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18 November 2015

Annual Training Camp, 11-13 November 2015

Hello Guides! (:

This year’s Annual Training Camp’s (ATC) theme was EVOLUTION: Stay ahead. Soar up high. As reflected by the theme, we hoped that through this camp, the trainees were able to change and adapt to the various obstacles thrown at them, as well as brush up their hard and soft skills. For the Year 2s, it was also the first time they were leading the Year 1s for such a big scale camp. The camp took over a span of three days, 11th November to 13th November at Camp Christine. The Year 3 counsellors had planned many activities for the trainees with the objective of training them. Such activities included Camp Development (Camp D), Inspection, Outdoor Cooking (OC), Obstacle Journey (OJ) etc. The trainees had a reshuffling of patrols into 6 new ones for this camp.

Here are the respective patrols:

P1 Papillon (重生之蝶)
P2 Phoenix (凤凰)
P3 Grandeeney (龙江女)
P4 Pokemon (精灵)
P5 Eevee (伊布)
P6 Infinite (无限)

0.1 Camp Preparations

But before the commencement of the camp itself, the trainees were given a briefing and had a few weeks before the camp to carry out their respective preparations. They had to submit drawings for their patrol logistics which included their patrol flag, identity, banner and meal bag, and afterwards make them. They also had to send in proposals for Camp D, OC, and Campfire to facilitate their planning and also to ensure that they would be clear of what to do during the actual activity itself.

Thoughts from a Year 1…
Overall, the ATC preparation period helped me understand both my seniors and peers further as we had to work together, and gave me a push to study Guides notes more. The various deadlines taught me the importance of having a sense of urgency too. I was touched by the patience and care my seniors have for me as I must admit that I made mistakes. When I first joined this CCA around the start of the year, I was told that ATC is harsh, but as we were preparing for ATC, I found that it was fun when working with my patrol mates.  As all is said and done, I am excitedly looking forward to ATC.

Thoughts from a Year 2…
For the past 2 weeks, we had to meet up often to finish planning and designing items for the camp such as meal bags, a banner and even coming up with our own skit, song and dance for the campfire performance. Fortunately, our progress was good and we managed to complete everything on time. Although everyone did put in effort for the various activities we had to complete, some were uncooperative while doing the camp D timeline and left others to complete it late at night. Despite these problems we faced, we managed to "train" our y1s well and they put in effort to help out as much as possible. Overall, I feel satisfied with our pre camp performance and really hope to strive for number 1 patrol in the camp!!

0.2 Pre-Camp Inspection

The guides 集合-ed at the empty area at Block G level 3 on 6th November for their Pre-Camp Inspection. This served as a final check to make sure all their logistics were ready for the camp. There were also physical training (PT) segments that they had to carry out as forfeits to train their stamina. They were given 10 minutes to mass change into their guides uniform and retrieve all their logistics from 团部.  Afterwards, each patrol had to go to six classrooms respectively and they were given another 10 minutes to lay out their logistics based on the layout they had drawn and standardised across the company. Counsellors then went around grading on different aspects such as attire, patrol morale, neatness, standardisation, completeness and rationale of patrol logistics. Respective PT items were to be done by the patrol dependent on their performance.


Thoughts from a Year 1…
Pre-camp Inspection was fun although it was rather tiring. Seniors were very patient in guiding us when we were in doubt. Our PL was very active and perpetually encouraged us to cheers and participate enthusiastically. The other year 2 seniors were very caring and took care of us year 1s well. As for year 3 seniors, they were very affable and reminded us politely when we made mistakes. They also encouraged us greatly along the way telling us that we can do it. All this made Pre-camp Inspection very enjoyable and smooth sailing. Although we used much elbow grease due to PT, we showed our unity through the process so PT was very pleasant overall. Nevertheless, PT was tiring for us but our cheers and songs motivated us a lot. Overall, Pre-camp Inspection is delightful and compelled me to step out of my comfort zone. I hope that ATC will be as smooth sailing as Pre-camp Inspection and I looked forward to ATC!    

Thoughts from a Year 2…
We ran to our respective classrooms and were given some time to layout everything, plus some of us had to check that we were standardized with the other patrols. I thought that we were actually lagging far behind when it came to the inspection, because some tiny details were not standardized properly, and even the position of some items were mixed up. It was definitely something we could improve and the counsellors kept bringing up this point during the stations. Different counsellors came in to inspect our items for the different stations, and we had to do PT as punishment for some mistakes. Overall it was quite tiring as some points but because the whole patrol cheered together loudly, it really encouraged me to pia on for the sake of the patrol. It was a fruitful and yet fun experience leading the Y1s for me!

The patrols were then given 2 minutes to pack up after their 6th and last round of inspection. Afterwards was 解散 and the trainees went back to 团部 to arrange their logistics properly.

1.0 Day 1

On the 11th of November, the trainees and counsellors 集合-ed at the school’s foyers with their personal logistics and patrol logistics from 团部. After the guiders collected the trainees’ valuables, the patrols then sat down to set patrol as well as individual goals that they wanted to meet after this camp. The patrols were called out one by one to load their logistics on to the lorry. After goal setting, the patrols boarded the buses and we made our way to Camp Christine, which was a 1 hour journey away! Upon arrival, we quickly unloaded the logistics and then it was the start of the first activity.

1.1 Camp Development Part 1 & Part 2

For Camp D, here are the list of items that were required by the trainees to build:

- Camp Christine Tent
- 8- men tent
- Flagpole
- Emergency shelter

- Kitchen Shelter (to be shared among 2 patrols)

- Fire altar and dustbin

- Shoe rack
- Creative gadget

- Gadget to hold banner

- Meaningful improvement to campsite

Meanwhile, the counsellors had to build another two camp Christine tents and the company flag pole.

Camp Development Part 1

 For Camp D part 1, the trainees had to get their tents up. Most patrols started out with their emergency shelter and subsequently their Camp Christine Tent and flag pole. P6 however, managed to get their 8-men tent up too!

 During which, the counsellors were working on their tents and the company flag pole for flag raising the next day.

After that, it was lunch. Everyone gathered to eat at Sangam and during which they took a break and recharged themselves for the rest of that day.

Camp Development Part 2
 For Camp D part 2, the trainees at first went to start on their kitchen shelter as planned. However, due to poor weather, they were forced to move indoors. They were relocated to Pax Lodge where they worked on their creative gadgets which could be done indoors.


Thoughts from a Year 1…
To sum it up, I think Camp D was a great learning curve for me and I feel that I've learnt a lot from this experience. Usually, we only get to build one structure during the 集合but during Camp D, we got to build a kitchen shelter, 8 men tent, the Camp Christine tent and a flag pole. It required lots of hard work and perseverance. Pitching the 8 men tent and the Camp Christine were not easy tasks mostly because I've have no experience and it was my first time doing so. My patrol was one of the first patrols to build the 8 men tent. Pitching the Camp Christine tent and being able to complete it quickly required everyone's hard work and effort. This made me realise how important teamwork is, no matter what you do. Pitching this tent isn't just the year 2s' jobs. It's a team effort. Without team work, we would have failed miserably. This is something important that I've learnt.

Thoughts from a Year 2…
Personally I feel that the time we had for Camp Development is sufficient but we were lacking a sense of urgency. For our patrol, we started part one quite slowly. The year ones tended to take their own sweet time in doing the work and the year twos did not give clear instructions. For example, only two out of six of our patrol mates attended the tent pitching course. One of them was doing emergency shelter. So the other one had to instruct the rest of patrol. But the year ones did not know certain terminology like separator. Thus, they were quite confused of what to do. I think that this can also be due to the fact that we did not allocate manpower effectively. We should have the people who did not attend the course to build emergency shelter while the ones who know work on Christine tent. I have also observed that we worked very slowly. When we found out that one of our spike was slanted, we asked a year one to look for the uncle in charge. During that time, we just waited there and should have started on other gadgets instead of wasting time. Moreover, we did not cheer and 报时 constantly. For most of the time, it is only the year twos cheer and the year ones were too shy to 报时 and cheer loudly. Furthermore, we only finished emergency shelter, tent shoe-rack, gadget to hold banner and flagpole in first day. We should have taken note of time well and be more efficient. In conclusion of our first day's Camp D performance, I feel that everyone did not put in their best effort and there was a big room for improvement.

1.2 Telematch

Next was a new segment introduced to ATC, telematch! Basically, this was an alteration of Physical Training which focused more on teamwork and communication within the patrol to complete the given task. There were three stations and finally a mass station at the end.

Here is the storyline:
All men are born special in this universe. Through evolution, we have evolved from apes to mankind, who knows what will happen to us in another thousand years? Robots that possess magical powers? Who Knows? Yet, no matter how hard we try, we have flaws. Eventually, these flaws will become so apparent, we will not dare to face it, we will choose to hide from it. However, there is still time. Before the next evolution, there is still time. With teamwork, you will be able to overcome one another’s flaws and survive.

