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30 July 2014

Patrol Activity, 25th July

Hi Guides!

Today the patrols had Skills Training.

This was a chance for the Patrol Leaders (PLs) to plan activities for their patrols to improve their skills.

P1 started off with patrol corner then headed to the field to build the kitchen shelter. Thereafter, they headed back to the General Science Lab (GSL) to practise their lashes. They also had to do Physical Training (PT) items for their mistakes in tying lashes. They ended with Fireman's Ladder, which is the traditional game of an individual flipping over a structure while 6 other people support the structure. The purpose of this activity is to build trust between the patrol, as the individual only has the people supporting the structure to depend on for her safety.

Reflections from a Year 2:
Today for skills training, we had Patrol Activity (PA). We started with a patrol corner. Then, we built a kitchen shelter. Next, we had a lash tying competition. Our Year 3s checked our lashes and we did Physical Training items for our mistakes. Lastly, we got to try the fireman's ladder. This PA was indeed very enriching.

P2 and P4 started off with building a Kitchen Shelter together at the field due to a shortage of manpower. Although it was tough and progress was slow, they managed to finish it in the end! However, they had to do 25 pumpings due to their slow progress. Afterward, P2 practised their lashes. However, they had to run 4 rounds around the GSL as forfeit for not having up-to-standard lashes. Although the punishments seem petty, do remember this is good training for you! :)

P3 started off with Inspection. They were given time to memorise the inspection layout. Afterward, they had to tie many gadgets such as Flagpole, Baggage Rack and Clothesrack within 1h 40 min. Although it was slightly tough, they still managed to do it!

P4 started off with building a Kitchen Shelter with P2 at the field. after that, they had a session to revise their lashes and ended with patrol corner. Good job!

P5 combined with P7 to build a Kitchen Shelter at the field together due to a shortage of manpower. They were given some time to look at the proposal before starting to build it. Although the amount of effort put in by the patrol to build the Kitchen Shelter was clear, things could have been done more efficiently and faster. After that P5 had an Orienteering session around the GSL where they found lots of food and Milo which they got to enjoy during patrol corner afterward. After patrol corner, they had a lash-tying session where they got to practise and revise their lashes.

P6 started with Fireman's Ladder. Although it was scary, the patrol still managed to overcome their fears and flip over the 'ladder'! After that, they had to build a catapult with spars.

P7 did Fireman's Ladder after building a Kitchen Shelter with P5 at the field. Thereafter, their built a Shoerack and Bashas. 2 Bashas had to be up by 3 minutes. For those of you who don't know, a Basha is an emergency shelter built with a poncho, 青头 and 中木.

Reflections from a Year 1:
Yesterday's PA gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and practise my lashes. I feel that I need more practice on 八字结. I also feel very encourages by my seniors as she say although we have very little people in our patrol as compared to others, we will be able to achieve the same things as them, this made me to persevere on although all of us were very tired. Lastly, I learn to keep my composure and not panic and do my best for everything.

P8 did Gadgeting, Orienteering, First Aid and Physical Training. Although they only had 4 people, they persevered and did their best! :)

P9 did Orienteering, practised their lashes, built a Baggage Rack, did some Physical Training and lastly then ended with patrol corner. It was a fun yet tiring experience.

P10 started off with tying Bashas. After that, they had Physical Training at the track which consisted of pumpings, lunges, jumping, and more. The pain is temporary; although it's tough, you'll hopefully emerge a better, stronger person. Then, they revised their lashes and ended with patrol corner. 

Overall, this Skills Training session was a good opportunity for the Year 1s and 2s to revise their lashes and familiarise themselves with various structures. Hopefully, everyone had a good rest after this session. :)

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