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22 August 2013

集合, 16th August

Hey Guides!

This week's activity on 16th August was Obstacle Journey (OJ). It was a combined patrol activity, meaning that two patrols, specifically P1 & P6, P2 and P7, P3 and P8, P4 & P9 and P5 & P10, moved around and attempt the same station as one group.

Before the OJ started, there was a short inspection to check the patrol logistics and ensure that everyone was prepared. There were 5 stations in total: Electric Fence, Survival Skills + Fire Lighting, Orienteering + Roman Chariot, Gas Room + First Aid and Gadgeting + Physical Training.

Here is a reflection from a Year 2:
As Year Twos, it was our first OJ leading the Year Ones. It was quite nerve wracking initially because we had to meet up to expectations. For the layout inspection, it was very chaotic and we did not communicate very well as a company. We were quite slow and unsure of what to do. 

Although things did not start off well, the Year Ones and Twos learnt from their mistakes and made great improvement. Keep up the good work guys!:)

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