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13 March 2010

Hello guides :)

Yesterday, we had jihe and skills training. We tied our creative gadgets and had physical training.
Firstly, we were given 7 minutes per company to chou mu. We did not asked for time extension so it could be considered as a good start. Next, every patrol went on to tie their creative gadgets their year 3s designed previously. We were given 50 minutes and we were supposed to use this time to teach the years 1s on the lashes and gadget uses. At first, most of us were so anxious in tying the gadget that we forgot to teach the year 1s. It was only after the year 4s reminded us then we realised our mistake. Luckily it was not too late and we managed to teach the year 1s some stuffs such as netting and diagonal lash. Jiayou!

We learnt that when tying the dingjiao, 2 person must tie at both sides to balance the mu and prevent it from getting loose. This requires teamwork and coordination as from this, we learnt that one person will not be able to tie tightly with the other side hanging loosely. We also learnt that as the purpose of netting is to be able to put something on it, thus if the spaces between each netting is too big, the things may just drop into the space. Hence, we have to minimise the spaces. All patrols managed to complete our gadgets within the stipulated time, so good job.
Then, we had different patrols to explain their creative gadgets to us. We learnt many new ways and ideas through this exchange of ideas.

One lesson most patrols learnt is the construction of quadrapod. We learnt that the tying part is just the same as that of the tripod, just that 4 mus are used instead of 3. When opening the quadrapod, its crossing between the 1st and 3rd mus as well as the 2nd and 4th mus. This is very important to prevent feijiao. Not forgetting the lesson we learnt almost every week that is teamwork. Without teamwork, the gadget could not have been constructed only by a pair of hands. Without teamwork, the gadget would not be as successful as it turned out to be. Without teamwork, the gadget would not have been done in such a short time. Thus, teamwork is very important and we have to bear this in mind that together, we make things happen.

After that, we had patrol corner and we chai-ed and keep the mus back. For the remaining time, we taught our year 1s some basic guides rules and pumpings.

Lastly, we had physical training by level. For the year 3s, they ran many rounds up and down the junior high block and ding some positions in between. I feel that we can improve next time by caring more for our jie mates. There were large gaps between some of us when we were running and we should have told the people in front to slow down but we did not, thus we should think more of others and care for them. We have to always bear this in mind as this not only applies to guiding but our school motto- To Care. We work as one and run together, so if there are gaps in between, it does not reflect well on our unity, hence we have to show more concern to others, not leaving anyone out, so we can bond together more as a jie, as a company.

We are sure that after this day, we had learnt more, bonded more and cared more, therefore wishing better achievements in future activities!

Love guides!

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