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5 November 2014

East Division Day, 1st November

Hi Guides!

We recently had our annual East Division Day, where Guides from different schools in the East came together to compete in various competitions.

Fashion Show
We had to prepare the dress for the fashion show for quite a few weeks, which was both tiring and exciting. Tiring because we had to stay back till 6 on most of the days of the week, yet still exciting because we were curious as to how the dress would turn out. During the actual day of EDD, we had less time than we thought, resulting in an incomplete dress. Despite this, the dress turned out really pretty! Although we did not win, it was an exciting experience for me and I hope that next year, DHS Guides would win the fashion show. :) 

Mini Gadgets
Our seniors had high expectations of us since DHS Guides are known for our strong pioneering skills, and hence we were aiming for the Top 3 positions. We faced quite a few difficulties while putting everything together because time was tight and we had to rush at times. Our structure was also not complete but we had to make do with it. Eventually, when the results were about to be announced, we were all nervous because we thought that we would fall short of our seniors' expectations by missing out on the Top 3 positions. Fortunately, we managed to clinch the Top 2 positions. :) All the hard work we had put into EDD had really paid off! 

Toy Making
Before EDD, we had multiple practices before the actual competition. I was in the toy making committee. First, we had to brainstorm for ideas according to the theme, Be Different. Also, we had to utilise recycled materials in our toy. At last, we decided to sew a bear using newspapers and use plastic bags for its stuffings. We then used various materials such as cloth and plastic bags for the clothing. For the first time trying out, we realised the bear looked quite plain. In the end, we redesigned the clothing. During all the practices, we timed ourselves to make sure that we would be well prepared that day. We also designed a card which we used to explain the rationale behind our toy. Although we did not win that day, this whole competition was very fruitful. I loved using those recycled materials and turning them into beautiful toys. I learnt the importance of recycling and also the importance of good time management. Toy making is indeed a very interesting committee.

For this year's EDD, I had an amazing experience! (: Although we had much lesser preparation time as compared to last year due to Annual Training Camp and Song Leader for some people, we still managed to get first place like last year! I really enjoyed all the preps because I never considered singing a chore and rather an enjoyable hobby. The songs sounded really horrible when we first sang them but gradually we got the hang of it and sang more on tune (even though the final performance was still a little out of tune). The songs this year, I admit, were harder than last year's with the presence of more high notes and low notes. We had some difficulty at first but after practising, we managed to work things out and determine the right pitch to sing the songs at. I really love EDD Choral and hope that I will be able to be a part of it next year and may even be involved in the planning! (:

On the actual day of EDD, although we did not win anything, we tried our best and I think we did put in a lot of effort. The thrill of performing what I had been practicing for months gave me a surge of adrenalin I rarely feel. Overall, it had been a good experience. Now, I don't just sing when I listen to music, I also dance if the situation allows me to. I also am choreographing my ATC patrol's dance, this being no doubt a direct influence from my EDD experience.

This was first time since I joined Guides that I got this chance to take part in a competition for this CCA. It was an enjoyable experience and I have benefitted a lot from it. Even though we didn't win in the end, we still see ourselves as winners since we know that we had done our best during the competition. However, there were areas for improvement. During the competition, we almost couldn't finish on time and had to rush in the last few minutes and it was extremely chaotic. We could have managed our time properly like what we did when we practised before the competition. Overall, I had fun watching the performances and although I didn't win, I'll improve for next year! :)

Booths (Balloon Sculpting)
It was fun making the balloon sculptures and giving them out to the Brownies and Guides. Looking at how happy they were after receiving the balloons made my day. I also got to meet Brownies and Guides from different schools, which was a unique experience because we rarely get the chance to do so. It really showed me how Brownies and Guides can all come together to compete and have fun despite being in different schools. :) 

At first, the Guides were generally very shy and quiet, hence we had to rehearse a number of times until he Guides were more or less comfortable with speaking loudly. It wasn't easy trying to coordinate all the actions, editing and adding different parts along the way. However, with hard work and determination from all the Guides, we were able to piece everything together and present the cheer to the judges. Despite being beaten by other teams, the experience was nonetheless, very enriching and fun! Everyone learnt how to step out of their comfort zone and hopefully, the cheerleading committee next year can win for our company!

Awards :)
1. Mini Gadgets (COY 1)- 1st
2. Mini Gadgets (COY 2)- 2nd
3. Scrapbooking (COY 1)- 2nd
4. Choral (COY 1)- 1st
5. Cheerleading (COY 2)- 2nd

Although not all the committees won a prize, everyone put in their utmost effort and thoroughly enjoyed this experience! :) 

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