The patrols were paired up and they headed to three stations located around the campsite. Here are the pairings:
Patrol 1 & 6
Patrol 2 & 5
Patrol 3 & 4

Station One (Olave Hall):
Part 1 of the station will consist of a relay. Two patrols will compete against each other to complete a circuit. The circuit consists of jumping using a 麻布袋 , lunges and piggy-back across the entire length of Olave Hall. At the start of the relay race, one representative from each patrol will scissors paper stone and the winner can decide to change one of the above activity to hopping. During the interval of changing the activity, one patrol member from each patrol would need to skip on the spot 5 times before the next patrol member sets off.

Part 2 of the station requires teamwork within the whole patrol. The patrol will line up in straight line against a wall. One person will do lie in sit up position while the one beside will do 站马, this formation will continue throughout the whole patrol. Patrol members will then need to transfer Roller Coaster using chopsticks, then drop it in an empty cup. For patrol members in sit up position, they need to do two sit ups before they can pass the roller coaster.

Thoughts from a Year 1…
Personally, I feel that I enjoyed the passing of the roller coaster snacks while doing 站马 and leg raise the most. I do not feel as tired as I normally would while doing the PT probably because I was very engrossed in passing and receiving the roller coaster snack. I feel that my patrol has done quite well for this station mainly because we passed quite a lot of roller coaster snacks across the row. However, we did drop a number of roller coaster snack during the games which resulted a deduction of points, therefore I think that when we are passing the snack from one chopstick to another, we should always be very stable and the person who is passing should always check that the receiver had properly received the snack before releasing our chopstick. I think that our patrol should improve by cheering more during the game to boost the patrol morale. 

Thoughts from a Year 2…
I felt that we could have cheered more as hopping and doing lunges really stretches your hamstring so we should cheer our patrol mates on when they are trying their best completing the task assigned. I learnt that we should try to communicate better so that we will be able to transport as many as possible and also do not drop the roller coaster on the floor.

Station Two (Our Cabana):
Station 2 involves the two patrols to carry out 3-legged rally race. Patrol members are to use 白绳 to tie their legs together. With teamwork, they will manoeuvre around Our Cabana, from one end to the other end to complete a relay. A scenario was read to them and they had to collect slips of paper and prioritise them according to the scenario. They will be given 10 minutes for this activity and their aim is to complete moving across the corridor of Our Cabana as many times as possible. For the first 5 minutes, the patrols would go in pairs, and after 5 minutes, a member will be added after every round. The patrol that completes the most number of rounds will then be given the benefit for the next part of this station.

For part 2 (Pass the netball), the patrol that is leading for part 1 of the activity, will then be able to pick the lucky draw dip first and be given a chance to pick a second time if they are not satisfied with whatever they had the first time. The lucky draw dip would consist of different instruction like (8 legs on the ground, 3 hands on the floor in total), and they would have to fulfil this criteria and complete the activity of passing the netball from one end of the patrol to the other. The patrol that passed the netball for the most number of times would then win.

Thoughts from a Year 1…
I feel that it was very fun while doing the race although I think that as the number of players in the three-legged race increases, it gets harder to synchronise and make sure that nobody trip and fall due to the strings that tied our leg together. The strategy that my patrol worked our after discussing is that we count “one, two” and move our legs along and make sure that they are moving at the same speed, if not, one of us would trip and fall. At first, before it was my turn to join in the race, I was rather afraid that I might not be able to synchronise and would fall. But, after trying the race out for myself, I felt that it was rather easy to do it since me and my partner were counting together. However, it was rather challenging when more and more members join in the race as we have to count all at the same time and move our legs along. I think my patrol could have done better if we had more time to practise.

Thoughts from a Year 2…
Our patrol had sort of a disadvantage as we had to coordinate with more people due to the fact that we had 6 people whereas our opposing patrol, had 1 person less. They only needed to move with 5 people whereas e had to move with 6 people. Through this experience of the race while binding our legs together and walking, we have learnt to improve on our communication skills and brush up on our coordination with the patrol. If everybody was commanding on what to do, nothing would be done and we will just be stuck there or when we start walking, someone would just fall as they cannot keep up with the instructions. For the next part, it was interesting as at one point only 5 hands had to be used but my patrol had 6 people so one of us had to use our leg to pass the ball, fortunately we succeeded and manage to pass the ball around the same number of times as the opposing team did.
Station Three (Pax Lodge):
The two patrol will compete against each other in a game of captain’s ball. The patrol that scores the most will win. However, they will have to complete PT items in order for the game to proceed. This is how the game will proceed.

1.      There will be two chairs at the two corners of the ‘court’. The captain is supposed to stand on it.
2.      At each point in time, there should be a maximum of 5 players from each team (including captain).
3.      The rest of the patrol members will sit outside of the court first and do various PT items in circuits.
4.      Every 2 minutes, one player will leave the court and swap roles with one of patrol members sitting outside the court.
With every point scored, one patrol member can stop doing PT until the end of the two minutes is reached. Once the 2 minutes is up, the patrol member must continue doing PT unless another point is scored or unless she is swapping roles with a player.  The patrol with the most number of score wins.
PT items include:
·         2 minutes 站马
·         15 jumping jacks
·         Do lunges along one corridor of Pax Lodge

Thoughts from a Year 1…
I felt that I could not do much to score for this station as I, personally, is not a very sporty person. So, I am not very good at catching the ball while our opponents are throwing them to their group members. However, I could feel that my seniors enjoyed this station very much. While the other members are playing the game, some of the other members would have to do PT. I think doing PT as a group is actually very fun as I could feel that I am not going through the PT myself and that I have my patrol mates with me. 

Thoughts from a Year 2…
We did quite badly for this station as the other patrols’ patrol members were all very tall and good at captain’s ball. Every two minutes 2 people had to do PT and when we are doing PT and unable to help, you can only help by giving morale support by cheering and hoping for the best. I felt that through this, we bonded much more and became closer as we are supporting out fellow patrol members.

Mass Station
Each patrol will be given a packet of balloons placed in a small pail. At the start, every patrol has to stay within its designated circle. When the game starts, all patrols are allowed to retrieve balloons from the pails. They will then have to blow the balloon and tie it up. They will then tie the balloon to their leg using raffia strings. Only when their balloon is well tied to their legs, they can leave the circle to ‘attack’ other patrols. When they arrive at other patrols, if none of the members are ready with the balloon, they can steal one balloon from their pail instead. However, if the opposing patrol is ready, they will attempt to defend their extra balloons. They can do so by stepping on the attacker’s balloons. Whenever a guide loses her balloon, she have to return to her patrol for another balloon, if there are no more balloons in her patrol, she will have to wait for her patrol members to bring back more.

·         Patrol members with no balloons can neither attack nor defend. They cannot step on others’ balloons. They cannot step out of their circle too.
·         Once a patrol runs out of balloons and no more patrol members have balloons, that patrol loses.
The patrol with the most number of patrol members with balloons left will win.

Thoughts from a Year 1…
I enjoyed the mass activity a lot as it was very fun when I inflate the balloon and ‘protecting’ it as I did not want anyone to step and burst it. I was in charge of keeping my patrol’s balloon safe alongside with my other two patrol mates. So, we strategised and agreed on one of them stepping the cup with all the balloons which are not inflated and she will balance by putting her hands over our shoulders while our seniors go out of the ‘circle’ and ‘steal’ other patrols’ balloons. Our seniors did manage to ‘steal’ some balloons from other patrols. One of the seniors in the other patrol tried to step and burst my balloon while I was distracted but luckily, the balloon did not burst. I think I can improve by putting my balloon more towards the circle as it would be tougher to step on it. The strategy that we had was not to inflate the balloons too much as it would be burst very easily when other people step on it. 
Afterwards was wash up and dinner! The guiders had prepared a nice home cooked meal for us and we all enjoyed it! The trainees did their reflections while the counsellors went to the company flag pole for flag raising the next day.

1.3 Night Games

It was night games afterwards. Night games was an activity planned by the counsellors and was something very different from what we normally did during normal 集合s. The objective was to instill bravery in the trainees and allow them to think out of the box to resolve situations in the form of riddles and other challenges. The trainees 集合-ed outside Our Cabana and entered it after they were told to do so. A scene was acted out after they were told to close their eyes and look down. They were told to leave after that. Overall, there would be 6 stations and a mass station at the end.

Outline of Night Games:
The trainees stumble upon a time machine. By accidentally tampering with it, they are transported across the different eras of human history, which represent the different stages of human evolution. At the different stations, they will be thrown into different scenarios at which evolution is at its crux. At each point in evolution, there will be challenges which the trainees have to overcome representing the many hardships that humans of the past had to go through in order for beneficial evolution to take place. The trainees will be taking on the role of certain characters (caveman, servants, knights etc.), showing that evolution, defined as the gradual change in something, occurs all the time. Through this, they will be able to comprehend the true meaning of evolution and the important role it plays in our development.

Station One: The Stone Age

Act 1.1

Caveman 1:

[Shivers visibly]

'Cause it's too cold
For you here and now
So let me hold
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

[song-Sweater weather; sings slow and creepily]

Caveman 2:

[Hugs herself]

It’s only ever warm in the afternoon. It’s cold all night long.

Caveman 1:

Hey, what about her? She hasn’t talked all day, not since last night in fact.

Caveman 2:

[Kicks at an invisible person]

She’s not moving.

[Hunkers down beside the invisible person]

She’s cold.

