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26 August 2019

Skills Training, 26 August 2019

Hello Guides!

For this week’s 集合, there were 2 activities: Photo taking and ATC’19 Precamp Lecture. 

Photo Taking
After having Attire Check, we headed to the Foyer to take Yearbook photos! We had a formal photo as well as a few fun shots, including poses such as indicating our Batch number with our hands (eg. 51st Batch) and our patrol pose. We also got to see our Year 4 seniors that had passed down in June. :) 

ATC'19 Precamp Lecture
Next, it was ATC’19 Precamp Lecture. This marks the beginning of the Guides’ ATC’19 journey and preparation. Information such as logistics and Patrol Allocations were given. For the Year 1s, this would be their very first ATC, while it would be time for the Year 2s to step up and lead during their second ATC. The theme for this year’s ATC is Asterism, while the tagline is: United We Shine. Due to CCA Stand Down until examinations are over, we will begin ATC preparations later in the year.

We hope everyone is excited and ready for ATC’19 Preparations!

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