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28 June 2015

Skills Training Camp, 24 June

Hello Guides! (:

24th June 2015 marked a special day for the . Alongside with Skills Training Camp, the Enrolment Ceremony was carried out for the Year 1s and the Year 4s passed down their roles to the Year 3s.

We 集合-ed outside the General Science Lab (GSL) at 7am. The first activity we had was pioneering! We were given 20 minutes to bring all the required spars and other logistics from backstore and 团部 to the field. Afterwards, we started on our structure. Two patrols were allocated to building a massive fun structure. The patrol pairing is as follows: P1 & P2, P3 & P4, P5 & P6, P7 & P8, P9 & P10.

This was one of the first time the Year 1s tried out tying with 麻绳 and using spars instead of the usual gadget pole, so it was still a new experience. It would also be the last time the Year 4s did pioneering before they passed down so this activity was particularly special. We were first briefed about our structure and how we would go along about building it. The Year 4s showed us the proposal and we were all intrigued because the structure was something unique and something that none of us have attempted to tie before. We were then instructed what to do by the Year 4s and we tied the lashes accordingly. Bit by bit, we slowly saw the structure taking its shape and when we finally completed our structure, the satisfaction was definitely rewarding!

We then spent the rest of the time taking many pictures and also playing with our structure!
P3 & P4 building their monkey bars!

Testing out the monkey bar!

P3 Year 2s playing with the swing!

Reflections from a Year 3...
We did pioneering in the morning and our patrol built a rope bridge. It was a chance to revisit our lashes after not doing pioneering for a long while. It felt fulfilling as it was the last time the year 4s would be pioneering with us and we build a structure that we had never done before. Even though our progress was quite slow, it gave us time to bond with our seniors for the last time as they led us to complete the pioneering session. Furthermore as there was extra time as our structure was relatively simpler to build, we took many pictures with our rope bridge and patrol, leaving behind many indelible memories. We also managed to climb across and stand on the rope bridge even though it was shaky and it was through the support of our patrol mates that we managed to cross the bridge :) I personally felt quite sad as I saw the year 4s tying their last lashes with 麻绳 and felt that this day would come to me soon. I treasured the time we had to have a pioneering activity together and we were also able to go around to see the other structures build by the other patrols. My personal favourite was the monkey bar as it was fascinating to see the real monkey bar come to life with just spars and 麻绳. We had a lot of fun in the process and it was meaningful and memorable to see the rope bridge being build by both patrols together. 

Next, we had Company Games! It was definitely something everyone was looking forward to and we were not disappointed! We were given another set of patrol allocations as follows:

P1 & P6

P2 & P7

P3 & P8

P4 & P9

P5 & P10

Station 1: Flip The Cup

Location: Area outside track toilets
1.       On the table, there will be plastic cups half filled with Green Tea. The number of cups placed will be the number of patrol members for the larger patrol.
2.       The first person will finish the drink before flipping the cup upside down. She has to succeed in flipping the cup over before the next person can start her turn.
3.       The patrol who finishes the game first will earn more points.

Station 2: Broken Television

Location: Corridor outside Hall
1.       Each patrol will line up in a straight line facing one direction.
2.       The first member will be given an object to be drawn.
3.       She will show her drawing to the next member in line and pass it down the line.
4.       The last member have to guess the drawing.
5.       The game will be repeated again.

Station 3: Chicken Fight

Location: Field D area
1.       You need to bend one leg up and hold it bent with your knee poking out.
2.       You attack with your bent knee.
3.       The aim is to knock the other people from the other patrol over, making both feet touch the ground
4.       At the end of 3 and a half minutes, the patrol with more surviving members will win.
5.       There will be a total of two rounds.

Station 4: Countries

Location: Parade Square

1.       The aim of the game is to run into the rival’s territory and ‘steal’ an item back to your own. The team with the maximum number of items wins the round.
2.       You can stop rival members by tapping them. They will have to drop the item and squat down. Only being tapped by a member from their own team can save them.
3.       You can only tap members in your own territory, being safe once the item is in you half of the court.
4.       The court will be a netball court in the parade square.
5.       Each round will be 5 min each. There will be two rounds.

Station 5 - Throw That Shoe!