Caveman 1:

Every night we die because it’s too cold.

[Looks at some of the trainees dead in the eye while saying]

So will you. Each and every one of you. It’s only a matter of time.

Caveman 2:

There has to be something we can do isn’t there?
Caveman 1:

Of course. But to figure it out will take ages, something that is beyond us.
Caveman 2:

But there are those that lurk to places they aren’t supposed to.
Caveman 1:

And they just might be able to warm this place.

Caveman 2:

But they look so feeble and weak, I doubt they’ll be able to accomplish what we cavemen have tried for ages in a matter of minutes.

Caveman 1:

While, we just have to wait and find out.

Discovering Fire

Patrols will have to understand from the above scene that they will have to find the materials to and start a fire. There will be piles of logistics lying around the room and they will have to grab the logistics needed to start a fire using solid fuel, a solid fuel holder and matches, which would be hidden separately under two ponchos(along with the other items that are meant to be there to confuse the patrols). Patrols are given one minute to complete the task.

Act 1.2 (if patrols succeed)

Caveman 1:

It’s so warm…

Caveman 2:

How did you do it? Teach us how to do it!

Caveman 1:

Stay here! Stay with us! Help us do this every night.

[Grabs for the trainees]

Caveman 2:

Yes, don’t leave! Stay here forever!


Act 1.2 (if patrols fail)

Caveman 2:

It’s so cold…

[Collapses in front of trainees]

Caveman 1:


[Shakes Caveman 2]

Wake up! No! Not you too!

[Slowly looks up at trainees]

It’s all your fault!

You’ll die like her then!

Station Two: Beginning of Civilisation


Act 2.1

Village Chief:


[Screams while approaching trainees’ and pulling them]

Calamity has plagued our lands. We no longer have sufficient food to feed our people. We prayed day and night. We begged the gods. We even sacrificed our children.


[Sitting on the floor with her hands tied up]


Village Chief:

Hush! It’s for the better of Mesopotamia. Your death will appease the gods above and very soon food will be abundant again for all the Sumerians.


You foreigners have to help me! I’m too young to die! You look like clever people, I’m sure you will be able to find the very thing our village chief require! But you have to hurry or we’ll all lose our lives!

Finding food

Patrols will have to look around the room to find a piece of crushed paper with the word ‘’ written on it. There will be other crushed pieces of paper around the room with other Chinese characters written on them. The rationale of this is for them to realise that the very thing the village chief require is food, hence ‘’ and not anything else.  

Correct Answer
Wrong Answer

 Act 2.2 (if patrols answer correctly)

Village Chief:

Food! It’s really food! How did you guys find it? We had looked everywhere!


Since they’ve found the thing you need, can you please let me go?

Village Chief:

HAHAHAHA Of course not! This little food will not be sufficient for the entire village! I need more!


Act 2.2 (if patrols answer wrongly)

Village Chief:

You really think the thing I desperately need is money/safety/shelter/health? (According to the answer) oh you are so wrong! I need food!


Please! Please! Give them another chance! They can find it for you!

Village Chief:

Very well then. I’ll give you another chance. But this time, it won’t be that simple.

Act 2.3

Village Chief:

Things were fine at first. Our men would hunt, our women would gather. But as time passed, and our population grew, food shortage became a pressing issue. People are dying and if I don’t do something, ALL OF US WILL PERISH!


Sacrificing me won’t help! I can look for food! Just untie me please!

Village Chief:

SILENCE! As the head of the people, I have to ensure the continuity of our people.
[Points at the trainees]
You! You don’t look like you’re from our time. Whether or not you bear good or bad intentions, I have a task for you. See the bucket over there? Our men found it the other day and it’s rumoured to be the key to ending famine. But no soul has been brave enough to take up the challenge.

Go! Do it! Find the key in the bucket!
Village Chief:
Only one person can near it at any point in time. Now, if you dare.
[Sticks out hand to the trainees] Child:
Stop wasting time! Just go!

Fishing for the Key

The trainees will follow the Village Chief one by one to the bucket which will be filled with water, cotton wool and talcum powder for the slimy feel. The trainees will be required to stick their hand inside the bucket to search for bottle caps with two letters each in guides’ code written on them. After they have found all the bottle caps (total of 6), they will be required to unscramble them to form the word “Agriculture”. After all the bottle caps have been found, they will be given another one minute to do the unscrambling.

Village Chief:

So, what is the key? How do we solve this epidemic?


Act 2.4 (if patrols answer correctly):

Village Chief:

Agriculture eh? I never thought of that. Farming, harvesting, rearing animals. It could just be the answer to all our prayers!


So can you finally let us go?

Village Chief:

Only an idiot would let these foreigners go! They are smart ones and we have to hold them in captive in order to make use of them. Don’t even think of leaving!
You lied!
Village Chief:
I never made any promises in the first place.

Act 2.4 (if patrols answer wrongly):

Village Chief:

You guys are useless! Don’t even think of leaving until you find the answer


Station 3: Ancient Times

Act 3.1


I’m a highly ranked general of the mighty Qin Dynasty. I was tasked by the emperor himself to look for the antidote to live forever.

General, our men have searched the entire place but still there are no signs of a way out.


The changing of the wind directions was the cause of all this. And now we’re stranded here. Lost.

We must not give up! Perhaps these people here know the way.

[Pointing towards the trainees]

Are you inhibitors of this strange land? Or have you lost your way like us?

HA HA HA HA! Because if you have, then there’s no way out. We’ve walked for ages but we always seem to end up at the same place. It’s like a labyrinth, an unsolvable maze.


There are peculiar markings around here, but they don’t seem to mean anything. At least not to us.

But maybe, just maybe, you can figure something out of them. Two minutes are all you have. You might want to start from where I currently am. [General is standing at the centre of the room where the first sign is]


Deciphering the Markings

For this segment, the patrol will have to follow the trekking signs that will be written on post-its and pasted around in order to find two riddles written on slips of paper. They will have 2 minutes 


Act 3.2

General! It seems as though they have found something!
Oh, is that so? What is it? Read it to me.
Well don’t just stand there! Tell us what’s on the piece of paper
[patrol is supposed to get the hint to read the riddles aloud].
What is that supposed to mean? Since you guys are smart people, I’m sure you’d be able to solve those riddles. Two minutes are all you need.

Solving the Riddle

Patrol will have 1 minute to solve two riddles. The answer is compass.

I have a needle but I can’t sew.
I have NEWS but I’m not a newspaper.
Act 3.3 (if patrols answer correctly)

What’s a compass? Do you know what a compass is? [Asking servant]
[shaking head]
No I don’t. But I have a feeling it’s around us somewhere, just waiting to be unveiled.
The very thing you require to find your way is in this room, so near yet so far. Just within your reach, yet you need a little courage.

Act 3.3 (if patrols answer wrongly)

Perhaps the riddles are unsolvable. But this can’t be it, there must be an answer.
I have a feeling it’s around us somewhere, just waiting to be unveiled.
The very thing you require to find your way is in this room, so near yet so far. Just within my reach, yet you need a little courage.

A Test of Bravery

The very thing that the patrol need to escape the room is a compass. The general will be holding on to the compass the whole time, making it slightly obvious that she is holding something but not a full giveaway. The patrols will be challenged to snatch it away from her. “The very thing you require to find your way is in this room, so near yet so far. Just within my reach, yet you need a little courage.” This is a hint that gives away that the compass is in her hands.

Act 3.4 (if patrols successfully snatch the compass)

ATROCIOUS! How dare you snatch it away from me? Give it back!
Run! Run!

Act 3.4 (if patrols are not able to successfully snatch the compass)

It looks like you’re just a bunch of weaklings that lack bravery. Get out of here and don’t let me see you again!

Station 4: The Middle Ages

Act 4.1

Countryman 1:

This… This is a mess.

Countryman 2:

I agree. Our country’s a mess, the politics ruined…

Countryman 1:

Crimes are pertinent and poverty has cursed our lands.


Countryman 12:

What do we do?

Countryman 1:

[Gasps and points to the trainees]


Countryman 2:

What odd looking people…

Countryman 1:

Have you been sent by the heavens to help us?

[Falls to her knees in front of trainees and grabs their shirts, yanking slightly]

Please! Help us! Our country is in disarray.

Countryman 2:

The fortune teller told me that one day I would find the answer to this riddle with the help of people sent from a foreign land… Whoever you are, I am sure that you are the answer to our problems!

[Makes a show of searching pockets]

It’s gone! I left it in my pocket…

Countryman 2:

It must have fallen out… Where is it? Could you help us find it? Surely 6 pairs of eyes are better than 1. We only have two minutes to spare.


The Search for the Riddle

Trainees are to search the room for the riddle, which is written on five slips of paper and blue-tacked to a hidden spot on the walls of the room.

Act 4.2 (to be started by stationmasters as soon as the trainees find the riddle)


Countryman 2:

Thank you for finding it for me! Could you help us solve this?

Countryman 1:

We have 2 minutes before the council convenes, gracious people. Whilst waiting for your most wise opinions, we shall discuss our options and prepare for the chamber meeting. Do tell us your answer.



