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7 March 2010

Yesterday, we had initiatives and dragon boating during our jihe :)

Jihe-d at 830, then broke off for inter-patrol games. We had four different ball games, namely soccer, floorball, captain's ball and netball. We competed against different patrols and took turns playing the different sports. Through this, we definitely bonded more with our patrol. Teamwork is especially important in sports, although strategising also played a relatively important role. Im sure everyone had a lot of fun, cheering on for their respective patrols, celebrating over victories and encouraging each other when they lost. Overall, P4 attained first, P5 & P6 tied for second place. However, i believe that everyone played their best and positions do not matter, for we reaped morals such as teamwork from it.

After a delicious lunch of chicken rice, we then proceeded to Kallang Water Sports centre for dragon boating. We were split into five boats, and were assigned two instructors each. A safety briefing, life buoyancy vests, a paddle, and we were all set to go! First we practiced rowing in the water, and learnt how to co-ordinate. After mastering the basic four commands, we then had fun in the water, playing tug-of-war and going around splashing at other patrol's boats :p Our session ended with a race between the five boats, where teamwork and co-ordination played a huge role. Once again, this helped us to build up our communication between not only our patrol, but with others in the same boat as us. Before we knew it, our time in the water was up and we had to return back to shore.

Overall, im sure all of us learnt something from yesterday's jihe - teamwork. This does not apply only in sports, but also in our everyday lives, and of course, guides. With teamwork, we can achieve greater, we can achieve so much more :)

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More. There is never an 'i' in teamwork. Its only together with your patrol/jie, that you can overcome all the obstacles in guides.

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