Location: Level 3 corridor above hall

1.       Patrols will each stand in their own court, facing one direction.
2.       They will take turns to throw their shoe and aim to throw into a box marked out by masking tape a distance away.
3.       Once they get their shoe inside, leave it there
4.       If the shoe doesn’t land inside the box, retrieve her shoe and go back in line.
5.       The winner will be the patrol who gets their entire patrols’ shoe inside at the faster time, or the patrol with the most number of shoes at the end of 8 minutes.

Reflections from a Year 3...
In my opinion, I feel that this year's company games is very fun and exciting. The games were also very interesting as we had never played them before. In addition, most of the games require us to work tgt with one another , thereafter, allowing us to bond more with our patrol
Afterwards we had lunch with our patrol and it was also the last meal the Year 4s had before officially passing down the to the Year 3s. Next was the thing that everyone had anticipated for, mass change!

We were given 10 minutes to mass change into our Full Guides Uniform and 集合 at the area outside the Media Resource Library (MRL). Because this was the first time the Year 1s did mass change, many of them were pretty scared because they didn’t know what to expect. The seniors helped as many Year 1s as possible and even though the situation was rather chaotic we still tried our best to make sure all the Year 1s were accounted for. However, because of some issues with their hair, scarf and belt, not everyone was back by 10 minutes, hence we had to do a forfeit by being in pumping position while waiting for the rest to come back. By the time everyone was back, it was already over 20 minutes which should not be the case considering the standard timing for mass changing is roughly 3-5 minutes. However because this was the first time the Year 1s did it, an eye was closed.

Next up was the Enrolment Ceremony where our Year 1s received their enrolment badges and have them pinned on their scarf, symbolising that they were now officially a girl guide! After we -ed a horse shoe formation, the Ceremony commenced. Patrol by patrol, the Patrol Leaders (PL) stepped up with the Year 1s and marched to the Guiders. The badges were pinned, the Guide’s Promise was recited and the 敬礼s to the was carried out.  

Colour Party 2015







Reflections from a Year 1...
I feel that the enrolment ceremony for the year ones on the 24/6/15 was a very interesting and unique ceremony to me. It was also done at a very standardized way. I personally enjoyed it very much although we had to stand on the same spot at the ‘alert position’ for quite a long period of time. The enrolment ceremony was also very memorable for me. I felt that there was a sense of satisfaction when the guiders were pinning the enrolment badge on me and I believe that my other batch mates would have the same feeling. The left hand shake that we had to do with the guiders before being officially enrolled was very unique and the meaning behind it was also very special. I really felt that I was part of the team as a big family when me, my patrol mate and patrol leader recited the guides promise and everyone else also does. I had a great sense of accomplishment when I recited the promise and I will make sure that I manage to do what I have said and promised.  It was a bit tired and I would get a bit restless after standing at the same spot in the ‘alert’ position for a long time. I enjoyed the part where me, my patrol mate and patrol leader marched out towards the guiders and recited the Guides promise together. Generally, I feel that the enrolment ceremony was very enjoyable for all. I think everyone had enjoyed themselves.
Exchanging Ribbons!

46th届 & 47届 Patrol Thirds
46th届 & 47届 Patrol Seconds

46th届 & 47届 Patrol Leaders

46th届 & 47届 Secretaries

46th届 & 47届 Quater Mistresses & Assitant Quater Mistresses

46th届 & 47届 Assistant Company Leaders

46th届 & 47届 Company Leaders


Our new Company Leader (CL), Grace, shouted “集合!”, marking not only the start of the new era for our leadership batch, but also a new era for the with 大风吹 where everyone changed patrols and from 10 patrols we downsized to 6.
Reflections from a Year 3...
Truthfully, I felt that it was an amazing ceremony as we, juniors, step forward to receive the titles and roles from our seniors.  I felt proud for my fellow batch mates as they walked to the front.  Time really flies and it felt just like yesterday when we first came into Guides.  We have learned so much and now, it was time for us to be the ones to pass our knowledge of guiding to our fellow juniors.  Since we are stepping up as seniors already, we should try our best and grow to become good leaders for our entire company.  We really have to thank our seniors for what we are today.  It was a heart-warming event as we marched up to the front when our titles were being called out. I could see the smiles on my batch mates’ and seniors’ faces when marching.  I guess that we were happy to be stepping up as seniors but at the same time, we were also sad that our seniors were leaving our patrols so soon. This ceremony was tiring as we had to stand for almost about an hour without moving about too much.  However, this ceremony was unforgettable and this memory will always hold a special place in our hearts as it was the fateful day when our seniors were passing down their roles to us.
集合 in our new patrols

New CL giving us instructions
46届 officially passed down :(

The highlight of the day was next: Performance!