The Fortune Teller’s Riddle

Patrols should solve the riddle passed to them by the Lord and understand that the answer to the riddle is a social hierarchy.


I am a pyramid built of people, not of stone.
The rich tend to be on top, the poor at the bottom.
I am intangible, but you know that I am there.
I keep people in their place, and maintain social order.
I give the richer people power, and rob the poorer ones of theirs.

Act 4.3 (if patrols answer correctly)

Countryman 1:

I see…

Countryman 2:

Thank you!

Countryman 1:

It sounds like a bloody, uphill battle.

Countryman 2:

Will you stay and help us? We could lock you in a room where no one could hurt you, and you could advise us on what to do…

Countryman 1:

Yes, please, stay.

[Makes a grab for the trainees]

Countryman 2:


Countryman 1:


So it seems.

Countryman 2:

Good day, strangers! May you bless others as you have blessed us. Now leave before we change our minds.


Act 4.3 (if patrols answer wrongly or do not answer)

Countryman 1:

Do you not have an answer?

Countryman 2:

Nay, our land seems beyond the help of even divine beings like such.

Countryman 1:

Brother, are you sure that they are divine? They seem more like impostors…

Countryman 2:

Are they the ones who have been stealing our cattle?

Countryman 1:
Perhaps… Quick, let us bring them in front of the council! Grab them!


Station 5: Colonization

Act 5.1


Here’s the problem. We don’t have enough resources for our country if we are to continue at this standard of living. Any ideas?


Minister 1:

If our country doesn’t have enough resources, shouldn’t we take some from other countries?


Surely you don’t mean stealing. I called the Privy Council for a reason, and not to discuss war.

Minister 2:

I do believe what he meant is that we should find lands beyond those we know, and take over them.


But what lands are there to take?

Minister 1:

My men have recently returned from an expedition to the East. They drew me a map of the lands there which they believe are rich in resources that we need, and the details of their expedition in code.

[Points to the trainees]

You lot! Retrieve them for me, and make it fast. You have 2 minutes to hand them to me. They are in a box in my office.


The Search for the Map

Patrols are to go around the room, finding the box containing the map and other details of the expedition.


Act 5.2

Minister 1:

What is this? Locked? Unacceptable. Find me the key, and take this to aid you.

[Passes the trainees a map]

The Key to the Problem

Patrols are to go around the room and find the right key to unlock the box. 3 sets of keys will be stuck on the walls of the room with blue-tack, and riddles will be written on post-its beside them and they are to solve them to find the correct key. The key will be located in very discreet and hard to locate locations, hence the patrols have to realise that the map given by the minister will aid them if finding the key. The three crosses on the map reveal the location of the keys.


I have keys but no locks. I have space but no room. You can enter but you can’t come in.
(wrong answer)
I have many keys, 88 to be exact, but none of them will open a door.
Piano keys
(wrong answer)
I am on a ring, or the answer to many things, what force and strength cannot get through,
I with a gentle touch can do.
(correct answer)

Act 5.3 (if patrols manage to get the right key)


Minister 1:

[Offers box and keys to Ruler]

Would you like to open this sir?


[Accepts box and from Minister 1]

This is the key to our problems? Very well. I thank you for your hard work.

Minister 2:

Job well done. You are dismissed.

Act 5.3 (if patrols fail to get the right key)


Minister 1:

[Offers box and keys to Ruler]

Would you like to open this sir?


[Accepts box and from Minister 1]

This is the key to our problems? Very well. I thank you for your hard work.

(after a pause)

What is this? The key doesn’t fit!

Minister 2:

What do you think you’re playing at? Guards! Arrest them!

Station 6: The Industrial Revolution

Act 6.1


Unemployed person 1:
[When the patrol enters]
Who’s that there? You shouldn’t be here.
Unemployed person 2:
You’re dressed too nicely to be wandering down this alley.
Unemployed person 1:
You and we are worlds apart. We are have no money, no house, nothing.

Unemployed person 2:
They took everything away from us. The young ones. The cleverer ones. 
Unemployed person 1:
You must be one of them! And we should just kill you right here right now.
Unemployed person 2:
Calm down, sister! It’s not every day we have visitors. Remember mom used to teach us to be polite and to have manners. How can we kill our guests?

Unemployed person 1:
You are right sister. Let’s play a little game with them then.
Unemployed person 2:

There are many clues around us, but remember not everything is the truth. So listen carefully now.

Unemployed person 1:

White is like the lightness, but pure and innocent.

Unemployed person 2:
Black is like the darkness, but mature and sound.

Unemployed person 1:

The answer you want is within one of them

Unemployed person 2:
Which one is it? You’ll need the experience to identify it.

Unemployed person 1:

4 minutes are all you have.

Find the Answer

The patrol will have to look around the room to locate pieces of paper that will be pasted on the wall. Each piece of paper will have a number written on them. They are supposed to identify the Black circles as the right answer because the black circles are “mature and sound”, and the unemployed people told the patrol they required “experience to identify it”. The correct set of numbers will then help them unlock a bag and inside the bag there will be slips of paper revealing the past of the two unemployed people. They will be given 5 minutes to do so. Counsellors to prompt the patrol if they are lost and don’t know that they need to use the numbers to unlock the lock.
White paper
Black paper
Papers in the bag:

The two sisters were retrenched due to a financial crisis and companies were cutting down on employees.
They now have difficulty finding a job because they are already forty years old and no one is willing to employ them.
The thing they need desperately is a job.

 Act 6.2

Unemployed person 1:
So now that you’ve learn about our past, you understand our predicament.

Unemployed person 2:
And since you willingly came to play with us uninvited, leaving won’t be so easy.

Unemployed person 1:
You have to help us look for a job

Unemployed person 2:
But it definitely won’t be an easy task, no it won’t.

Unemployed person 1:
Not when the job opportunities are scarce and nobody wants old hags like us
Unemployed person 2:
But that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible for us to get a job.

*Unemployed person 1:
The opposite of out,
the first letter of doubt,
a synonym of we,
if we don’t TRY, how can we be free?

Unemployed person 2:
What is your answer?

What’s the Word?

The patrol will have to figure out a word from the riddle said by the unemployed person. The answer is Industry. They will be given 2 minutes to do so.

The opposite of out
The first letter of doubt
A synonym of we
If we don’t TRY, how can we be free?

Act 6.3

Unemployed person 1:
Unless you want to stay and play with us, LEAVE!

Mass Activity
The trainees will have to solve 6 puzzles in total. At each station, the stationmasters will the patrol 6 puzzle pieces. By the end of all 6 stations, each patrol should have receive a total of 36 puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are all jumbled up in the different patrols and only by working together and exchanging the puzzle pieces amongst the other patrols, then are they able to solve it. After 全到, the patrols came into Our Cabana and were told to solve the puzzles. They were given 10 minutes. A phone was passed to a junior and there were supposed to crack the code using the puzzles which had roman numerals written on them.


The passcode was 278953.

 Thoughts from a Year 1…
The Night Games was a pretty interesting activity for us Year 1s and it caught most of our attention. Most of our seniors stressed quite a bit on how scary it might be and what were the DOs and DON’Ts, giving us an impression of the activity as a really scary one. The most scary yet funny and interesting part of the activity was the part when the seniors would brush past us, tug at us and poke us as we stood in a circle to prevent any of our patrol members from being taken away. We could all agree that it mainly felt ticklish and hence, having the urge to laugh. What threw me off guard was the few masked people who would go around ringing a bell, and we had to link arms tightly to prevent the loss of any of our members. At the start of the activity, our patrol suddenly heard someone scream loudly, only to find out the reason behind it later on when we encountered the mask people. Our patrol did pretty well overall as we did not laugh, scream or do anything unnecessarily. However, we could not really guess the riddles correctly and quickly, and the seniors had to drop us hints and clues. We also could not complete some of the station, for example a station where we had to set up a fire. Our patrol were unable to find the matches or lighter quick enough, meaning our patrol could improve on working faster. All the 6 patrols had to come together to solve 6 different puzzles at the end of the activity. This part was challenging as it was dark and some pieces of the puzzle are not meant to be able to fit perfectly together even if they should have. Since the puzzle were small and not all of the patrol members were needed to solve it, the rest of us should have helped to 报时 or hold on to the torch. Nevertheless, the Year 3s had definitely done a great job in making this activity enjoyable. The Night Games is something almost of us Year 1s look forward to participating in again.

Thoughts from a Year 2…
Personally, I feel that night games is one of the highlights of the camp. I felt that this year’s night games were very fun with a higher challenge level for all the trainees J Some riddles were pretty hard to solve because we were unable to link the storyline to the answer, but overall it was quite okay J In fact, I think most of the excitement of night games came from the challenging riddles and of course, the counsellors acting and dressing up Personally, I felt that our patrol did rather well for night games, even If we did not achieve first. In my opinion, we exercised good teamwork and communication skills when solving the riddles. Plus, we had lots of fun doing so, which contributed greatly to our patrol morale J the night games station masters’ acting was really good too! Plus I felt that the whole night games was well thought and planned out, and well executed! However, I think that some stations’ riddles could be improved on by making it more related to the theme and tagline of the camp, so that it’s more feasible to guess too! Overall, night games was really exciting and I hope our batch plans one that is as exciting, if not more, than this year’s standard! 

