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24 February 2013

22nd February WTD Celebrations

Hi Guides!:D

On 22 February, we had our World Thinking Day celebrations in school! It was also the day when our new Year 1s, the 47th batch, first joined us in Guides activities!:)

World Thinking Day (WTD for short), falls on 22 February every year. This is a day specially dedicated for Guides to think about their fellow sisters in Guiding all over the world and how they can help girls and women in other countries. It is also the birthday of our founder, Lord Baden-Powell, and his wife, Lady Olave. For this year, the theme of WTD 2013 is 'Forging Family Ties'. :D

At 4pm, we 集合ed to prepare to welcome our Year 1s. The new Year 1s then joined our patrols as our youngest members as they entered our patrols one by one!:D Afterwards, we ran up to LT4 to attend a briefing by Elizabeth, our Company Leader, to introduced our Year 1s to the structure of DHS Guides and other administrative matters:)

Following the briefing, we then had Patrol Corner outside the LT to introduce ourselves to our new Year 1s:)

Afterwards, we had WTD Games!:D We played 2 games, and both were linked to the WTD theme. For the first game, we played as a patrol while for the second game, we played according to batches:)

Then we took a Company photo in front of the school flagpole:D The photo is the one right at the top of this blog!:)

All in all, it was quite a relaxing Friday activity. We hope to bond more with our new Year 1s soon, and to get to know them as they get to know us over time~:)

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