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18 August 2014

Initiatives and celebration, 15th August

Hi Guides! 

Today was initiatives and celebration for the success of our 46th Anniversary Campfire!

First, COY 1 and 2 separated and went to their respective classrooms for their initiatives, planned by P3 and P6 respectively. For COY 1, P3's initiative was to create individual and patrol lava lamps, while P6 planned to colour salt to be displayed in jars. 

Everyone was generally enthusiastic about the initiatives and happy to be able to do activities outside of usual Guides activities. Generally, the steps were also simple and easy to follow, hence, the Guides are able to recreate these items any time they wish to!At the end, many had really pretty bottles of their very own Lava Lamps (COY 1) and coloured salt (COY 2). These initiatives really serve to enrich the Guides and inspire them to be more creative. (: 

Thoughts from a COY 1 Year 2...
When we did the lava lamp, we did not have much decorative materials along with us but we still made the best out of it! =D We were given dyes of colours like red and green. The steps were simple: fill the bottle with water, add some oil, then some dye, decorate your bottles, amd lastly, add some salt. We could then see colorful bubbles bubbling their way up. It was beautiful though the effect was short term ♡. Some of our hand were also stained with dye too. All of us had lots of fun making the lava lamp together and also bonded as a patrol. 

Thoughts from a COY 2 Year 2...
The initiative held during yesterday's 集合 was pretty fun and enriching. It had taught me a more economical and easy way to do Sand Art. By colouring salt with chalk would also allow us to have a have larger variety of colours which would give us a better combination of colours when the coloured salt is poured into the bottles. 

After initiatives ended, it was time for the celebration. Everyone was in high spirits and the seniors even came back to enjoy the celebration too. It was really heartwarming to see all the Guides gathered together, singing Happy Birthday to Girl Guides and savouring the dinner and cake provided. 

Our 46th Anniversary Caqmpfire was truly a success and worth the celebration, and all of this would not be possible without the leadership and guidance of the Year 7s who came back to plan the Campfire, as well as the unwavering support from the Guiders as well as all the Guides and many others whom have helped along the way. 

Hopefully, all the Guides have gained something from today and enjoyed the celebration whilst reminiscing their wonderful campfire moments. (:

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