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20 October 2012

19th October Inter-Unit Initiatives

Hi Guides!!!(:

On 19th October, we had Inter-Unit Initiatives with Guides from Broadrick Secondary School and Tanjong Katong Girls School!:) Our special guests were mixed into our patrols and we had initiatives with them:D

For Coy 1, we did Pssyla Beads, for Coy 2, we had Tie-Dye!

Coy 1

A small introduction to Pyssla Beads!:)
Pyssla beads or hama beads are made from plastic and can be fused using an iron. It's a fun toy because you can make a lot of designs with it and you can use it as a key chain, necklace or flat fridge magnet.

Basically, we had a short briefing about Pyssla Beads from our I/Cs, then we were given the needed materials (the beads, pegboard, tracing paper, iron) and around 2 hours to do whatever design we wanted!:) Of course, we chatted with our guests in the process too!:)

During the two hours, we thought of what design we wanted first. There were pegboards of various shapes, such as circle, heart, and square, and also beads of different colours. After deciding on the design, we then slotted in the beads onto the pegboards in the design we want, followed by placing tracing paper over it and ironing it to make the beads fuse together.

Here's how Pssyla Beads look like:

 Coy 2

Tie-Dye is about folding a piece of fabric in a certain way, then adding dye onto it to get the design you want:) Firstly, we soak the fabric in hot water, followed by folding the fabric to get a design that we want.

Take a simple swirl design for an example: First, grab the centre of the fabric, then twist the fabric to get a swirl by pinching the centre and turning your hand.

After that, use rubber bands to tie up the fabric and secure the twist,

Followed by adding the dye you want onto the fabric, then flipping the fabric over and adding more dye to reinforce the pattern.

Finally, spread it out and leave it to dry or blow-dry it and it's done!(:


Overall, while enjoying ourselves in doing the activities, we also talked with our fellow Guides from the other schools and learnt more about each other:) It was a great chance to find out what activities other Guides do and also forge new friendships in the process!:)

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