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12 January 2013

11th January 2013 Guides Acitvity

Hi Guides!:D

After a long break from the December holidays, we're back!:)

On 11th Jan 2013, we had our usual Friday Guides Activities. For 11th Jan, we had 2013 CCA Orientation Preparations!~ We also had Orientation preparation on 18 Dec 2012 and 3 Jan 2013 as well:)

CCA Orientation is an event where we showcase Scouting and Guiding to the new Year 1s who have entered our school to allow them to have a better understanding of our CCA:)
The DHS Scouts and Guides combine to form committees that will carry out different activities in preparation for Orientation ^^

The actual CCA Orientation will be on 19 Jan, and for next Friday's Guides Activity, we will be having Orientation preparation again to thoroughly prepare to 'WOW' our Year 1s! :) More details will be given on 20 Jan in order to not spoil the surprise, but there will be lots of exciting exhibitions and performances in store~

Look forward to it!:D

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