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30 March 2008

hello guides!
ytd we had our first official jihe in term 2(:
year1s, pls take note of jihe time and dun be late k?
next time reach at least 10mins earlier so the QMs can collect all yr belongings and put in tuanbu.

the year 2s and 3s had different activities from the year1s at the earlier part of the day.
zhong2s and 3s had 5 checkpoints to complete for pioneering test preparation
which is the rope ladder, map reading, axemanship, fire starting and not forgetting our song leader auditions! checkpoints which require lashes to be tied really reminded the sec2s to brush up on their skills, esp the mickey mouse knots that we seldom have the chance to tie!
lunch, as usual, was guides favourite food-CHICKEN RICE! :D
after that was de sec1s songleaders audition and for the rest to continue their last checkpoint.
all sec1s, must gan3 gan3 sing out loud kay!
be zi-high or whatever, look at yr seniors, all very high and cheerful de!
and yes, i noe some of u say de song lyrics dun make sense, but thats wad makes it a guides song doesnt it? and when everyone sings them loudly, it just sounds great:D
after that was patrol activities. for my patrol, we tied roman chariot and fireman's ladder, which de sec1s had to try de latter later on! many of u attempted which is excellent(:
after that we sang Taps and ended the day's activity(:

once a guide, always a guides (: be proud that you are one(:

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