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30 March 2008


On Saturday, it was the first official ji he after so many weeks of breaks and holidays. The Year 2s and 3s had their pioneer test training, while the Year 1s had their skills training and physical training, not forgetting the song leaders audition for all!!!

The day started with a regular ji he for after which the Year 2s and 3s were split up into different groups of two patrols. The Year 1s were also prepared to start their first physical training (Jia you!). Now back to the Year 2s and 3s, there were a total of 5 checkpoints for the patrols to go to. All the checkpoints were to prepare the guides for their upcoming pioneering test!

Checkpoint 1

In this checkpoint, we were taught how to light a fire with a different method. We had to dig a pit and later add the following in order: mu ma huang, palm leaves, small twigs, and thicker twigs. After the fire had started, we were required to place two logs in a 11-shape and finally the kettle on it. Strange that there is the sense of achievement even to see a kettle boiling. Maybe it was all that hard work to set up the fire that made us feel so.

Checkpoint 2

In this checkpoint, we were taught how to tie a rope ladder and even a first hand experience on climbing it! The rope ladders were tied using a Mickey Mouse knot which proves to be tricky sometimes. After each patrols completed their tying of the rope ladders they were required to climb up from their own rope ladders to the Grandstand. Scary but with the help of the patrol mates, everybody managed to climb the rope ladders (Clap Clap^^).

Checkpoint 3

In this checkpoint, we were taught how to use a map and compass, mainly to find grid references and also bearings. The patrols were each given a quiz for them to complete which consists of questions that asked about 6-grid references and also the bearings of the many school facilities from a given point. Even though this checkpoint required the patrols to run about, it was fun for the patrol mates to work together.

Checkpoint 4

In this checkpoint, we were taught how to build an emergency shelter and also the correct way to use an axe and a saw. For the emergency shelter part, an emergency shelter is simply made up of a poncho, 4 qing tou ying ting, 4 bai sheng and 2 gadget poles. There were quite a lot of things to take note of and we were told that for the test we must complete the emergency shelter by yourself in 10 mins! Next we also had hands-on experiences in using an axe and a saw. We were briefed on some of the dos and don’ts in using both of them. Later on we were just spending our time, trying hard to chop and saw.

Checkpoint 5

In this checkpoint, this is finally the long awaited song leaders audition!! We were asked to stand up one by one and to sing a song. It can be any song that you like. Later on we were just sitting in a circle, learning new songs and clarifying the songs that we were unsure of. This is fun. Yeah! Hope that those who are interested in being song leaders do pass the auditions!

After all the checkpoints for the Year 2s and 3s and also the physical training and skills training for the Year 1s, it is finally the time for lunch. The lunch for the day is still chicken rice which is quit a common sight, haha. Each patrol took their food and said Da Jia Chi before started munching away. It was a satisfying lunch and the patrols got to know their Year 1s more.

After lunch, it was the continuation of the checkpoints, and also song leaders audition and teaching of songs for the Year 1s. The Year 1s were exposed to many different songs for which they were taught how to sing. It was heart warming to see the Year 1s, together with their seniors singing a song loudly together! After which it was time for patrol corner. With an hour for the patrols to conduct their own patrol activities, it was finally time for jie san.

It was fun and everybody tried their best in all the activities. We must continue to jia you, DHS guides!

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