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13 October 2012

12 October Initiatives

Hi Guides!!!!(:

On 12th October, we had Initiatives after a long, long break from End-of-Year Exams!(: This was a chance to facilitate bonding inter-batch and also for our Guides to relax and learn new things!:)

There were two sections for Initiatives(: For the first half, Coy 1 had Sand-Art, while Coy 2 did Baking. Then, both coys merged together and had Hair-Braiding!!(:

Coy 1

For Coy 1, each patrol had to make use of a A3 Board, glue, and of course, sand(: to come up with a board to decorate their 小队箱! They were required to include their patrol name, number, and the words 'COY 1' on the board as well. Then, they were given 1hr 5 mins to finish constructing the board. It was quite a fun process!(:

Coy 2

For Coy 2, everyone baked Oreo Truffles(:(: Each patrol was given sufficient Oreos, cream cheese, and chocolate to bake 42 truffles in 1 hour, enough for everyone in the patrol! Everyone enjoyed themselves mixing, baking, and of course, eating!:D


Both Coys were taught by the I/Cs how to tie 1. the normal braid, 2. the French braid, 3. the Fishtail braid, and 4. the Dutch braid!:) Then, they were given 30 minutes to try out any of the braids that they liked, on themselves, or on each other:) It was refreshing to learn new styles of braiding, and this skills would also serve well when we wear Guides Uniform:)

Overall, Initiatives was quite fun and enriching. Everyone had fun, and we could taste the fruits of our own labours. Everyone took home something from the activity:)

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