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3 November 2012

2nd November Pre-Camp Inspection

Hi Guides!(:

On 2nd November, we had Pre-Camp Inspection! During the last few days in between the start of December holidays and 2nd November, our Year 2s and Year 1s have been busily preparing for ATC, which stands for Annual Training Camp:) During Pre-Camp Inspection, the Year 2s and Year 1s (trainees) had to lay out all their logistics in their styrofoam box and 配备 neatly for the Year 3s (counsellors) to check, to ensure that they had all the logistics needed ready for camp, and were also graded on various aspects. It was quite hectic(:

Firstly, we had Attire Check to check if everyone was in Standard Attire, then the trainees had to mass change from Guides Uniform to PE Attire in 10mins, followed by another 10mins for them to layout their logistics. Then Pre-Camp Inspection began! The respective patrol counsellors went to each patrol on a rotational basis and below were the grading criteria:

P1 – Attire
P2 – Standardization of layout according to proposal
P3 – Neatness

P4 - Completeness

P5 – Meaning of identity

P6 – Patrol spirit and morale

After the patrol counsellors checked the patrols' layouts in accordance to their criteria, the trainees had to do the punishments with respect to their marks. It was a mini PT session!(: After all the patrols had been graded, the trainees were given 5 minutes to clean up and return all logistics, followed by a debrief by the counsellors for them to learn from their mistakes!:)

Reflections from a Year 2:

Having Pre-Camp Inspection meant that ATC was nearing. It was quite tough and it made us realise that we would have to train ourselves harder for ATC. I feel that we could have memorized the layout better and be clearer of what we had to do, to avoid confusion and doubts. I have also learnt that we should take care of each other in the patrol, especially the Year 1s as they have not went through this before. In my opinion, Pre-Camp Inspection allowed us to familiarize and remember our patrol songs and cheers, and it served as a bonding session. Overall, the inspection was a good experience as it prepared us for the upcoming ATC and reminded us that we as Year 2s, had to guide the Year 1s along.
It was definitely a memorable experience!
ATC's coming up really soon, from 6 to 8 November! All the best to the Year 2s and Year 1s!:) You'all can do it:)

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