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5 February 2013

4th February Monday PA

Hi Guides!:D

On 4 February, Monday, we had our Monday Patrol Activity (PA) from 3.40pm to 5.30pm!

P1 PA!

For P1, the Year 2s - Year 3s first revised their basic lashes and knots. Afterwards, they then tied a creative baggage rack. The juniors had to build a creative gadget rack which had a few changes from the standard baggage rack to make it more useful and feasible:D

P2&P7 PA!

For P2 and P7, they had a combined PA together! For the first section, the two patrols completed one 8-Men tent together. For the second section, P2 tried out vertical rope while P7 did盲人打帐, in which the entire patrol except the PL was blindfolded and they had to complete 1 dome tent within a time limit:) Afterwards, they switched activities!

P3 PA!

For P3, the Y2s-Y3s first revised their basic lashes and knots, such as the clovehitch, squarelash, diagonal lash, and tripod lash, followed by 盲人打帐!:D

P4 PA!

For P4, the Y2s-Y3s first revised their basic lashes and knots, followed by mini PT. Afterwards, they did a few mass changes, then had Patrol Corner together:)

P5 PA!

For P5, firstly they practiced Vertical Rope, followed by盲人打帐, and finally, revised the basic lashes together as a patrol!:D

P6 PA!

For P6, firstly, the Patrol had Patrol Corner for 20mins to bond more as a patrol and also to prepare themselves for their new Year 1s:) Afterwards, the Y2s-Y3s were tested verbally on their OJ skills, such as First-Aid. Then, the Year 2s went off to pick kindlings for a future PA while the Year 4s had a heart-to-heart talk with their Year 3s:)

P8 PA!

For P8, firstly they had a 25min Patrol Corner for the patrol to discuss about the upcoming arrival of their new Year 1s!:D Afterwards, they built a creative gadget using the gadget poles provided, followed by mini PT!:D

P9 PA!

For P9, the Y2s-Y3s had to complete one Baggage Rack which proposal was done by the Y3s! After completing the Baggage Rack, they had to mass change for a while. Following that, the patrol then revised the Guides songs and did PT with it: they went into pumping position in a circle, and each time they sang one verse they had to do a set number of pumpings:D

P10 PA!

For P10, the patrol first had to mass change into their PE attire. Afterwards, they revised their basic lashes, followed by mini-Pioneering; in which they used spars to build a small structure using the lashes they just revised. After the mini-pioneering, they had Patrol Corner to know each other better:D

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