2.0 Day 2

The trainees had their breakfast in the morning at 7 after break off from 集合. Afterwards, it was 升旗.  The trainees mass changed into Guides Uniform. After break off, the guides marched around the field and排马蹄. The colour party marched out and broke colours. The individual patrol flags were raised after that as well.

2.1 Inspection

The trainees took their logistics from Pax Lodge and headed to Our Cabana. They were given 7 minutes to layout all their personal belongings according to the layout that was given to them by the Inspection I/Cs. Only two inspection layouts will be given to the whole . Even though the trainees had drawn their own layout beforehand, they were told to use the new one and this was to train their preparedness and ability to adapt to changes. The trainees were very slow and didn’t managed to finish for the first time. They then 集合-ed and were given another 7 minutes to complete their layout.  
The counsellors then went around grading the trainees based on their attire, neatness and standardisation, and completeness.

Thoughts from a Year 1…
During Inspection, my patrol was rather anxious and we were trying hard to catch up. I feel that my patrol could have been more organised and collected instead of panicking at that time. However, despite worrying about being unable to finish in time, we tried to help each other out amidst the rush and ensured that the personal belongings of everyone in the patrol were laid out accordingly. Another area for improvement is that we should have listened carefully to the layout given and tried to follow as closely as possible. If we had done that, I believe we would have done a lot better. After which, we should also have arranged our personal belongings in neater rows and not leave anything lying around. In my opinion, having a high sense of urgency and being better organised is important for Inspection. Overall, I feel that my patrol attempted in doing our best for Inspection. Through Inspection, I have better understood the importance of working together as a patrol and to take care of one another especially during hectic and tough times. Besides, I also learnt that communication is vital in ensuring that everyone’s personal belongings are laid out and standardized.

Thoughts from a Year 2…
For the in-camp inspection, I was given the new layout to read out to the y1s and y2s. As it was the first time I was given this opportunity, I was unsure on how I could properly give instructions. I figured out that I had to read out the layout slowly, as well as clearly and loudly so that my batch-mates and juniors would be able to hear me. Most of the time I also had to repeat my words as it was a little chaotic. I feel like I could have worked on communicating with the other half of the . Ai Ning was also given the new layout, but we gave instructions separately. We should have standardised the directions our personal belongings were facing between both halves of the . We also could have had a better sense of urgency, and improved on making our layouts neater and more aligned as we had sufficient time. Since we were given a second chance to layout, we could have worked faster. All in all, although the space was very small, I think most of us were able to lay out our belongings in the time given. The inspection was very manageable and we were able to lay out our items in the correct order.

2.2 Camp Development Part 3

For the final part for Camp development, the trainees -ed their kitchen shelter and fire altar.

 Thoughts from a Year 1…
We( P6 Infinite ) were required to build a kitchen shelter with P5. Through this experience, I was able to brush up on my skills when it came to tying lashes. I learnt the importance of making sure the lashes were tied tight because if the lashes were loose, the structure could be dangerous. I also learnt how to tie knots eg. "Mickey Mouse". Usually during 集合s, the Y2s would be doing most of the work and we would only get to tie square lashes so this experience was a good one as now I know how get a kitchen shelter done. On a whole, we also needed to persevere, be it during the carrying of the heavy s or rushing to complete the structures under the hot sun without exceeding the time limit. It was tempting to just give up and quit but with the help of our patrol mates/seniors as well as lots of cheers/patrol songs, we were able to resist the urge to do so and pull through at the end of the day. And I can honestly say that I'm proud of this achievement. Through this experience, I was able to brush up on my skills and hopefully I am able to be a better guide/example for my new juniors in the near future.

Thoughts from a Year 2…
On the second day which we had our Camp D part three, our patrol became more bonded after night games and inspection. We did cheer and 报时. Honestly, I feel that everyone was on the right track. For instance, the year ones actually had more sense of urgency. However, I think that we should have told them to take initiative to ask for what they do as we observed that once they finished their work, they just stood aside and waited for the year twos to give instructions. For Year twos, I think we could have done better in the area of work allocation and be more organised. All in all, I feel that throughout ATC camp development, we have not only improved our hard skills but also teamwork and efficiency within our patrol.

2.3 Outdoor Cooking

Trainees had to brainstorm and come up with a staple dish, a vegetable dish, a meat dish as well as a dessert which linked to the theme ‘Evolution’. The trainees were required to use and purchase all the ingredients by themselves. They were then given 1h 35 mins to start their fire and cook all the 4 dishes. After they were done, they had to present them at Sangam with a short rationale of their dish.

Thoughts from a Year 1…
Outdoor cooking was tiring because it was a challenge to sustain the fire while cooking. However, it was a great experience for me. I have learnt how to sustain a fire by blowing long breaths and the correct way of putting kindlings in order to start and sustain the fire. As for the Year 2 seniors, they guided us Year 1s well since they taught us patiently, giving us some tips and tricks to sustain the fire. I feel that our dessert is our most creative dish; even though it does not look very appetising, it is scrumptious! Our staple dish, pasta with tomato sauce and mushroom, was palatable too; the rich tomato sauce and mushrooms complements the chewy pasta well.  After cooking, we ate the food and I realised that cooking a meal was not easy. Moreover, we had to sustain the fire and complete cooking the dishes in a limited time. I discerned that we must cherish what we have today, the convenience of technology of using a stove and appreciate that the efforts of the person who cooked for you.    

Thoughts from a Year 2…
This Outdoor Cooking activity was very fun and interesting, as it was different from our normal outdoor cooking activities during 集合s. We got to cook many dishes that we usually do not cook during OC. We even had to cook a dessert. Through this outdoor cooking activity, I learnt much things even though this activity is rather simple. I learnt how to have better time management as my patrol did not have sufficient time to complete cooking the food. We were rushing towards the end as some of the vegetables took a long time to cook at the start. I also learnt to allocate manpower better. We should have started cooking the other dishes in the same time, instead of focusing on the other two. This could have made us more efficient and faster in completing our outdoor cooking dishes. During this outdoor cooking, our patrol put our gadgets that we build earlier to good use. We used our baggage rack as a table where we could chop our food and our creative gadget to hold our stuff. We were glad that we were able to think out of the box and use our gadgets for this activity. This brought convenience to our patrol. I really enjoyed this activity as I was able to bond with my patrol mates through cooking and eating together as a patrol. Outdoor cooking made our bonds even closer as we worked hard together in the heat to produce wonderful dishes for the judges.

2.4 Obstacle Journey

The trainees were given some time to collect all their logistics required for OJ, like their 配备, 青木, ponchos and water bottles. They were then given 6 minutes to mass change into their OJ Kit and to 集合 at Olave Hall for the commencement of OJ. First up, they were given a layout and had to lay out their logistics within 10 minutes. Afterwards, they were informed of the locations of the 6 stations and they headed off to them.
As the world evolves, change is inevitable. However, as drastic changes take place within such a short period of time, Mother Earth might not be able to adapt quickly enough. At the same time, the early men who are against evolution as it would mean the end of their kind, are coming up with all sorts of methods to sabotage your progress. The fate of Mother Earth and mankind is now in your hands.


Station 1: Orienteering and Gadgeting
As you venture through the diseased Mother Earth, you encounter a group of early men. Running away is not an option now, as you know they will come back to haunt you soon enough.
Task 1: Using the bearings provided, find the locations of the logistics with a compass. 集合 back in 5 minutes. Every 2 minutes, 1 person is to come up to answer questions.
Task 2: With the logistics you have gathered, you are to build a catapult to ward those early men. Same goes, every 2 minutes, 1 person is to come up to answer questions. For this, you have 10 minutes. Once the catapult has been built, the patrol would have to use the bean bags given and the catapult to shoot down as many cans as possible.
Suggested solution:
Thoughts from a Year 2…
Although we were obviously running short of time for the orienteering, we did not ask for time extension till time was almost up. I felt that we should have cheered and 报时 more often as well as involve the Y1s more. As for the building of the catapult, we managed to do so and shoot down cans in time. However, we should have again involved the Y1s more and not just cast them aside. As we managed to finish the two tasks, we were given a bonus task which was to create a emergency shelter to store our 配备 logistics within 3 minutes. Knowing that there was no grass or soil to build a standard emergency shelter, we had to come up with ideas. We decided to place all the logistics in a shoe rack next to the staircase and covered the sides with poncho. I feel that this was indeed a very innovative idea and felt glad for our quick thinking.

Station 2: Pilates
You have been put under a curse by a mysterious individual who only wishes for the downfall of Mother Earth and humankind. This curse has caused you to be limited in your movements. However, there is a way to break this curse and hence destroy this mysterious individual.

Spread yourselves out. A video will be played, and you will be expected to follow the instructor’s movements.
Thoughts from a Year 2…
We were made to follow the video and then answer as many questions as possible within the 3 minutes interval. I feel that our patrol’s morale could have been better and higher and we should not have gotten too carried away with the video. We should have cheered and 报时 more often despite how confused and tired we were. We could answer all the questions asked which showed that we read our Guides notes and I feel that this is something we should continue to do.

