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26 August 2014

集合, 22nd August

Hi Guides!

Friday's 集合 was not a combined one and the batches split up to carry out different activities.

For the Year 1s, they first had Obstacle Journey (OJ) and Physical Training in their respective COYs. There were two stations for them to complete. Their first station was to build a catapult in 15 minutes. Those not involved in building the structure were to do Physical Training. The Year 3s commented that they had generally started off well, but gradually became more chaotic because they had to repeatedly retie the lashes. Despite this, it was a good performance overall.

For the second station, it was the station where the Year 1s had to do Physical Training, whilst also being tested on their Guides skills such as starting a fire. Lastly, there was also a relay race. Generally, the Year 1s were relatively fast but there is still room for improvement!
Lastly, they were given some time to do their Craft Badge. They made many items using their creativity and their artistic skills, which was a very good experience for them because they had the opportunity to engage in activities different from the usual Guides activities. 

Thoughts from a Year 1...
We bonded a lot through this 集合. However, I think that we should have practised our lashes more and kept things organised.  It wasn't as tough as expected because it was fun and many of us bonded. Another good thing was that we cheered and 报时 a lot.

As for the Year 2s, they split up into their respective COYs and had Physical Training and Gadgeting, with a bit of Obstacle Journey elements. For the Gadgeting part, they were tasked to build a gadget according to the proposal in 15 minutes. In addition to this, they also had to do some Physical Training. 

Afterwards, they moved on to their next station where they did more Physical Training. The first part of the station was circuits. While doing the circuits, the Year 2s had to go up one by one to answer questions and complete penalties if their answers were incorrect. Next, they were tasked to solve the Guides codes while in Girls' style pumping position. Next, they had to be in Boys' style position while figuring out the trekking signs. 

Lastly, they had to build a multi- purpose creative gadget using the logistics given. Afterwards, they had Physical Training as penalties.
Thoughts from a Year 2...
To be honest, I was kind of scared as we never know how tough it would be. I was excited as well, because it isn't every 集合 that we get to do stuff as a batch. We managed to get through it together quite smoothly, although we lacked a sense of urgency and as a result, was unable to complete the multi-purpose gadget. I'm also really thankful that we got to have this PT session, as it got us thinking about what we really need to improve on and cherish the time we have during 集合 as there isn't many left before Annual Training Camp. More importantly, we got to bond through this PT, which is absolutely necessary in training camps as it would improve teamwork and communication, and not to mention in life, where trusty friends play huge part in self-discovery and improvement.

Thoughts from a Year 2...
Overall, this 集合 has taught me a lot and I had fun, even though it was tough. I was proud of myself as I managed to persevere all the way. I also bonded a lot more with my batch as even though we worked as separate COYs, we cheered together. However, I think we can work on our attitude. From the activities, I've learnt that although it's good to have fun, it's also important to treat 集合 seriously. The morale of our COY was also low as we barely cheered while doing some of the PT. The Year 3s also had to constantly remind us to cheer and 报时. Moreover, I think we can definitely work on our lashes. I hope we can do better next time!

As for the Year 3s, they had to do Physical Training which comprised on Kallang Wave Pumpings and a few circuits. In general, there was constant cheering and 报时 and everyone was able to bond through this Physical Training.

Next, they went on to paint the Patrol Emblems. However, due to time constraints, the painting was not completed and would be left to another time.

Thoughts from a Year 3...
It has been ages since we have engaged in such an activity ourselves and not to mention, it was quite tiring. The ground was scotching hot but I cannot deny the fact that our performance was not the best. I believed that though we pia-ed through the PT, we should have had more tolerance and a better sense of urgency. Painting the Patrol Emblems was also quite honourable they would be displayed in our 团部 for many years to come. Hence, we put in effort to paint the emblems carefully

Hopefully, all the Guides have benefited from this 集合 and took the opportunity to bond with their batch mates. (:

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