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18 August 2012

17th August Guides Activity

Hi Guides(:

On 17 August, Friday, we had our long-awaited 集合 after CCA Stand-down of 2 weeks:) We had Company Activity on Kitchen Shelter and Camp Gadgets(:

From 2.45pm to 3.45pm, the Year 2s had Patrol Corner with their Year 1s, as the Year 3s were away at a workshop(: They practised their lashes in preparation for the activities to come, and it provided a chance for them to bond with their direct juniors(:

Then, the 团 was split into Coy 1 and Coy 2. Coy 1 did Camp Gadgets from 4pm to 5.45pm, while Coy 2 did Kitchen Shelter in the same period of time. Afterwards, we had 30 minutes for East Division Day preparations!(:

Coy 1

For Coy 1, Patrols 1 to 5, they had to complete one Emergency Shelter, one Flagpole, one Baggage Rack, and one Kitchen Dresser per patrol within 1 hour 15 minutes. This was to test their sense of urgency as well as their knowledge of how to tie the gadgets, in preparation for ATC.

Coy 2

For Coy 2, Patrols 6 to 10, they had to complete one Kitchen Shelter per patrol within 40 minutes. They were given a 10 minutes Patrol Corner to revise how to tie a Kitchen Shelter, etc. followed by a short quiz before starting the activity.

After finishing their gadgets/Kitchen Shelters, both Coys were given a general debrief and feedback regarding their performance and gadgets/Kitchen Shelter. This 集合 was a chance for everyone to revise through and familarize themselves with how to tie a Kitchen Shelter/Camp Gadgets. The patrols learnt from each other, as well as helped out their fellow sister Guides along the way. It was a memorable learning experience for everyone, and all of us benefitted from this 集合. (:

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