The Year 1s kicked off the evening with a very heart-warming and cute speech to the Year 4s that touched the hearts of not only our seniors but also the entire ! They had only joined this Guides Family for a few months yet they already considered us as close friends so it was really sweet of them! They also sang “Flashlight” which recapped how the Year 4s have ignited their guiding journey and shown them the way in times of despair.

Next, the Year 2s killed the show with a very humorous skit! Not only did they sing and dance, they also had a soccer performance where our very talented Year 2, Kyna, showed off her amazing skills by doing all kinds of stunts with a soccer ball! They had a spectacular dance performance with the song “Treasure” and a acapella vocal showcase with “Rather Be”! Our Year 2s sure are a talented bunch!

But the item that had the loudest bursts of laughter was the comedy video made by the Year 3s, “Shit Juniors Do” where the many random (and weird) things that juniors have to do in guides were reflected. Not only did they spark up many past memories, everyone had a good laugh!

The Year 3s then sang “朋友” which was something we did every year since the first performance when we were Year 1s. The song represented the deep friendships forged in guides and how even though the Year 4s were passing down, this bond would still be eternal. A photo montage was then dedicated to the because after that day, everyone would be in different patrols and it was definitely not easy to let go of the previous patrol mates.

The Year 3s then talked to the Year 4s one by one and many tears were shed by both batches as memories were recalled and gratitude was expressed. The performance was wrapped up with “Flashlight”.

The Year 4s sparked another ton of laughs with their music video remake of “Blank Space”! It was funny and cute and hilarious and mainly on point as they twisted the context of the video to align with guides. They then danced to “Night Changes” and sang “Sweeter than Fiction” which somehow managed to accurately reflect something in guides! But the part that was a tear bomb was the Year 4’s speech to us. We will definitely miss them so badly!!
Reflections from a Year 2...
To commemorate the passing down of the new leading batch, each batch had to come up with a performance for the Year 4s. It was really exciting as the different batches put up a very interesting show. It can be seen that every batch put in a lot of effort in the performance as they were all very engaging. However I felt that the Year 2s performance could be improved as we did not put in as much effort as expected and in the end our performance did not turn out the way we wanted it to. I was slightly disappointed with us but I was still proud as we managed to put up a show that the seniors enjoyed. I got really emotional during the other performances as most of them were touching and portrayed the love we had for the seniors and/or how much the seniors appreciate us, so many of
the seniors and juniors cried during the performance. What was even more touching was the amount of effort put in by the batches to put up a great show. It was really sad that we had so little time for the performances because even though the Year 2s were not very prepared, we originally wanted to perform more but in the end we had to cut some parts out.  I hope there will be more time so that we can show our seniors how much we appreciate them through performance. I am glad that we have the opportunity to perform for our seniors as I feel that during normal 集合s, we never show our seniors how much we love them enough but through the allocated time for performance we have the chance to truly let the seniors know how much they have impacted us (in a good way) and how much we will miss them. I also feel that us Year 2s should push for better time management to rehearse our performance in the future as it is important to put up a good show for the seniors. One of the Year 3s’ “performances” was them sitting according to their patrols and saying personal words dedicated to their seniors. This was the part that I cried and I realised that we don’t have to put up a real performance, what’s more important is that we speak from our hearts and tell our seniors how great they are. The Year 2s are considering to do the same for the next PDP as it is more sincere than a normal performance.

We exchanged presents and afterwards we had dinner which would be the last meal we had with our Year 4s and with our previous patrol mates so it was rather sentimental. Pictures were taken and hugs were once again exchanged. But all good things had to come to an end and so did that day’s 集合 with our new CL breaking us off.
But first lemme take a selfie!

P6 Dove

P3 Jasmine

P1 Bougainvillea

This 集合 was definitely one emotional roller coaster ride and something that none of us will forget! (:
We will miss you 中四s! ❤

47th Batch Secretary


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