Station 3: Pioneering + Survival Skills
You have fallen into a forbidden danger zone! And you have to escape before it is too late. However, it is getting dark and there seems to be no identifiable way out other than up. Food and water are of pressing concern as of now as well. However, there seems to be some logistics you can use around you to get you through this ordeal. But be careful, it might be a trap.
Look around you and make use of the logistics available to make/ build whatever you need. Take note of post-it notes with trekking signs written on them to help you in deciding if it will be safe to take the logistics in its vicinity or if it is a trap. You have 17 minutes.

Suggested solutions:
Getting dark:
1.      Light a candle
Escaping from the pit:
1.      Build a ladder [see fig. 1]
1.      Emergency signal “F”
2.      Cook an egg using mess tin, stove and kindlings in patrols’ own 配备。
1.      Make a filter funnel [see fig. 2] and filter the “undrinkable” water
2.      Use aquatabs from their survival kit
Order of importance:
1.      Water + escaping from the pit
2.      Food
3.      Getting dark
fig 1
fig 2
Thoughts from a Year 2…
At first we were lost and did not really know what structure we should build. It also took us quite a while to finally grasp what we were supposed to carry out at that station. All of us were merely focusing on the building of the ladder which we decided to build and did not look around and read the trekking signs carefully. This wasted a lot of manpower and time. It was only after a long while did we finally realise that we had to also filter water through a self-made filter funnel, light a candle and cook an egg. I feel the PL should have allocated manpower better at this station and we should have looked around and read the trekking signs first.

Station 4: Fire lighting + Creative Gadgeting
It’s starting to turn dark and getting cold as you are fighting to start and sustain your fire. Suddenly, you feel water at your feet. As time is ticking, the water will slowly rise until it reaches your shin level. You still need to build a fire for you and your patrol mates but the flood is obstructing you as it rises. As such, you need to make use of the materials around you so that you can find a way to start the fire to keep you warm and safe from the dark night before the flood rises even more. Time is running out, work fast!
Using the gadget poles given, you are to build a platform which is high enough so that your fire can be started and sustained. You have a total of 20 minutes to build your platform, start your fire and sustain the fire for 2 minutes.
Suggested solution:
4 minutes
Tie a tripod using 3 长木
6 minutes
定脚 using 3 中木 (around knee level)
6 minutes
Raft 5 half bamboos in the space within the tripod
Thoughts from a Year 2…
Overall I feel that my patrol did quite a good job as we had high patrol morale and managed to build the structure and light the fire within the given amount of time.

Station 5: Creative Pioneering + First Aid
The ground beneath you has split open! One of your patrol mates has been left on the other side of the ground, alone. She sustains a head wound and heat exhaustion. However, lava has already filled up the gaping hole in between you, denying you of any chance of crossing over without some sort of connecting platform.
In 17 minutes, build something that can enable you to cross over to the other side and treat the casualty. While building, no one is to step into the zone demarcated by the masking tapes. After the bridge is up, only 1 of you can cross at a time, and bring 1 item over at a time. Your FAP is considered 1 item, the rest of your 配备 is another item, each water bottle and each of your 青木 is another item. All your logistics are to be transported over by the 17 minutes as well.
Suggested solution:
2 minutes
Discussion Time
6 minutes
Tie a super square lash over 2 黄木, on both ends of the 黄木.
Each end to be tied on a 白木.
3 minutes
Attach 麻绳 to both ends of one 白木, then lower the bridge down to the other side carefully, holding on tight to the 麻绳 and ing the 黄木 securely.
1 minute
Buffer Time

Thoughts from a Year 2…
At first we rafted 3 白木s across 2 黄木s but we found difficulty in bringing it across without dragging and hence had to 拆掉 it. We then changed our idea to simply using 2黄木s and putting them across next to each other. It was with much difficulty to put them across to the other end, but we managed to. With us holding onto the 黄木s at one end, another patrol member crawled on them from one end to the other, bringing the FAP to treat a supposedly injured patrol member at the other end. I feel that we could have done better at this station and should have stopped to think of simpler and more innovative ways of putting the 黄木s across. We should have also improved on our sense of urgency and patrol morale.

Station 6: Minesweeper
You have stepped into a mine. But this mine is no ordinary mine. The early men are not going to make it easy for you, the pro-evolution activists. To cross over to the other end of the mine and get to your destination, you will have to answer a series of questions posed by the early men. However, beware of bombs, as you will be teleported back to the entrance if you step on one.
This is the starting point (bottom left hand corner). Go through the minesweeper one grid at a time and one person at a time. You will have to answer a question at every grid. With every correct answer, you may proceed. However, if your answer is incorrect, there will be penalties. If you step on a bomb, you will go back to the starting grid. Your aim is to reach the grid at the top right hand corner. Meanwhile, the rest of your patrol is to do a set of forfeits.
Thoughts from a Year 2…
We had to do two things concurrently at the next station. One patrol member was to answer questions in a mine sweeper while the other patrol members had to do PT. I feel that we could have had better communication within the patrol and convey where to move more clearly for the next person to go through. We should have also improved on our patrol morale.
 Overall ending storyline:
Your efforts have not gone to waste, and your teamwork and determination have truly touched the saboteurs. Not only have you managed to stop the destruction of Mother Earth, you have also proved yourself to be worthy of conquering the challenges posed to you in the future. Good job, brave ones. Now go on and bring mankind to greater heights!
After OJ, the trainees had some time to practise for their campfire item! After that was wash up and dinner! Meanwhile, the counsellors were busy preparing the firewood for the campfire.

 Thoughts from a Year 1…
The obstacle journey was okay but a bit tough as there were only 4 of us in the patrol to do everything. The station where we had to follow the lady doing yoga was actually harder than it looked and it did not really help that the video wanted to make you laugh when you are trying to catch your breath. We could not cheer as much though as we could not get our breath back. For one of the stations I had to pretend to be injured and stranded on the other side of a ‘lava pit’ and needed to be rescued by the rest of my patrol mates. I did not really need to do anything much, but I learnt a lot about constant 报时 and how by doing so can increase the sense of urgency among the patrol.

2.5 Campfire

This year’s campfire was a little special because we were joined by 10 guides from River Valley High School! After everyone took their seats, the emcees, Kyna and Hazel, took the stage! Ms Sim declared the campfire open! The song leaders, Elaine, Tasha, Jo-Anne and Xin Jie, were introduced and they kick-started the campfire with “Campfire’s burning”.


P1’s storyline:
Once, there was a girl who was constantly bullied and ostracised by a group of girls. This caused her to be unable to adapt to her surroundings, just like the caterpillar that finds it hard to survive. However, her “happiness” she showed to everyone was not to last. A group of girls found their victim in the classroom, crying in a corner. They are shocked, taken aback, but eventually comfort her. The five of them become good friends after they clear up the problems between them.

P2’s storyline:
Once upon a time there was a beautiful bird called Phoenix. It had red, orange and gold feathers and could fly higher and faster than all the birds. Hence, it was arrogant and did not have many friends. However, as the years past, the Phoenix grew old and weak. Its feathers became dull and lost their usual shine. Its flight muscles deteriorated. It wanted to reborn to be young and healthy again. Starting out on a quest to find the necessary materials needed for rebirth, it meet several other birds who helped him and allowed him to be reborn and become a beautiful bird. Through the long and tiring journey, it changed from a lonely individual to one who appreciate his friends.

P3’s storyline:
A dragon hybrid called Grandeeney finds it hard to overcome the prejudices that he faces from humans on earth, even from his own family. However, people’s perception of him start to evolve and change once they realise that dragons are actually helpful as well. Eventually, they are able to maintain a harmonious and peaceful relationship, improving the lives of humans and hybrids alike…

P4’s storyline:
In Pokedex, the highest levels of pokemon characters - also known as the Elite Four, train for the Pokemon Big Leagues. However, because of this title which has been given to them, all of them have become extremely self-absorbed and are too blinded by their urge to win to see anything else beyond winning. They secretly plot against one another to gain an advantage in the competition. However, through the appearance of the Pokeball, the Elite Four realise that they have to work together and utilise one another’s strengths and abilities to help themselves evolve in time for the competition.

P5’s storyline:
Our story is about a young bird, Emily, learning to fly. When she fails, the other birds make fun of her. Emily's mother found Emily sobbing and comforted her. After Emily some encouragement by her mother, she gains confidence and managed to fly.

P6’s storyline:
Everyone practises every day for a concert but the Girl could not keep up with her patrol. As a result, her patrol mates blame her for being a burden. The Patrol Leader encourages her and the Girl practises the dance herself diligently and becomes confident. They dance perfectly during the actual dance. The Girl became a confident person; no one bullies her and she made many friends.

 During the climax, the song leaders invited the audience to join them in the limelight to dance Chek Chek!

