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18 April 2008

Today’s activities were a little different from our usual activities like PT and skills training. Instead, we had initiatives. We could choose from salad-making (which was what I chose), pen weaving and also, key chain/doll making. For salad-making , first, we watched Miss Tang make potato salad. Basically, it was pretty easy to make. First, she cut the cooked potato into cubes and placed sliced hard-boiled eggs into the aluminum container. Next, she sprinkled some sliced onions on top of the mixture. Then, she proceeded to making the sauce, which we thought was a little…

Gross. [Mayonnaise with mustard+brown sugar] haha

But hey! to our surprise, after mixing all of them together and heating it in the oven, it actually turned out to be quite nice(:

After trying out the potato salad, we went to the other station where Mrs Hong taught us how to make fruit and vegetable salad. After that, we really had a healthy feast during which we ate fruits like mad!

After that, we proceeded to classroom to start pen weaving. It was fun but I think many of the Year 1s couldn’t get the hang of it at first. But after kiahin's explanation and after some time, everybody became more experienced at it. Before we knew it, time’s up and we had to jihe at Parade Square. We were quickly dismissed from there. We really had a great afternoon and many thanks to all those who organised these activities. I’m sure that we learnt a lot today!

Other than salad-making and pen weaving initiatives, some of us chose wool-doll making. Priscilla taught us how to make a wool doll using only wire and wool. Although making the doll seems rather easy, it is really time-consuming and challenging.

First we had to bend the wire to make the structure of the doll. Almost all of us had difficulty doing so and Priscilla had to go round helping us. Next up was the ‘fattening’ of the doll. We had to wind wool around the wires and it took up a lot of time.

The wool provided came in many colours: green, pink, blue, red, black, yellow, orange etc. Many of us expressed great creativity in blending in the colours and decorating the doll. Some added hair, some added clothes and some added swords.

It was really an eye-opener for us to learn how to make it. All of us had a great sense of achievement after making the doll. Making wool dolls are really fun!

(: (: (:

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