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21 March 2016

Patrol Activity, 7 March 2016

Hello Guides! (:

We had Patrol Activity on Monday! Here are reflections from the respective patrol secretaries!

P1 Bougainvillea:

We were a bit short of manpower and our PL split us into two different groups respectively - Y3s, then Y2s and Y1s. We were tasked to build a creative gadget within 30 mins, and from the seniors' suggestions we managed to think of a chair. The chair consisted of two A-, two 中长木 attached across and we rafted the seats with 中木. We took our own time and had sense of urgency whatsoever, and when we asked for time extensions we did not adhere to it either. In the meantime, the Y1s were practising their lashes and the Y2s were guiding them through, correcting their mistakes. They touched on the basics like diagonal lashes, Mickey Mouse lashes, and tripod lashes. Then, we proceeded to the second phase of PA. Again, the Y3s were separated from the rest of the patrol and we had to build a baggage rack, while having to complete our previous structure. In the end, our structures were not steady because we had rushed through the process and our lashes were not exactly tight but we felt accomplished for reinforcing some of our skills that day. We had patrol corner until the end of PA and had a lovely time.

P2 Ixora:

This PA we (the year 3s) combined with P5 year 3s to build a viking. We took quite a long time to the as there was miscommunication as one person went to more when we already had all the logistics and she had to return the halfway. It was the first time any of us had built a viking and it was quite an interesting experience. We were given two minutes to look at the proposal and then 50 minutes to build the viking.

We used 4
黄木 to build a quadpod, which took a very long time. Halfway building the quadpod we built the rafting simultaneously to save time. We rafted 3 红木 to 浅蓝木 to use it as the seat of the viking. When the quadpod was tied, we tied 红木 to two opposite side of the quadpod, and tied another 红木 on top of it for both sides  to form a trapezium shape. We then tied a 白木 horizontally to the the top 红木 on both sides of the quadpod and suspended the rafting to the 白木 with 粗麻绳. We did get the chance to play with the viking and it was quite fun, especially since none of us have ever built a viking before. The experience was sort of like a cross between a seesaw and a swing. It was rather satisfying to be able to play with the structure after we spent about an hour building it. We were working quite slowly and had to ask for time extension twice. We also had to 重抽 or 重打 a few of the lashes as they were quite loose, especially the square lash of the top 红木. We need to improve our sense of urgency, especially when PLTC is coming soon.

P3 Jasmine:
For Patrol Activity today, we combined with P6 and conducted our activities as year 3s and year 1s and 2s. As year 3s, we had inspection followed by pioneering. First, we were tasked to pack a personal 配备 for every member on the patrol as well as a 配备 for OJ. We were given 5 minutes but exceeded the time limit even after asking for time extension. After packing our 配备s, we were given 7 minutes to layout all our logistics. At first, it was very confusing as I had to lay out for 2 people as one of them was laying out the logistics for OJ 配备. Also, 报时 was inconsistent and this caused us to 过时 once again. We were then given 1 minutes to pack the laid out logistics back into the 配备 and re-layout the logistics in the same layout as previously but in 6 minutes. This time, we worked much faster and systemically and there was a clear person reading out the layout which was an improvement. However, our 报时 was lacking and this resulted in us 过时ing again. We were then given 1 minute to pack and re-layout for the third time in 5 minutes. This time, I was quite familiar with the layout after doing it so many times and managed to do it quickly. Unfortunately, we realised that many of our logistics were missing and that we forgot to take them from 团部. After packing up our 配备s, we were given the task to do suicide runs along the road of GSL with the 配备s. We linked our hands together by placing one 配备 in between while carrying the rest of the remaining 配备s. We gave ourselves a target of accomplishing 12 suicide runs within 10 minutes. This was very exhausting as our stamina was weak and a lot of our energy had been used up by the inspection. In addition, some of us even carried 2 配备s and ran. This marked the end of inspection. Next, we were tasked to take 麻绳, 2 浅蓝木, 4 黄木, 6 青木, and 8 红木 and build a Viking within 30 minutes. This was very fun as it was our first time building a Viking and the final product turned out great. Also, the patrol morale was high and 报时 was constant. We felt a great sense of satisfaction and it was good to end the PA on a high note. In conclusion, the patrol activity was eventful and enriching and we learnt many things.

P4 Orchid:

For the first part of patrol activity, the Y3s were separated from the Y1s and 2s.  The Y3s had to build a kitchen table while the other were given a list of things to build which included a flag pole, a dome tent, an emergency shelter and a 8 men tent. When the Y3s were done, upon request, they did 8 minutes of suicide running. Meanwhile the other continued on with their assignment as well as cooked a simple dessert of marshmallows and oreos over a solid fuel fire. After gathering back when our allocated assignments were completed, we took down everything and had our much awaited water balloon game. Despite it consisting the least time of our patrol activity, it was the most enjoyable.

P5 Sunflower:

Today, after we gathered for Patrol Activity, the Year 3s were split up from the Year 1s and 2s. Afterwards, we 集合-ed with the Year 3s from P2, and did a separate task from our juniors.

We were told to get 4 青木, 4 黄木, 11 红木, 2 浅蓝木, 2 白木, 2 粗麻绳 as well as sufficient 麻绳 within 12 minutes, and that we were going to build a viking. However, while getting the logistics, we had a miscommunication which resulted in our of our patrol members going to take extra and hence we had to ask for more time extensions. After both logistics and manpower were accounted for, we were given 2 minutes to read the proposal, and 50 minutes to build the viking. Halfway through, we realised that there was another miscommunication as we were supposed to take 6 青木, not 4 青木. However, we were able to improvise on our structure and managed to overcome that obstacle. Finally, we managed to complete our structure, with the help of several time extensions.

After which, we had some fun playing around with the structure and taking several photos for memory's sake, before we had to 拆掉 our structure and return the logistics.

Despite the fact that we were able to complete the structure and had fun with it at the end, we learnt to have a higher morale, have a better sense of urgency, and to have better communication, and we hope to improve on this even more throughout our guiding journey.

P6 Morning Glory:

On Monday, we split up with the Y1s and 2s and had PA with P3 Y3s. First, there was inspection and we were required to pack a personal 配备 each and 1 patrol 配备 for each patrol. I feel that we could have done better for this inspection as we did not 报时 constantly and thus 过时 many times. If we had 报时 and keep track of time constantly, we would be able to ask for time extension before the time was up. Also, we had a lack of logistics and took other patrol logistics, causing some confusion after 集合 when we were packing the 小队箱. From this activity, we understand that it is important to be organized and keep track of the logistics that we took. For the next activity, we had to carry our personal配备 and patrol 配备and run from one end of the road to another end. I feel that the activities really helped us in preparing for the upcoming PLTC as we get to train both our skills and physical stamina. After that, we had pioneering and built a Viking at the elevated platform. I enjoyed this activity as it was the first time we were building a Viking for many of us. It was a new experience and the Y4s guided us in building it. I feel that we were quite on task and managed to finish the structure although we could have still have worked faster and finish the structure on time. Overall, I felt that the combined PA was very enriching for us and I really enjoyed it. 

Hope everyone learnt something!

47th Batch Secretary

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