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16 February 2015

Welcoming New Year 1s, 13th Feb

Hi Guides! 

Last Friday, 13/2/15, we welcomed the Year 1s into Guides! Several Year 4s split into various stations (Outdoor Cooking, Pioneering, Gadgeting and Songs/Cheers) to introduce the Year 1s to what we would be doing for future Guides activities! The patrols travelled around in groups. Sadly, the Year 3s were not able to attend. 

At the Songs and Cheers station, Year 1s were introduced to Taps, Guiding Light, Edelweiss, and Peace like a River! These songs are a few of many Guides songs that we sing regularly! As for the cheers, the station I/Cs ran through some common cheers such as the Oi cheer. Thereafter, the patrols had a cheering competition and the station I/Cs gave sweets to everyone. For Guides activities, we cheer to keep our morale up and to build camaraderie with our patrol and batch mates. Do cheer and sing regularly during Guides activities! The songs and cheers can be found in your Guides notes. 

At the Outdoor Cooking station, basic elements of outdoor cooking such as the fire altar, kindling and solid fuel were introduced. The Year 1s then had a go at starting a fire with matches, kindling and solid fuel while the station I/Cs cooked Mac n Cheese for everyone to enjoy. Outdoor cooking is a basic survival skills in rural areas such as forests. Although we are unlikely to ever get trapped in a forest, it is good to learn how to make our own food. Starting a fire serves many purposes such as cooking food, boiling water and sterilization. 

At the pioneering station, the timber hitch was introduced. It is preferred over the clove hitch when used with 麻绳 to tie spars, as it is sturdier and less likely to shift around. The station I/Cs had also built a simple structure of a tripod and a platform to demonstrate the kinds of structures that can be built. The Year 1s then practised the timber hitch on some 白木, then the patrols took turn taking patrol photos on the structure.

Last of all, at the gadgeting station, the Year 1s were introduced to gadget poles, the square lash, and the clove hitch. They were also shown some gadgets like a baggage rack and a creative gadget, a chair. They were then given time to practice the square and the clove hitch. These two are the basic elements in building gadgets, so make sure you know how to tie them well! 

集合ended with patrol corner, where the patrols got to know each other better. It is only the start of the year, and here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and a great year ahead!

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