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28 July 2013

集合, 26th July

Hello guys:)

As the Year 1s had to make preparations for the following day's Parent-Child Day, and Year 2s had to stand down due to Common Test, the Year 3s had a discussion about the upcoming ATC until the Year 1s ended and re-joined us at 1600. For the next 40 minutes, the Year 1s practised their lashes under the supervision of the Year 3s.

After the lash-tying practise session, we had Physical Training! This Physical Training was in the different batches. While the Year 1s took some time to settle into the activity, they eventually put in more effort into trying their best and had high morale. Despite the tough activity they had to complete within the given time, the Year 3s also maintained their high morale and pulled through. :)

Guides activities would stand down for 2 weeks due to the Year 2s Common Tests and National Day Holiday. 加油 Year 2s and here's wishing everyone an early Happy National Day!:D

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