 The campfire ended with Ms Ng’s yarn about the story of the tight rope walker, Philippe Petit,  and the song leaders’ “Linger” J

Thoughts from a Year 1…
Personally, the campfire was to me one of the major highlights of the entire camp. Despite it being the second night and most of us were weary after the long day, the bonfire in which we gathered in a circle around really lifted my spirits. The song leaders rehearsed very well and singing together as a company lifted our morale and made me feel that DHSCOY was as one despite all the challenges we went through. The patrol performances were very special too as everyone had a different and individual take on the meaning of ‘’evolution’’ and interesting ways of portraying it. It was definitely a valuable experience for me as it was one of the few times that I had performed a skit in front of a crowd. The “behind-the-scenes” of the performance also involved teamwork which really knitted us closer as one and was definitely shown in each performance. When one of our Guiders told us the story of Philippe Petit, it gave me an opportunity to think and reflect about the word ‘’evolution’’ and how we as humans have evolved over the years. Have we made a change not just for ourselves, but for others? I remember it was mentioned that what Philippe Petit did was ‘’a work of art” which greatly inspired others. Besides that, I liked the fact that the River Valley Girl Guides were present as it added to unity not just for DHSCOY but also amongst schools. All in all, the campfire was one of the best activities as through that we were able to bond with one another through words, performances and music and brought about a lot of contentment.

Thoughts from a Year 2…
Campfire was really memorable as this time it was not just our school alone but also River Valley High School. As they say, the more the merrier and this statement had proven itself during ATC'15 campfire. Everyone was just stepping out of their comfort zones and being shameless while having fun with the campfire songs and performances. As a song leader, I had improved on my presentation skills like learning to be more enthusiastic as we play a big role in boosting the energy during the campfire, and I also have improved on other hard skills such as vocals. However during the campfire, during the last song ‘Linger’, the song leaders had mixed up the lyrics and it was very obvious that we made a mistake. We broke the mood with the mistake so we learnt that we should have ensured that everyone was clear of the lyrics so that an amazing performance by the song leaders could be displayed, especially when another school was watching. Another problem we faced was with the sound system, it had malfunctioned in the middle of the campfire, hence a few performances were disrupted. On this note we learnt to always be prepared for a backup in case we meet any unexpected challenges along the way. However, overall, the campfire went very well and everyone enjoyed themselves.

3.0 Day 3

It was the last day of camp and everyone was tired but there were still things left to do! Everyone had their breakfast and recharged before strike camp started!
3.1 Strike Camp
The trainees were given 30 minutes to 拆掉 everything except their Camp Christine tents. Then, they had to lay out their logistics neatly and standardised their layout. But their progress was really slow and they had to ask for time extension. The counsellors had to the 团旗 as well. Afterwards, they were given another 20 minutes to their Camp Christine tents. But halfway it started to rain and the rain hindered the movement of everyone.


Thoughts from a Year 1…
Strike camp was rather tiring as we spent a long time trying to remove the lashes and had to rush to complete the task as a result. The lashes were wet, tight and hard to remove due to the heavy rain it was exposed to the previous day. However, the lashes being tight also show that the structures were stable and safe for usage, but had proved to be a problem in strike camp. We had to ask for many time extensions, being unable to complete -ing in 30 minutes. I feel we can improve on our sense of urgency by constant 报时-ing. If we had done so, I believe we would have worked a lot faster and would have been able to complete the task within a shorter period of time. Also, we had to standardize the layout of our logistics among the patrols and it was rather disorderly as we were short on time and there was no clear communication between the patrols.  Furthermore, the rain hindered our progress and caused us to be less efficient. There was also a shortage of manpower and we ended up carrying other patrols' logistics as well. I feel that we have all learnt to help other patrols and to not only carry logistics belonging to our patrol and I feel that by doing so, it helped speed up the progress of transporting the logistics out of the rain. In conclusion, strike camp had tested and gave us the opportunity to improve our sense of urgency and collaboration and it was definitely a rewarding experience. 
Thoughts from a Year 2…
We started to the fire alter first as the kitchen shelter would take a long time to . It was observed that many of us lacked a sense of urgency while -ing the structures, despite many prompting by our counsellors to faster. As the PL for strike camp, I allocated the manpower such that the 8-men tent, the flagpole, fire alter, and creative gadget could be -ed simultaneously. However, the creative gadget and fire alter were not completely -ed even after 15 minutes, which was considered very slow. Near the end of the given time, many logistics has still not been shifted to the grass area outside pax lodge and thus, the patrol leaders had to ask for time extension. Afterwards, my patrol and P5 began to the kitchen shelter, however the -ing of the lashes of the KS took quite some time as the 麻绳 were wet, making it harder to them. After the time extension was given, the patrols began to work faster and more logistics were moved to the grass area, whereby the people there began to sort the gadget poles out by lengths and standardize the layout. However, we were still not done and had to ask for time extension again. It was pointed out that although we were asking for time extensions, it is also observed that there were people who were not doing anything. After the many time extensions, we finally complete with the layout and 集合-ed. Overall, I feel that we could have worked faster as we generally moved slowly during strike camp, despite it being something which should done quickly. Also, manpower could be better allocated, as there were points in times whereby 2 year 1s would work on -ing on an almost finished gadget, which could be done by 1 year 1. Another example would be that there were times when many year 1s would stand side by side to arrange the gadget poles by length, when it could be done by fewer year 1 only, many were just touching the gadget poles only. It was only after the time extensions when we moved faster, and by then much time was already wasted. In the future camps, I hope we can have a greater sense of urgency during strike camp, so that we would not need to continuously ask for time extension. Also, I could try to give clearer and more specific instructions, and also set time limits for the patrol members to finish -ing the structures and gadgets, so that there would be a greater sense of urgency.

3.2 Company Games


Aliens are beginning to invade the earth. In order to fight the aliens, you must master a set of skills which can be learnt by undergoing several stages of evolution. Each stage represents a crucial skill needed for your survival in the upcoming battle. They will test your resilience and capability of becoming a true warrior. Welcome to the start of company games!



1.      Split the company into three groups, with two patrols per group. (Grp 1 - P1, P2. Grp 2 - P3, P4. Grp 3 - P5, P6.)
2.      Sashes of different colours will be given to the first and second group.
3.      Whole company to sit down in one circle, with alternating members of the different groups. (Group 2 member between Group 1 and Group 3 member.)
4.      One person from each group, to volunteer.
5.      The three people are blindfolded, and then led into the circle.
6.      A newspaper baton is placed in the circle.
7.      The demonstration starts, and I/Cs will explain the game to the company. Once the game is understood, the volunteers return to their groups.
8.      The groups now have 30 seconds to decide which person from their group will be inside the circle.
9.      The people are blindfolded and let into the circle. The game starts! People may shout instructions for the person from their group to find the newspaper baton first.
10.  Once one of them successfully finds the newspaper, a whistle is blown. All will go quiet. No sound is to be made from now onward. The person who found the newspaper is the 猎人, and the two people who did not is the 猎物. The 猎人 gains 2 points for her group.
11.  The 猎物 now have 5 seconds to escape as far as possible from the 猎人.
12.  The 猎人 has one minute to find either one of the 猎物. No instructions may be given from the other people in the circle.
13.  If the 猎人 finds either one of the 猎物 within one minute, the 猎人 gains 2 points for her group. The other 猎物 who was not called, will gain 4 points for her group. If the 猎人 does not find any 猎物, both 猎物 get 4 points for their group!
14.  Game is replayed (with different volunteers each round) until 25 minutes are up.

       Each round typically lasts for around 10 minutes.
       Atmosphere will become very noisy during this game.

Hopping Rabbits

1.      For the 1st round of gameplay, split the company up into 2 groups, 3 patrols each.
2.      I/Cs to name one group as the runners and the other group as the catchers.
3.      Catchers will have to hop around with only one leg touching the floor while the runners can run freely.
4.      From each group, send 2 representatives from each patrol. There will be 6 runners against 6 catchers. The runners will wear sashes.
5.      5 minutes of gameplay to commence.
6.      When there are runners left over, a point will go to the group of runners. If catchers manage to catch all the runners, a point will go to their group.
7.      After 5 minutes, 12 other different people will get to play the game.
8.      Repeat for 4-5 rounds of gameplay.

Dog and Bone


1.      Split the company into two groups, with three patrols in each group.
2.      Each group will form a line, and face the other group.
3.      Five empty toilet rolls will be placed (evenly spaced out) between the groups.
4.      I/Cs will call out a certain condition (e.g. those wearing spectacles) and everyone who fulfills the criterion will rush out to grab the toilet roll in front of them.
5.      Once someone has grabbed the toilet roll, opponents can touch that person to make her drop the toilet roll back to the ground.
6.      Once someone has safely made it back to her group, no one else can touch her, and she has scored a point for the group.
7.      I/Cs will calculate the number of points each group accumulates, and announce the winning group.

Thoughts from a Year 1…
Generally for the company games, I think that I could be braver to speak up and participate more and help out my patrol. I could have also listened to the instructions given out as I was a bit unsure of what was happening. Also, I could have stood up or volunteered myself when my other patrol mates and seniors cheered me on. For the dog and bone game, I tried snatching for the toilet paper roll often but I couldn't really bring it back to my group's boundary. I think it was an effort made and at least I tried. I also cheered on my other patrol mates or batch mates when they stood up and participated in the games.   It was interesting to see my own batch mates or patrol mates go up and play the games. Also some of us started chatting about random stuff and exchanged our opinions on the game. I laughed a lot for the blindfolding game when the blindfolded members were led out of Olave Hall and when the "hunter" merely caught the others by a bit. I think we bonded a lot as a company through these company games and I was glad to see the teamwork in us guides and it’s a rewarding experience indeed. I wish there would be more of these games allowing the company to bond more as there are often only batch games or patrol games. 

