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16 March 2008

Hihi. Yesterday, the year 1s attended their kayaking session. After the collection of $7.50 and the arrangement of bags, Mrs. Chin gave a briefing, followed by a briefing by the instuctors, who taught us the basic structure of a kayak, safety rules and paddling techiques.

After that, we were sent to carry out 19 kayaks to the trolleys. Then, we were divided into 2 groups- the 'no. 1s' and 'no. 2s'. No. 1s pulled the heavy trolley while no. 2s held all the paddles and water bottles. Then, we had another short briefing, and we set off.

It was pretty confusing at first and some of us were a little frustrated because the kayak wasn't going the way we wanted to. However, we still managed to reach our destination with the help of 3 trainers. When lunch approached, we carried the kayaks back to shore and went back to the Center, where we had a water parade. The nasi lemak that was bought was delicious and we were told to drink at least 1 bottle of water before we set off. Miss Tang arrived and we were given a briefing during jihe. =]

Finally, the second session arrived. Everybody did better than the first session because they knew how to control the kayak now. Upon nearing a fishing village, one of the trainers found a dead fish floating on the sea and used his paddle to throw the fish at us. As expected, a lot of people screamed for their lives. We kayaked back to the shore and this time, no. 2s had to pull and push the trolley back to the center while no.1s held the paddles and water bottles. Then, we cleaned the life vests and paddles, followed by the carrying of the boats back into their rightful places. Finally, we got a shower, which was before the inspection of tan lines and sunburns (ouch!). After everybody showered, we jihe'd and were dismissed.

Erm yeah, it was quite fun. I'm sure all the year 1s gave their best in yesterday's kayaking experience. x] Jiayou!

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