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9 March 2017

Centenary World Thinking Day, 4th March

Hi Fellow Guides! Last Saturday, our whole 团 went to the Botanical Gardens to celebrate the annual World Thinking Day with other Girl Guides from all over Singapore as well. It was a large-scaled event and many of us had a lot of fun during the celebration. Here are some reflections from our guides who will be sharing on what they felt about the event on a whole! :-)

Reflections from a Year 1:

This picnic is a new experience for me as I have never seen so many people picnicking together. At first, I was very excited and was in very high spirits. My patrol and I shared the food that we bought. On top of that, we also bonded through talking and taking photos. However, a while later, it started to rain, and our spirits were dampened by the unpredictable weather. Although my friend and I decided to step aside to get a glimpse of the stage hoping it would lift our spirits, it did not as the weather was rather discouraging and caused much inconvenience. Nonetheless, I feel really grateful to be given this opportunity to have a picnic with my patrol and everyone else in girl guides and I hope that we can do this again.

Reflections from a Year 2:

I felt that the Centenary Celebration World Thinking Day at Botanic Gardens was very fun and enjoyable. Even though it rained throughout the whole event, we held our umbrella up, which created a magnificent view. The event which I found striking to me was the fact that we broke a Singapore record, which is the biggest breakfast picnic turnout in Singapore. We were sharing food that we brought as a whole 团 and I felt really contented sitting with my patrol mates and passing food around to fill our empty stomachs. The performances were also entertaining as the choir formed by many guides and brownies from other school sang many songs. The guides and brownies from all the different schools also created a blue and brown ocean on the fields at Botanical Gardens, and it was truly an amazing sight to see all guides and brownies over Singapore gather together to make this happen. On top of that, this event created an awesome patrol bonding time as we sat together with our patrol members and had a lot of time to talk to one another, which made this event very fruitful to me. Hence, I felt that I really enjoyed this event immensely and I am looking forward to attending more interesting events like this.

Reflections from a Year 3:

The centenary walk at Botanic Gardens was really enjoyable as we got to spend time with each other and celebrate 100 years of guiding which is remarkable. Although the walk started out with a heavy rain, it was still fun as we got to spend time and talk to each other—something we do not get to do very often. After the walk, we sat down on a grass patch and had a picnic among all the guides from other schools. Even though the rain got heavier, the ground got even more muddy, and we almost completely drenched, I liked how no one was really complaining and instead, we were all enjoying one another’s presence and the food which we all brought to share for the picnic. Furthermore, we managed to break the Singapore record for the largest number of people having a picnic together and I found this really special as we would not have been able to do it without everyone's teamwork and unity. It was not just among us Dunman High guides but also included guides from other schools and countries as well. During the celebration,  they also mentioned previous guides who went on to achieve great things in life like Ms Lee Li Hui, the first Singaporean woman who scaled Mount Everest in 2009 who said that joining guides helped her be more confident outdoors. I feel that this can be a learning point for all of us and teach us to embrace the guiding spirit a little more.

Reflections from a Year 4:

I feel that this year’s World Thinking Day celebration was more interesting than previous years as it was held in Botanical Gardens unlike previous years where it was held within schools. Although it started raining not long after the programme started, it was still really memorable as it was my last Thinking Day celebration and we really got to bond with our juniors more. There were also programmes that I feel were really interesting such as the centenary walk and the breaking of a Singapore record. The programmes were also quite nice and meaningful such as dance performances by Brownies and Guides as well as the the showcase of past Guides who made significant contributions to Guiding and the society. I believe that the event would be more fun if we could have been more enthusiastic and shown greater participation in the activities. Overall, I feel that the event was quite well planned as it is not easy to plan programmes for Brownies, Guides, Young Adults and Guiders all over Singapore. I feel proud that I could be part of this celebration, especially because this year marks the 100th year of Guiding in Singapore. 

All in all, it was an extremely enjoyable event for all of us and we would like to thank the planning committee for taking the time and effort to put up such an amazing event! :D

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Chen Wei
48th Batch Secretary

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