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28 August 2016

Skills Training and EDD Preparation, 19th August

Hello fellow guides! On the 19th of August, we had Creative Pioneering session and EDD Preparation, before we ended 集合 with a new introduction of the Guides Own session where the whole 团 reflected upon the day. Here are some reflections from the Year 2s.

Reflection from a Year 2 from Patrol 2 about the Creative Pioneering:
From this 集合, I have learnt a very important lesson—that we need to have a higher sense of urgency. When we were building the structure, we were slow and inefficient. Our lack of sense of urgency was also partly due to the fact that we were all lost and unsure of what was the plan. Furthermore, we were uncoordinated and we didn’t communicate well enough with each other and our juniors. One of us should have stepped up to lead the rest, but we were all a bit too shy to do so. Our patrol morale was also rather low, and we constantly forgot to 报时. Although we did not do well in many areas for that 集合, we now know our shortcomings, and we will continue to work hard to make future 集合s a success.

Reflection from a Year 2 from Patrol 6 about the Creative Pioneering:
During Friday's 集合, we were told to build a kitchen table together with another patrol, and the condition was that all 3 kitchen tables across the paired patrols had to be of different designs. My group chose to build the quad-pod version of a kitchen table. However, it was really rushed and chaotic as there were only 3 Year 2s leading the Year 1s and we were quite unclear about the building of a quad-pod too. We also spent nearly 50 minutes building the quad-pod and 5 minutes trying to open it, which was unacceptable. I felt extremely guilty as one hour was more than enough to build a kitchen table, yet we had to ask for a time extension of 20 minutes to finish building it. Even then, our lashes were not up to expectations and the structure was unstable. We also failed to 报时 and cheer constantly, which led to the mismanagement of our time and low group morale. From this 集合, I learnt that I should practise my lashes more frequently so as to pass on the correct knowledge to my juniors and take the initiative and step up to lead them more, so as to prevent the same mistakes from happening again.

Reflection from a Year 2 about the Guides Own Session:
I found the guides own session very unique as it was something that we've never done before. I think something good about it is that it allowed us to bond as a and not just as a batch or patrol, like we normally do. In my opinion, this sort of bonding is necessary for the whole guides company to progress together. Through it, I could learn from the experiences of other guides, such as what they had learnt, especially if they did something different that day.  It also allowed us to reflect on the day's activities together, think about what we did wrong and from it, take note and learn to correct it before the next 集合. It also allowed us to clarify any doubts we had, especially now that ATC is just round the corner and we (Year 2s) will have to be leading the Year 1s. All in all, I think the guides own session is a great idea as it provided us with a platform to not only bond but learn from other people's mistakes as well as reflect and learn from our own, so as to improve ourselves.

Published By:
Chen Wei
48th Batch Secretary

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