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18 July 2010


Hey guides! here's a post on friday's pdp by a year1 :)

We had the passing down and enrolment ceremony on Friday, and it was my first time attending the ceremony. :D I felt happy to be finally officially enrolled into guides. :D

After the ceremony, we went to the student lounge to have the passing down performances, and everybody's performance was memorable. The things that the seniors have said during the performance were especially touching.

Then, it was dinner time cum patrol corner , and everybody tucked in to their food, while taking A LOT of pictures. :D

It is the last jihe the yr 4s would be going to have with us, and I really miss them, especially after they have spent so much time with us, teaching us and trying to help us through the long journey in guides. Thanks and we will always remember you, year 4s! (:

love guides:)

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