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27 May 2015

集合, 22nd May

Hi Guides!

Friday's 集合 was one of the last few 集合s with the Year 4s and the Year 3s were absent as they were preparing for their upcoming PLTC (Patrol Leader Training Camp). Firstly, the different batches of Guides were broken off to do their respective activities. The juniors worked on their Artist Badge, which the Year 4s used the time to plan their PDP (Passing Down Parade) performance.

Afterwards, the batches were separated for Physical Training.

Year 1s
The Year 1s had PT, which included running, kallang wave pumpings etc. They also played games such as Ice and Water (catching), Dog and Bone and many more. 

Thoughts from a Year 1...
I feel that Friday's activities were very enjoyable. I had lots of fun while playing the games organised by the seniors. The activity that I enjoyed most was making the artist badge. Although my drawing may not be very good, but I was given the chance to express what I enjoyed most in Guides. 

I always thought that physical training was all about endurance and stamina training but after Friday's session of PT, I realised that physical training can be presented in many different ways. I think that the very last game that we played was the most fun but tiring game. I hope that through physical training sessions, my stamina can be built-up to a higher level. Overall. I think that Friday's activities were very engaging and I had lots of fun.

Year 2s
We did PT for the 集合 on Friday. We did a few warm ups before we start the PT, led by Elaine from Patrol 6. There are 3 and a half stations in total. The first half station is that we need run six levels up and run a round on each level before proceeding to the next level. The second station is which we need to do 2 circuits of 320 kallang wave, lunges around the level of year 3 and 4 block, and 50 jumping jacks. The second station is that we need to do 2 circuits of 1 minute full body plank, 30 sec of elbow plank, 3 minutes leg raise and 12 burpees. The 3rd station is games where we need to play catching. For the first round of catchers were Hazel from Patrol 3, Wei Mei from Patrol 5 and me. If a player was caught, she have to remain in girl’s style pumping position until she is saved by another player with a tap on the shoulder. We had PT after that and the amount of PT were according to the amount of times that the players were caught and the number of people the catcher caught. It was divided into 3 categories but I only remembered category 3, which is the category I fall under. It was to do 30 sec of elbow plank, 15 pumpings and 10 jumping jacks. It was also the least amount of PT. For the second round, the catchers were the ICs, the game time was 4 minutes but the game ended at 3 minutes and 45 seconds as all of us were caught at least once, I was caught only once same as a few others as there was not anyone left to save us when we were caught and had to remain in girl’s style pumping position until the game ends. There were also 3 categories and I also fall under category 3 which is the same PT as the previous rounds. There was a debrief after that.

Thoughts from a Year 2...
During the debrief, the ICs praised us of our energy and constant cheering. However, we really need to improve on our sense of urgency when we 集合. Although this PT is a little bit tough, we really pia-ed and cheered a lot and I am really glad that we survived the PT together. 

Year 4s
The Year 4s had PT as well. They ran up every floor of the Year 3/4 block and around each level again as they went down. Thereafter, they went to the 4th floor of the Year 1/2 block to continue their PT! They did sets of PT, including wheelbarrows, Buddha claps, planking, 顶 Boys' style, Kallang wave pumpings and burpees. After the PT was completed, they headed down to the road beside GSL to have a game of Captain's Ball. Overall, it was a rather fun and enjoyable yet tiring PT, and we hope everyone had fun!

Hopefully, the Guides were well rested over the weekends! :)

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