Thoughts from a Year 2…
For company games for this year’s ATC, it was really fun and interesting. We played a few games in total. For the first game, two of my patrol members played this game. It was a pity that both were not able to pick up the newspaper, but I was glad that they successfully avoided the ones with the newspaper. The funny thing is as the players were blindfolded, the rest of the people were trying to get them out of the circle which really placed a burden on the station master. Each and everyone of the players did tried hard during the game and everyone had a bundle of fun. All in all this game was interesting. I did participate in the second game and we strategized by cornering one of the defenders one by one. So in the end I was very happy that we won. However, as most of the people had nothing to do while the 12 people were playing, the game was given up halfway through. After that, we were also in the same groupings and also six people from each group were to volunteer to be the defender. The rest of the are supposed to get past the defenders and to the opposite side without being tapped by the defenders. Once tapped, have to go back to the original position to restart. For this, as the previous game was changed to this game halfway through, most of us from my group did not understand when the game started, so we were blur and just started the game without knowing what to do. Also, the other group defenders were strong and we did not have any strategies prepared like the other group. They have the fastest runner distract the defenders while the rest go past the defenders. So in the end, we lost this game, it was quite sad. In my opinion, the last game was the most interesting and it was really, really very fun. Although there were some conditions that no one dared to step out and run to snatch the masking tape, for example like:” people who think they can be CL”. As expected, some of the batch mates we think that can be CL went up but the yr1s did not, I think we have to brief them more on the topic of patrol roles so that they will know what roles they want. Everyone was really enthusiastic and my group did pretty well. In the end, I was unsure of who was the winner but I was really glad as this game was really fun. Thus, this year’s company games were really interesting and everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves. Although some times the instructions were not that clear and people loses, it was an enjoyable experience which really hyped everyone up.

3.3 Mystery Games

Mystery games, as the title suggests, was kept a “mystery” to all the trainees and the counsellors and was planned by the Year 4s. Here are accounts:

Year Ones:
For the first task, we were asked to arrange ourselves according to our birthday dates in 2 minutes. On top of that, there was a condition that stated that for every person that spoke, there would be physical training. In order to avoid physical training, none of us spoke and only relied on hand signs to communicate. However, this form of communication was ineffective and inefficient. Finally, someone took the initiative and stepped up to organise everyone. As a result, we managed to complete the task on time.
The second task required us to arrange ourselves by height in 2 minutes. Having gone through the first round, we could arrange ourselves in a quick and orderly manner.
For the third task, we were told to piece a puzzle in 5 minutes. We were also told that it was a competition between all the patrols. When we were told to start, every patrol rushed to complete the puzzle. However, when we finished our own puzzles, we went to help the other patrols who faced difficulties in completing their puzzles. We felt that it was the right thing to do even though it was a competition. After all, we were all batch mates and we should help and support each other. For this task, we requested for time extension twice, the first time for 1 minute and for the second time, 30 seconds. After all the patrols completed their puzzles, we were given 30 seconds to clear up the puzzle pieces.
For our fourth and final task, we were asked to sort out a box of red and green beans in 5 minutes. When we first started, everyone was disorganised and were crowding around the box. However, we soon realised our mistake and spread out to separate the beans. Someone also suggested to sort out the red beans first as they were generally larger than the green beans, allowing us to sort the beans at a faster rate. For this task, we also requested for time extension twice, the first time for 3 minutes and for the second time 2 minutes. After the completion of all the tasks, we sat down to have a talk with the year 4s.
After the mystery games, I have realised how close and bonded our batch has become as compared to the start of the year. Before, we rarely spoke and when we did, it was just a greeting, but now, we can speak and joke with each other because unknowingly, we have deepened our understanding of each other. But, as year ones, we still have a long way to go and much more to learn. I felt that we needed more people to step up and take charge as our batch is quite small and quiet. Also, when we first started the mystery games, the morale was high and there was continuous cheering. However, as time passed, there was lesser cheering as compared to the start. I feel that we can improve on this. Keeping the morale high is crucial as it is the team spirit that motivates us and spurs us on. 

Year Twos:

We were asked to at pax lodge after we break off. We did a head count and realised that we had only 16 people in our batch that came for this year’s ATC. After that we were told that we had to do a series of PTs and if we were to successfully complete it within 5 minutes we will be able to gain a very huge advantage for the subsequent part of Mystery Games. We had to do a 1.5 minutes planking, 2 round of launches and 50 jumping jacks within the 5 minutes, we had a choice to do it in any sequence we want to and chose to do planking first then jumping jack, leaving launches to the last. During this 1.5 minutes planking was really hard as it was the first time I had to do it for a long time but it also made me realised how important was it for us to keep the batch morale up by cheering. Throughout this 1.5 minutes, there was hardly silence in between and that we were always cheering. This personally has helped me through a lot as just as I was feeling really tired, cheering has helped me to pull through in a way. I also felt somewhat touched and connected to my batch as I felt a special bond we had with each other.
Anyway, we did successfully completed it within the time limit and we were given a mechanical pencil, which we were bewildered at first as we had no idea how it was a huge advantage. Only later on we were told that we were given 25 minutes for our next activity in which 5 people had to step out. Melanie, Chen Wei, Xiao Tong, Zhi Yan stepped out. They explained that we were all given 3 minutes to prepare ourselves where 5 of us were to go out of pax lodge and will be told on the requirements of the structure we have to build but on one condition is that there would be no verbal communication between the 5 of us. This was when the pencil could come in handy.
After the 3 minutes, two of us were able to go in and give instruction to the rest of our batch mates who were already blindfolded on what to do. We then had to switch this two people every two minutes between the 5 of us until we were told to exchange roles where Kyna, Shevonne, Elaine, Eunice and Ger Hui swop with us. Some of the requirements was like to tie a tripod, at least 15 diagonal lash and like a sheer lash. Overall, we learnt many many things such as to listen, how to communicate, cooperate with each other, how to give out clear instructions.

Year Threes:
For Mystery Games, the Year 3s had to split into 2 groups and carry out different activities simultaneously. After break off, we split into the 2 groups by patrols - counsellors of P1, 2 and 3 in group 1 and P4, 5 and 6 in group 2. I was part of Group 1. There were 2 rounds to this mystery games.
For the first round, group 1 had to 集合 outside Olave Hall and was given 2 minutes to memorise a layout which was set up, in its exact orientation and position. Group 2 was blindfolded (except for 2 people) and was tasked to tie 3 A-s inside Olave Hall. When the 2 minutes for memorising the layout is up, group 1 then proceeded inside Olave Hall to get the blindfolded group 2 to set up the items according to the layout. For this round, we lacked communication between the two groups. Group 1 was too focused on getting the job of setting up the items and was not very clear as to what group 2 was tasked to do. We functioned on quite a divided mentality, which hindered the progress of things. It took a while for both sides to figure out what the other group had to do, but this could have been avoided by just telling each other what each of the groups was tasked to do in the first place. As group 2 was blindfolded, we could have taken into greater consideration their handicaps and that their impaired vision would mean more guidance is necessary. Needless to say, there was confusion and their safety was a concern as well. As the ones who were not blindfolded, we ought to step into the shoes of those who were blindfolded and offer them the necessary aid, taking care of their safety at all times as well.
The second round was similar, except for the change in items and layout, and a change in structures we need to construct (2 tripods). For this round, group 1 was in charge of the structures and was blindfolded, while group 2 was in charge of the layout and was not blindfolded. There was definitely improvement this time round, probably because after one round of it, all of us already know what was going on. Also, for this round, both groups immediately told the other group what each of us needed to do when we came together, and this helped to clear up the confusions. Still, we have to take note to allocate manpower more wisely, as the tying of the structures would definitely take a longer time than the setting up of the layout, and hence would require more manpower.
After each round, we had to do forfeits (PT) according to our performances. It was a refreshing experience, especially because after we stepped up as the leadership batch, there was rarely much chance of us doing actual physical activity anymore. I'm proud that our morale was extremely high throughout the whole of mystery games, and that we made it through together strong. Most notably, I've learned the importance of communication, empathy and clarity of instructions through this mystery games and it was a very fruitful experience.

3.4 Ending

After mystery games were over, we had lunch and watched a montage prepared by the counsellors. Prize giving was also carried out. Congratulations to all the patrols!!

1st Place: P5
2nd Place: P2
3rd Place: P1

 The logistics were then loaded onto the truck after lunch ended and the everyone bided Camp Christine goodbye for the final time before getting onto the bus that took us back to school. Back in school, we unloaded the logistics and placed it back to 团部. After a final short debrief, it was break camp.

Throughout this 3 days and 2 nights, we hope that the trainees have grown and learnt something new. The Year 1s should be more familiar with guides having gone through ATC which allowed them to train their hard skills. As for the Year 2s, we hope that this was a platform for y’all to showcase your leadership abilities and to train up your soft skills. We hope everyone had valuable takeaways and rest well! (:

47th Batch Secretary

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