange the steps of the Edibility Test in the correct order.

Afterwards, the patrol had to commando crawl along the corridor within 4 minutes!(:

Station 3
Station 3 was the Gas Room and First-Aid station. Gas Room is another standard OJ station in which the patrol has to enter a room which has gas leaking out of it (in theory). They must 1. turn off the gas switch, 2. open the windows to ventilate the room, and 3. rescue any casualties in the room as well:) This was a test of the PL's ability to allocate manpower and give clear instructions (:

For this Station, patrols were given 10minutes to finish all of what is mentioned above, including the treatment of 2 casualties. One was unconscious and burned on the lower right arms, while the other was hyperventilating and had a shoulder dislocation on the left arm(:

After completing the Gas Room, the patrols were then given 6 minutes to build a stretcher and transport one person around the entire block.

Station 4
Station 4 was a combination of Survival Skills, Animal Attacks, First-Aid, and mini Physical Training!(: This station was a combination of all 4 components.

For the first part, patrols had to caterpillar walk around the GSL to obtain materials for a water filter within 3 minutes. Afterwards, they had 8 minutes to build a simple water filter which could stand on its own and treat a head wound. During the 8 minutes, the patrols were also tested on how they react to a Bee Attack!(:

For the second part, patrols had mini PT and were tested on their Trekking Signs. The patrol had to do 站马 against the wall while carrying their original logistics, and one person had to come out at each time to identify a Trekking Sign(:

Station 5
Station 5 was the Orienteering and Traditional Games station(: At the start of the station, the patrols' logistics were hidden in specific places around the area. The patrols then had to use a compass and the bearings given to them to retrieve back their logistics within 3 minutes(:

After retrieving their logstics, the patrols had to build one Roman Chariot within 3 minutes and transport one member on top of the Chariot across the area within 3 minutes.

Following that, the patrol then had to navigate all of their members and their logstics through an Electric Fence within 7 minutes(:

Due to time constraints, the patrols only managed to finish 4 out of the 5 stations in the order they were given:( But overall, it was a great experience for the Year 1s and Year 2s!(: They learnt more about a standard OJ and this will definitely serve as an helpful memory during ATC!:D This was also a great chance to promote bonding within the patrol and for the Year 2s to exercise their leadership skills:) All in all, it was quite an enriching OJ!(:

Enjoy your September Holidays!(:(:

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